Rules & Regulation Breed Corruption

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ABHIJEET NANDAN said:   6 years ago
Many people may excuse that rules and regulation lead to corruption. But in fact, this logic is given by those people who support corruption and don't want to be punished. Rules are always made for the well being of citizens. But since ut is created by humans itself hence it may contain some faults also but after time passes and rules are tested on various platforms than its weak points also emerge and it can be corrected. So its very shameful to say that rules lead to corruption.

Corruption isn't a type of thing which can be resolved only by rules. Society should also have to take it into account. Because corruption emerges from human mind and mind is greatly influenced by society.

Corruption can also be controlled by reforming our education system. Moral education should be taught in schools as a necessary subject since childhood.

Corruption can be controlled by making strict and hard laws like janlokpal etc. It will create a sense of fear in the minds of corrupt persons.

At last, I can only say that corruption can be eliminated by the joint effort of family, society, law, and yourself.

Surya said:   6 years ago
Rules and regulations are important to every man not in corruption in everywhere. If the man is discipline there is no corruption.

Dileep.m said:   7 years ago
Rules and regulations are the most powerful weapon of the people but we are not using in proper way because everyone having a lot of pressure and works in daily life in that we can cross the rules and regulations we will be pay in the form of bribe we have telling nice be use rules and regulations when it comes to me is it okay to take bribe that is the case we need to get corruption less India we have to do something we can use the technology who are not follow rules and regulations just be enter the name of person in the list we take action against him some amount will be deducted from his salary by govt.

Samdisha said:   7 years ago
Corruption is like a speed breaker which retards the rate of development of a country. So, strict rules are needed and should be enforced.

Corruption is world wide disease and transpiracy vaccination is cure.

Thank you.

Pavi said:   7 years ago
Corruption leads to under development of india's economy growth.

Subbu said:   7 years ago

Corruption leads to misuse of rules and regulation. Because now a day people in society thinking for ourself only even small thing also.

Shiva said:   8 years ago
The rules and regulations are made so that there are peace and harmony in the nation. So it is not rules and regulations which breed corruption but it is the HUMAN NATURE.

For Eg. If a person breaks a traffic rule instead of paying the fine, they prefer to bribe the traffic police.

So ultimately we can say that breaking of rules and regulation breeds corruption.

Vishu Gupta said:   8 years ago
Let's consider India to implement the above Topic.

For managing the population of 1.25 Billion, Rules, and Regulations are definitely needed for welfare, security, penalties, law and order etc. But making the framework of Rules and regulations is only half work done. The other half which is equally important is to maintain and regular compilation of working within the framework of Rules and Regulations.

This is quite understood but why are we not able to maintain and compile?

Wherever Human Intervention is present in the system, there will be room for cheating, scams, and bribery. To reduce this, Implement the latest technology, use unhackable cameras to record the activity of Traffic Police, government Officials and making everything Transparent to the public will increase awareness to everyone. This will build strength in a common man to report for a criminal activity with full confidence.

Anshuman said:   8 years ago
It's not rules and regulations that breed corruption. It's basically violating rules and regulations or not obeying rules and regulations that breed corruption.

For eg, Traffic rules are made to avoid accidents but traffic involved himself in bribery when anyone violates traffic rules and gets caught. Instead of filing a challan the police officer takes some money from the people and thus the corruption is born.

Another example that can be seen especially in India that admission to top government colleges requires an applicant to pass through entrance examination and he must secure good rank in that. But again the ministers, politicians, etc take a lot of money from the candidate to get them admitted to the colleges which itself is corruption. Many higher authorities are involved in this racket. Rules and regulations breed corruption until and unless a proper rule are made and punishment is given to the people who are involved in corruption by breaking these rules. Strict rules should be made in order to stop corruption.

Sajjad said:   8 years ago
Rules and regulations are good for society but strictness to follow these rules should also necessary if strictness is not present then rules and regulation breed corruption yes In Pakistan many rules and are present but strictness is not present and as a result you can easily see that almost everyone is doing corruption if strictness would present in our society than no one can do corruption at last rules and regulations does not breed corruption absence of strictness does.

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