We Need Drinking Water and Not Coke & Pepsi in Rural India

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Prabha bisht said:   1 decade ago
1. For progress of a rural area and less pressure on cities we do need companies in rural areas too. For the employment growth.
2. Its not the job of private company to provide free water supplies that's government job,.
3. Coco cola kind companies not only manufacture cool drinks. It will attract the other big players of industry to set up their companies in rural areas.

Amruta said:   1 decade ago
Water is basic need of human being. In case of rural area, there are always face the problem of shortage water. So they should get good water. Soft drink like papsi, coke etc are the harmful for human body. It's not healthy for human body. So we need water not soft drink in rural area.

K.V.Srinu said:   1 decade ago
Coming to my opinion water is very important for us. In so many villages there is scarcity of water. The Government has to provide basic facilities like water plants instead of giving permission to belt shops. No one can live without water but one can live without soft drinks like coke, pepsi.

Deepankar badhe said:   1 decade ago
Hello friends for my point of view water is a inevitable part of are life. Water keeps our life healthy. Water is basic need of are all living things. It is very much important for our life. People can't survive without water. As we know water is very much important but still we people misuses. We continue spoil the importance of water. In all over the world where many places specially in rural areas peoples are tantalize for water they know the importance of water because they suffer lot. And soft drinks like Coke and Pepsi or etc are very harmful for our health, because this soft drinks are included with soda which spoil are health.

Thank you.

Tasneem said:   1 decade ago
Hello everyone!

The topic for today's discussion is "We need drinking water not pepsi and coke in rural India. " I would like to start the discussion by saying, "Water is life!". Life without water in unimaginable. Each and every minute task of our day to day life requires water in some or the other form. Hence water is a fundamental need of life.

Coming to the rural India, I find it quite amusing that even in a small hamlet in our country we could find a Cool Drink shop near the bus stand but we see women and children travelling long distances, in scorching heat, to get just a pot of drinking water. It has been found out that on an average, an Indian has to walk 3 km to get some drinking water. As always, averages conceal the reality of life.

So I would strongly suggest that we should collectively work towards procuring and making drinking water available to every nook and corner of our country.

Thank you.

Sam said:   1 decade ago
It is essential that government should provide safe drinking water to each and every citizen of state. I don't know why we are confusing issue of providing safe drinking water with Coke or Pepsi especially in rural areas. As far as coke is concerned, it is a personal choice of a consumer to consume it or not just like tea, coffee or even tobacco. Govt has no role in providing coke or Pepsi to rural areas. It is the distribution channel of companies that provides an easy access to their products. Of course, one thing that govt can do is to take lessons out of these companies and can spruce up its own capabilities.

Cruz said:   1 decade ago
"We Need Drinking Water and Not Coke & Pepsi in Rural India".

We have to understand that why suddenly the above statement arises?, why haven't we discussed these matter in the past?, because the main source of manufacture of these Coke and Pepsi products are water. These factories needs a lot of water for manufacturing and also to take away the waste products at end. That's why they choose river side areas for their factories.

Since the price of land in urban areas are more, since the lack of water in the urban areas are more, these companies prefer more on rural areas.

On the other hand the rural people depends more on these river water for their living, agriculture etc. These companies not only used the rural people water for their products and destroyed the rural people life line, they silence these affected people by brute force.

Now the rural environment is getting affected by these MNC's and when these people protest against this, their grievousness are not even listened by anyone. The government which needs to be the protector of the rural people are turning into a greatest friend for the MNC's. The government in the name of improving the economy of country, increasing employment, increasing the lifestyle of urban people is actually killing the rural people.

Remember that you are not drinking a cool drink, but drinking the blood and tears of the rural affected people. It almost look like they spread the disease and also give the remedy for us at high price.

Think of what will happen when too much water is being used and too much chemicals are being dumped into water, and finally the water dries out. These MNC's will easily relocate their location but what about the people living there.

Please save our environment, and don't fell into these fancy companies and destroy our fellowmen.

Ganesh said:   1 decade ago
Hi this is Ganesh,

We can't live without water that is true but what we do for that that is so important is we are true Indian then definitely we do something for this then why we will not get that simply we know all but we can't do because "lack of support".

If each one know his responsibility then we will definitely solve this problem.

There is one project started in village near pune (Maharashtra) by there people for drinking water and now they have water which not only used by these people but also other villager.

Only because of unity.

Sonali S.Rane said:   1 decade ago
Hi friends.

Yes!I completely agree that pure drinking water should be given more importance than cokes an pepsi in rural areas. As water plays an vital role in environment as well as in human body, the total amount of water in a human body of average weight (70 kilograms) is approximately 40 litres, averaging 57 percent of his total body weight and about 70% of the earth surface is covered by water.

So we should definitely prefer more production of pure drinking water in rural areas than of coke and pepsi.

As we all know what wonders can water alone do as compared to the soft drinks, a simple example, for quenching our thirsty throat we all prefer water over soft drinks.

So I here by conclude by saying that pure drinking water should be given higher preference and should be available in rural markets in more quantity than the soft drinks.


Ujjavala said:   1 decade ago
Being born and brought up in a city, I often see people around, quenching their thirst with soft drinks neg letting the ultimate source of life, i.e. , WATER. The brand names COKE and PEPSI have become so pandemic these days, that we usually forget that our prime requirement is WATER and not soft drinks which are no less than a venom.

Considering the village aspect,

More than 60percent of the villages lack the basic amenities like sanitation, proper education, health facilities, provision of safe drinking water and probably what not. In such a scenario what we need is pure drinking water and not the presence of MNC giants like coke and pepsi.

I still remember my grandmother saying to me, what a healthy life they used to lead in a village. Everything they consumed was pure and unadulterated. But the things have changed now (at least in the cities). Nothing pure is available and the consequence is deteriorating heath of people all over the nation.

But I am sure that even today there will be some villages in some remote corner in the nation free from adulteration and my only request is let us not affect the healthy lives of people living in those villages because ultimately these people will help us to increase the figures of life expectancy and reduce the figures of infant mortality rate. (as the health of city people is adversely affecting these figures).

Let these villages be free from the dominance of coke and pepsi which has left the health of the city people ruined.

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