Role of Ethics in Business

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GD_Prep said:   1 decade ago
Ethics means the ability of a person to follow the right conscience during difficult times whatever the situation may demand, he should give in to the unethical practices to gain short term goals and profits. Apart from achieving corporate goals, a business has certain responsibilities towards the society, stakeholders, employees, etc. By running the business in an ethical manner, we not only earn the good reputation in the global corporate arena but also create a positive vibe ans amiable working environment among its investors and employees. So to maintain a long term relationship, we should take unethical practices.

M singh said:   1 decade ago
Definitely there are some obligations which one should abide by and follow while doing ones business, rather we have very drastic example of bhopal gas tragedy which cost life of thousands due to absence of ethics and responsibility. In a business welfare of society is as important as profit, hence a business without ethics would only aim at filling one's own deep pocket instead of serving country and such a kind of business would only be a liability for society.

While a business having ethics would be aimed at over all development of country, society, employees and that industry, in this way business will also blossom at a greater pace. Hence, role of ethics in business plays a quintessence part and should not be avoided at any cost.

Hafiz Shaheryar said:   8 years ago
My point of view in Ethical Role in business When you give value to some other person that is your real profit.

Mohammed Nayeemuddin said:   1 decade ago
Ethics in any business plays a vital role in long term. Doing unethical practices may give quick and huge benefits but it is like digging your own well. If any business firm or any individual who commit unethical practices will not be successful in long term. Best example is the IT giant satyam.

Kashish said:   1 decade ago
Doing business with ethics means "Doing Business right" and not doing the right business that can earn profits only. With ethics incorporated in your business processes one can earn profits but only in short run and the same thing happened with the IT giant SATYAM ; it could not survive.

You are answerable to your stakeholders and you just can't do away with that. Hence to survive in long term ethics should be an integral part of your business.

Poonam said:   10 years ago
Ethics in business is important without it we cannot achieve any satisfaction or profit or integrity and support from the people or from the business. Business involves people and everybody Need their fair amount of returns. It's gives transparency and long term profit and as a person we should have a social responsibility were our surroundings be benefited from our business. This would be a small contribution towards the country.

Santosh kumar said:   1 decade ago
Ethics is good only in real life not for business. Motive of business to earn money and to run successfully. But it dose not mean that we makes business unethical because there are two parameter to judge it. First is be human kind in life and second is be a look forward in business. It is depend on different field even if that is something else.

Pallavi Rajput said:   5 years ago
Ethics means principle. Ethics is very important in life and also in business. It makes the value of a person in themselves and in front of others also. According to me, every person should have some ethics in life and also in business. It plays a very important role in business to create a branding of a person and also for creating a brand for business which is responsible for business growth and also in expansion. If a person has ethics in business it increases trust and respect in the customer's mind and others also.

Shubham Jain said:   1 decade ago
Moral values are important for everyone's life as they helps us to escape from worst part of life. So being ethical is good for business, it will take some time to be succeed but finally you will goal your mission.

Pratik maurya said:   8 years ago
Ethics are related old time and many bases are depend on old time. Lord mahavir and buddha. This god only words follower said this this things. It's depend own business mind to follow dharma, sanskar, sanskruti etc.

1) Satya.
2) Ahimsa.
3) Asteya.
4) Aparigraha.
5) Brahmacharya.

They are ethics. Ethics means old tricks. Old ness like 2.50 thousand year ago.

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