We Need Drinking Water and Not Coke & Pepsi in Rural India

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RAMYA said:   6 years ago
Hello friends, I'm Ramya.

Our rural India people need water to drink, not that soft drinks. Because the people who are mostly depend on agriculture, for agriculture also they are suffer in water drought. So automatically their ultimate need becomes water, at the time they are not prefer coke, Pepsi like drinks. The regular drinking of Soft drinks leads to ill effect and it becomes big health problem in younger generation. So drinking water gives energy and prevents from hydration without any harmful effect. So drinking water is necessary but coke and Pepsi for only refreshment.

Thank you.

Phani said:   6 years ago
Yes, we need drinking water most of them are today are drinking cokes rather than water in rural areas too because of the rural people have no idea what it causes bad to their health. Even that they also think it is easier to get coke rather than the water. Even large companies also concentrating on the marketing towards to the cokes and soft drinks rather than the water. Drinking water did not given any energy if we drink coke and Pepsi we get energy but they are not considering the bad effects of drinks it's my opinion friends.

Suraj said:   7 years ago
A major problem arises due to soft drinks is that if we consume soft drink instead of water after working, it may cause death because after work everybody drinks water. If they consume soft water instead of water, gas forms in the body and they cannot breathe. So please avoid consuming soft drink after doing work.


Rahul said:   7 years ago
It has been observed that the Pepsi and another foreign product is easily available in the rural area but the same area faces the problem of drinking water, even they can't find the water for daily purpose due to the recent drought. But if you want the coke or Pepsi, that is easily available. The foreign trader invest in India, use natural resources and sell their product.

Though FDI is necessary for growth but that indirectly affect on the rural pupil. The government must think about the policy of FDI. So it will help the growth of the nation as well rural pupil.

Causarina said:   7 years ago
Hi friends, this is Causarina.

In our topic is dealing with contribution and necessity of water I will go with that water.

Is an major basic thing but due to fro some MNc's our ground water is to get pollute and they make it for producing their own product it is not so healthy also our India economy also not contribute their more focus on this hence FDI is a case to be considered they are making profit by using our resources hence most of the farmers are the major affecting persons in this case.

Mohamed anvar said:   7 years ago
Hi friends the coke and the Pepsi are the unnecessary drinks for our nation because they are made up of foreigners and they have the harmful effects for our nation people so we won't need this drinks.

They reduce the agriculture of our rural India. They are the reason for deaths of our nation's farmers. Indians make the awareness about the harmful effects of these drinks.

Mamatha said:   7 years ago
Hi friends,

Yes, we all are need drinking water. Because drinking water is main important to human body.

Water is very healthy to us. Coke& Pepsi are harmful our body. Because some chemicals mixed in coke and Pepsi. But water is pure and nature.

Sajjad yousuf said:   7 years ago
If we compare water with any kind of soft drink which is needier of course water is needier so why government is providing more soft drinks than water we need water, not soft drink we can not imagine a day without water and soft drinks are also not good for health at last we need pure water not cold drink.

Maqusud Alam said:   7 years ago
Hello friends.

I think there is no need of purified drinking water in rural India but it became a major concern for urban area's today. Water that is used in rural areas for drinking purpose are well released from ground through hand pump and bore well. As we know ground water are pure and safe for drinking purpose even availability of ground water is enough in rural India.

As we know the definition of rural India, free from the rush of traffic, wastage of industries. So that there is no heavy pollution of ground soil, air and water so the water uses by rural people having no any contamination of harmful element like arsenic, lead etc.

But in reverse urban area's people are getting the problem of purified water unavailability. And for urban supply there is need of purified water for drinking purpose and the result is that treated water bottles are sold today in different urban places and we are buying water today it's a business just like coke and Pepsi companies are doing in India and I think there should be no any objection for them because one side we are talking about MAKE IN INDIA also.

Coke and Pepsi type beverages became the part of our life today we are enjoying these at different occasion may be in party, marriage and in summer season for internal satisfaction. (smoking is injurious to health but people are taking).

If they are trying to enhance their business and replacing the drinking beverages of our country than we should avoid them.

Ashish said:   7 years ago
Undoubtedly it is true that we need drinking water and not Coke, Pepsi kind of things not only to rural India but entire country. Apart from mere drinking water it should be safe as well.

Water is the most essential natural resource fulfilling all our needs from drinking, cooking, washing, etc. Availability of sufficient water is not only limited to all the things listed above, hydroelectricity is one of the major sources of electricity in our country. We can provide electricity to many rural houses if there is sufficient amount of water.

Coming back to the point, indeed Drinking water is far more important than Coke Pepsi. Coke Pepsi or any kind of soft drink is merely a drink one enjoys to party with or temporary relief from the scotching heat, even then one feels allay only after taking water. We can live without these soft drinks, but not a day without drinking water.

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