We Need Drinking Water and Not Coke & Pepsi in Rural India

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Samar said:   1 decade ago
Nothing is more agreeable than what the given statement signifies. Today, in the days of the so-called "globalisation" when attracting foreign investment irrespective of the area of investment is the key factor of the economy and polity, one need not feel surprised if more attention is paid by the authorities to "clear" the impediments on the way of investments in the soft drinks production, esp. In the case of the foreign brands"both coke and pepsi are foreign brand soft drinks. The media rouse the hype helping the investors by creating "investment-friendly" atmosphere and the general public realise the "importance" and "weight"of arguments backing such investments which are told and sold to be leading the economy and the society to a great height.

Wonderful! Only the fools cry against such grand schemes of things! But, eyebrows can be raised even in such a prosperous time if one of the long-standing and grave problem like shortage or insufficiency of pure drinking water in rural India remains unresolved. The necessity of provision of drinking water can hardly be over-emphasized and no elaboration is needed on this point. But the ever expanding soft drink market is now invading the rural India thanks to the ever-innovative marketing stratagems applied by the multinationals and the publicity created by the media of various sorts. And one may feel dejected to see that a problem as serious as that is related to the provision of drinking water to the masses is relegated to the background. All the protesting voices are stifled"in ingenious ways so that public opinions cannot get crystallised. The educated middle-class, the class who can really influence the decisions in the political spectrum, keep themselves in safe distance in cities and towns and the ordeals of the poor and depraved continue. And the situation turns graver like a snowball as the mighty corporations manage to get hold the sources of drinking water in the countryside- be the over-ground or under-ground with the connivance of the administration. So it is high time that the problem was properly attended so that a fundamental need of humanity which is a basic right of people cannot be denied in the "largest democracy of the world" for the of gratifying insatiable corporate greed for money through production of harmful and undesirable things which are capable to destroy the health of their consumers.

Cruz said:   1 decade ago
"We Need Drinking Water and Not Coke & Pepsi in Rural India".

We have to understand that why suddenly the above statement arises?, why haven't we discussed these matter in the past?, because the main source of manufacture of these Coke and Pepsi products are water. These factories needs a lot of water for manufacturing and also to take away the waste products at end. That's why they choose river side areas for their factories.

Since the price of land in urban areas are more, since the lack of water in the urban areas are more, these companies prefer more on rural areas.

On the other hand the rural people depends more on these river water for their living, agriculture etc. These companies not only used the rural people water for their products and destroyed the rural people life line, they silence these affected people by brute force.

Now the rural environment is getting affected by these MNC's and when these people protest against this, their grievousness are not even listened by anyone. The government which needs to be the protector of the rural people are turning into a greatest friend for the MNC's. The government in the name of improving the economy of country, increasing employment, increasing the lifestyle of urban people is actually killing the rural people.

Remember that you are not drinking a cool drink, but drinking the blood and tears of the rural affected people. It almost look like they spread the disease and also give the remedy for us at high price.

Think of what will happen when too much water is being used and too much chemicals are being dumped into water, and finally the water dries out. These MNC's will easily relocate their location but what about the people living there.

Please save our environment, and don't fell into these fancy companies and destroy our fellowmen.

Ujjavala said:   1 decade ago
Being born and brought up in a city, I often see people around, quenching their thirst with soft drinks neg letting the ultimate source of life, i.e. , WATER. The brand names COKE and PEPSI have become so pandemic these days, that we usually forget that our prime requirement is WATER and not soft drinks which are no less than a venom.

Considering the village aspect,

More than 60percent of the villages lack the basic amenities like sanitation, proper education, health facilities, provision of safe drinking water and probably what not. In such a scenario what we need is pure drinking water and not the presence of MNC giants like coke and pepsi.

I still remember my grandmother saying to me, what a healthy life they used to lead in a village. Everything they consumed was pure and unadulterated. But the things have changed now (at least in the cities). Nothing pure is available and the consequence is deteriorating heath of people all over the nation.

But I am sure that even today there will be some villages in some remote corner in the nation free from adulteration and my only request is let us not affect the healthy lives of people living in those villages because ultimately these people will help us to increase the figures of life expectancy and reduce the figures of infant mortality rate. (as the health of city people is adversely affecting these figures).

Let these villages be free from the dominance of coke and pepsi which has left the health of the city people ruined.

Maqusud Alam said:   8 years ago
Hello friends.

I think there is no need of purified drinking water in rural India but it became a major concern for urban area's today. Water that is used in rural areas for drinking purpose are well released from ground through hand pump and bore well. As we know ground water are pure and safe for drinking purpose even availability of ground water is enough in rural India.

As we know the definition of rural India, free from the rush of traffic, wastage of industries. So that there is no heavy pollution of ground soil, air and water so the water uses by rural people having no any contamination of harmful element like arsenic, lead etc.

But in reverse urban area's people are getting the problem of purified water unavailability. And for urban supply there is need of purified water for drinking purpose and the result is that treated water bottles are sold today in different urban places and we are buying water today it's a business just like coke and Pepsi companies are doing in India and I think there should be no any objection for them because one side we are talking about MAKE IN INDIA also.

Coke and Pepsi type beverages became the part of our life today we are enjoying these at different occasion may be in party, marriage and in summer season for internal satisfaction. (smoking is injurious to health but people are taking).

If they are trying to enhance their business and replacing the drinking beverages of our country than we should avoid them.

Darshan said:   1 decade ago
We all know water is the universal liquid which has its uses in various fields. Being diversified it is used in almost most of the things, could it be cooking, in beverage making or car washing, the height of quality delivered by water out-stands other products.

Now speaking about it necessity in Rural area, I believe its a must. The paramount reason is Irrigation, if we look at the data most of the irrigation takes place in rural places which is of utmost importance to mankind and it needs water for good results, no coke or Pepsi could be used for this process. We also need to be careful in usage of water, because rural places go scarce of water or sometimes Drought is faced which leads to complete mayhem and deaths of people. In absence of water it can't be covered up by Pepsi or coke, they are just to satisfy our crave at times, we can't use them to day to day uses. And why should we direct our views only to Rural areas, do people live their lives with coke/Pepsi in cities/metro everyday? No, they never can.

And speaking about of needs of water, mother earth gets water from nature and it does not do any partiality to any given place. In-fact the rural people are much smarter in sufficient usage of water compared to city people. Yes in cases of drought they suffer but it can never be covered by coke, and this applies to people in city too.

I would conclude we all need water for surviving, no human can survive with just coke/Pepsi.

Sneha Varma said:   1 decade ago
A country like ours is following the west to achieve success and thus become developed. Introduction and high rates of acceptance of soft drinks commencing right from the ages of colas up till dew and fanta is also one of the repercussions of this phenomenon in fact. And in this rat race we have ultimately somewhere or the other forgotten our real basic needs as in drinking water. As for the best example, very prominent in our own daily lives, when we at times feel thirsty we ourselves prefer having soft drinks rather nutritious juices, and in such situations drinking water is still a far away concept. Besides so many health campaigns the public which certainly would include us too, remains adamant.

Actually, the primitive concepts of Rain water harvesting and alike programmes have lost its roots in present weather scenarios as rainfalls in most of the parts of the country have rather become a rare commodity. And thus government should come up with other water harvesting techniques which is not at all difficult in a country like INDIA which has around 75% of its land area occupied by water.

Thus government instead of promoting these soft drink brands which again is a symbolism of western culture, should revert its concentration on fulfilment of water needs in various areas like Rajasthan, Bihar etc. By using up these salty but yet usable water resources through developing various water refining techniques.

Vasanthi said:   1 decade ago
Why should we let corporates control our basic needs? They occupy a place, plunder our natural resource, the water and drill it and sell to our own people as coke, Pepsi, maaza, sprite etc. Our basic necessity is not fulfilled, but who wants all these bottled drinks? When a middle class man can't buy water for cheap, and he is forced to buy a drink, he has to buy these drinks. Before some years, there was plain soda available for some 3 rs or so. Now we are forced to buy soda for 18 rs or so.

All available from these corporate companies. If there is a plan to give pure filtered water to all common man, properly in the common roads, that is, all time pure, filtered water in a glass is available from upper, middle to lower middle class and common man for free. Then is our country democratic country. By then, nobody will go for these bottled rubbishes. 10 to 15 years before, mud pots served water to all on the main roads. Now it is gone. People's minds are drained of love.

India has so many billionaires. Can't one person provide it on their responsible area. ? One water tank linked with triple filtering gadget. A steel glass dropping off from a chain. Whoever wants can come and drink pure filtered water. Then these bottled demons will reduce, humans will fulfill one of their basic necessity.

Chinnu said:   1 decade ago
Hai Friends,

In my point of view Water is one of the natural source and it is very essential in life. By drinking pure water we have to avoid many health problems and became as a healthy person. Water will increase our lifespan time also when we drink minimum 5 liters of water per day. But now a days it became a problem by not getting water in nearby areas. This is because of the government only why because they may concentrate only to their own business that how to increase their status. In many rural areas they are not getting water they have to walk some miles to get the water. Even they are not getting pure water. Politicians made water is also a business like their are collecting water by digging the land where water is available and they are selling it by saying it as a purified water.

Then also this purified water is not available to rural people it is available up to cities, towns and some villages. People living rural areas using water which is available in lakes, ponds etc. Even it is polluted.

Pepsi and coke is available in all areas. This products and all is not good for health because it has some chemicals.

So I requested to the government to identify the areas and arrange their facilities which is essential in life.

Satya Prakash Sah said:   1 decade ago
As we are experiencing that when we live in the lap of nature we always realize the ecstasy of life with mental peace. On the flip side, when we try to live a very condominium and fashionable life. It appears happily only from outlook but it always make a cavity in the form of health ailments. First and foremost, I will repeat the line universally truth 'There is no imagination of life without water in the world '.

Now, just coming on the today's topic, we compare between duos i.e. Water and Coke/Pepsi. Water is a natural nectar comprises minerals for health giving, is bestowed by god which is eternal. While Coke/Pepsi is man manufactured with mixing of chemicals. Obviously, chemicals have been always harmful for health. Moreover, only water can quench our thirst rather than Coke/Pepsi. It has been also found out in medical science that Coke/Pepsi are responsible for decaying of teeth, debility of bones and damages respiratory systems while water helps to purify the blood in the body and reduces tension/depression and many more diseases.

Thus, I will plead for need of drinking water rather than Coke/Pepsi in rural India.

Friend said:   1 decade ago
Hello friends,

I too want to say something about this topic.

Drinking water:- a first need of human-being to survive And, safe drinking water without which a man growth and development is not possible. So can it be called for a rural people or any individual water has main importance. Wherever coke and pepsi is a beverage used to enjoy ie. Used as side need for taste and change. In rural areas coke and pepsi shops are there but safe drinking water is not provided because government get high money as tax from per bottle of coke/pepsi sold.

Efficient transportation facilities are provided to manufacturers who distributes them in different-2 areas which is not in case of water. We all know that from infected water many diseases like cholera, jaundice, diarrohoea, etc. Has more chances to born ie. Too a main reason for increasing death rates in India. So, this is responsibility of government to firstly provide safe water to drink in rural areas instead of any other beverage. With healthy people unity our country's economy start developing at even with more faster rate.

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