The Internet is an exercise in hype

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Sudhanshu shekhar said:   1 decade ago
Internet is one of the revolutionary invention by the mankind. It has brought the world closer and being physically apart in no way means to be disconnected with anyone for years. Let's consider some examples-:.

A) With the advent of search engines we can search and download whole sea of information regarding any topic at our system. With the creation of online library we can see the best of the information available on the net regarding any topic which is bothering us. See right now I don't have to join any institution for GD topics preparation. I am preparing by giving my viewpoints on the topics on this site. A girl who scored good rank in IAS last year said that she did most of the preparation by browsing on different sites and collecting best of the information.

B) Any person separated physically from their family members can see using webcam and chat with them also. Imagine if your dear ones is living in foreign country like USA. The cost of calling will be too high for a middle class family to afford to connect to their dear ones from India. But through net we have to spend a minimal amount to talk and even see them.

C) Recently the revolution which started in Tunisia and spread across the middle-east is especially sparked by people communicating through social networking sites. The guy from Egypt who was central to the revolution movement was no aged leader but actually the young Google engineer. I still recollect that, way back in 2006 when orkut was popularised as a social networking site how I searched and knew about my childhood friends from whom I was separated for 8-9 years.

So, advantages are countless. Now-:.

A) Internet is the source of harmful viruses which can corrupt our sensitive and important files. Somebody can hack our Bank account and can take away all the money.

B) On the advent of youtube all the adult and informative contents are within our easy reach. But when you will visit these sites you will find some adult contents to be topping the most searched lists. It is spoiling our younger generation and they feel like an addicted to it. Even the unmatured childrens browse and view these contents which create an undesirable effects on their minds and finally they end up having some kind of pshycological disorders.

C) Terrorists hack secretive information from important sites. With the help of hacking only, the terrorists entered our high-security parliament also on 13th Dec 2001.

If anybody would have seen the Diehard 4 then they would remember how the terrorists controlled all the systems to capture over the entire security fabric of the country. They were sending bombs through net also!. It may be true one day.

So everything boils down on the use.

Now how can it be stopped? It can't be left on the person to use it wisely. The government should make the strict IT security policies and should create adequate infrastructure to deal properly with misuse. Banning of unwanted sites should be done and proper checks should be made to track appropriate person is viewing appropriate sites. We have to go a long way to realise all this. Then internet will not be an exercise in hype but it will always be seen as the agent of humankind transformation.

Shilpa Menon said:   8 years ago
Hai everybody, I am Shilpa Menon, 3rd year B.Tech student. My topic for today is Internet.

Internet has become an inevitable part of human life. It plays a very important role in our society. Internet has been perceived to be of several dimensions to its users. It is a medium of communication between remote users, a mechanism to share information, a means of publishing information globally and a near-exhaustive repository of information.

Internet is actually a sea of information. Anything and everything is accessible with the help of internet. It has many advantages like e-commerce, internet banking, railway ticket booking, online examination and so on. Just like a coin has two sides, similarly internet has disadvantages too. It opens a door to cyber crimes. People become lazy sitting too long in-front of computers. Addiction to internet is another drawback.

What I would like to share with you is that, everything has its positive and negative sides. Utilize its positive side to its maximum and never gets distracted by its negative side.

Wishing you all a good day.

Thanking you.

Deep said:   1 decade ago
Hello friends,

Yes I agree with this topic that the internet is an exercise in hype. Everyone knows that how the internet is useful in our life. Like our other basic need such as food, water, air, and shelter, Internet has also become our basic need of life. At present condition we can't do any work without internet. Internet is like boon on us. Internet has unlimited advantages such as:.

1. Internet banking: We can pay online to anyone at any time and from anywhere.

2. Railway ticket Booking: We can easily book and cancel our railway, bus, flight ticket from anywhere and anytime without standing in line.

3. Examination form: We can easily fill our examination form and entrance exams conducted by various institute and companies by sitting in home.

4. Online shopping: We can easily buy anything through online shopping by just sitting in home and easily pay our bills.

5. Job: we can easily find our favorite job by using internet only.

6. We can search anything which we can think within few seconds.

7. A student can study all of his subjects by using internet.

8. We can easily communicate to anyone through email and chatting.

9. We can easily see our loved ones through webcam from anywhere.

10. We can find so many ideas and new techniques for cooking food, for decorating house, new products launch and so on.

11. We can share our thoughts, memories and ideas through some social network websites such as FACEBOOK, TWITTER, G+ and so on and also we can connect to our friends and colleagues through these websites.

12. We can find any place and search it through Google map.

And there so many other fields in which we use internet.

Yes it is true that through internet cyber crime has been increased by some criminals like Cyber harassment, Cyber-crimes against all forms of property, Cyber-crimes against government. But only we can diminish it. There are some steps which should be followed to diminish these things such as:.

1. Everyone has to aware at every step when he/she is using a social network website.

2. There is no need to put our personnel and important thing in email or any website.

3. No one has to tell his/her password to anyone.

4. All the securities provided by websites should be enable.

5. Internet banking has to do carefully.

6. There should be minimum use of public computers for personnel stuff.

7. Government has to ban illegal websites and provide filters to the internet users.

8. There should be only one account of any person in any website.

9. Only one internet connection should be provided to each individual and its proper record should be maintained by the government.

10. There should be awareness program conducted by government In particular interval of times to fight against cyber crime.

I think these may help to decrease the cyber crime.

Nikitha said:   8 years ago
Hi friends.

Yes. Internet is part of our life. It has both advantages and disadvantages. When we talk about advantages yes it is making our daily life easier and time consuming. In every field we need internet like to search a job, shopping, banking, entertainment, etc and I want to tell that it is a source of knowledge. We can improve our knowledge. As we know now a days everything online. Online job, online exam, online application and also help to connect the people through Facebook whats app etc. communication is very important in our life. It helps to communicate with people through social media as I mentioned above.

And our young generation always want to change in their life they want go around world. If we ask our friends what is their dream definitely 70% of them will tell higher studies in abroad, want to settle in abroad. They have to leave their parents and go. But webcam helps them to keep in touch with their parents and friends. And it has got lot of advantages. So internet plays very important role in our daily life. Coming to disadvantages it depends on us how we use. Everything has one or more negative. As a human we are only not perfect. And how can we expect things to be perfect? So we have to use right thing in a right way.

Thank you.

Charan said:   6 years ago
The Internet provides us varieties of information and communication facility's, for example, if you have to travel anywhere in the world it helps like us format of google maps.

Nowadays, just because of internet every small work on a house like electricity bill, online transactions, mobile recharge and bank work is done on the internet in anywhere.

The Internet is actually the sea of information. Anything and everything provides us.

Nowadays mobile's, computers, laptop seem to be an empty box without having the internet facility.

Sometimes, we get cash back by paying online shopping, tickets booking and electricity bill payment.

Swathi chowdary said:   7 years ago
Hello, friends, I am Swathi.

Our topic is about internet.

Internet plays an important role in our daily life. It has many advantages and disadvantages too. Friends just think once if internet does not work even an hour we can't any work. It connects the people all over the world. Such a way that video calling, mails and many. Simply sitting at home and we can see all over the world by using internet. We can install books, any topic we can search on internet and we can learn at home only. Likewise, it has a many more advantages.

A coin has a 2faces like that anything have some advantages and also disadvantages. Internet also has some disadvantages youth are addicted to internet. They are always on the online waste of time. Their minds will be spoiled by watching some waste programs. Etc.

The advantages and disadvantages are based upon the user. We have to know what is right and wrong.


Gupta said:   4 years ago
Hello everyone, According to me, the internet is playing a very important role in our life. Only because of the internet we all are able to discuss this topic. Internet is required by everyone where it is a student, businessman. An all others. There is many things in the world that we don't know but with the help of the internet, we can know everything about that.

It helps a lot of the student who lives in a remote area, they can get academic knowledge through the online classes. Internet helps for reservation also whether it is in train, aeroplane, bus etc. It also helps with hotel booking without standing in the long queue.

There are endless advantages of the internet. But everything has two sides good or bad. The Internet also has a bad aspect. It only depends on their user whether they want its advantage or disadvantage.

Trisha said:   9 years ago
Internet without it almost every one cannot imagine there life.

Internet plays a very important role in our day to day life especially the youth. As every coin has two side internet had it too "good and bad".

Internet is good in following manners.

1. Internet biggest adv is that it makes our life easy. As any information needed about anything is available easily.

2. It makes easy for people to shop online, chat, find job, online banking.

3. People can find job online through sites like and many more such sites.

The good points are almost endless.

Now bad side of internet. As thing are not good or bad, our thinking makes it so.

1. Hackers hacks sites, like bank accounts and can steal money. Such a crime is called cyber crime.

2. Internet introduces virus which can harm our sensitive and important data.

As internet is use full n disuse full in its way. It depends person how he or use it. If we use internet in positive way it can make our life easy else it will spoil your life.

Umesh khadela said:   9 years ago
Hello everyone.

I am Umesh khadela from NIPER, Mohali.

Ya, I am totally agree with above discussed point and I believe that every coin has two sides, but being a optimistic I would love to see the brighter side first.

In Today's world you can't expect anything without internet like Banking, Ticket booking, Trading, Communication, Travelling, Study and Exams.

Even now Healthcare system is also adopting internet, so it's the ultimate way, Just think if Internet will not be for 1 day in your life can you live?

Also it has its negative side also, some abusive content is available on internet which can mislead children as well as adult.

Cases of Social harassmentis increasing now a days and more and more cases of cybercrime are coming into picture.

But in nutshell, I would like to say that internet has eased our life so we can't be ignorant about it, and for negative impact individual has to be mature for it's use in daily life.

Thanks all.

Ruchi said:   8 years ago
Hi friends,

This is RUCHI I am working in real estate company. Being employee of real estate company I need all information about property projects and upcoming projects and for this I can not run one place to other place to get information but INTERNET facilities make my way easy to get anything on it.

Now a days computer or laptop seems empty box without internet facility. Now a days just because of Internet every small work of home can be done easily like electricity bill, phone recharge, transferring money, bank work can be done on internet from anywhere.

Yes I know people are misusing of internet but every thing has their negative point too so internet has too but we should aware of all these too what is good for us and what is bed for us. So we can relish of this Internet in right direction.

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