Role of Ethics in Business

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Naresh said:   1 decade ago
We should be confident about what we are doing.

M singh said:   1 decade ago
Definitely there are some obligations which one should abide by and follow while doing ones business, rather we have very drastic example of bhopal gas tragedy which cost life of thousands due to absence of ethics and responsibility. In a business welfare of society is as important as profit, hence a business without ethics would only aim at filling one's own deep pocket instead of serving country and such a kind of business would only be a liability for society.

While a business having ethics would be aimed at over all development of country, society, employees and that industry, in this way business will also blossom at a greater pace. Hence, role of ethics in business plays a quintessence part and should not be avoided at any cost.

Anuj said:   1 decade ago
Ethics are the principle of wright and wrong that are accepted by the society or organization. It play a important role in perception of a scenario. The decision which you take are highly influenced by the ethics we believe in.

In business we make decision which force us to distinguish between profit and ethical values. These are the decision which decide how are business is going to run. Those people who can make profits and maintain ethics of business intact are the most successful businessman.

Majid said:   1 decade ago
Who see's about ethics nowadays it is a word of the past long faded away recalled in the memories of very few as everybod nowadays knows how to just make their pockets heavy at the risk of others lives.

Sindhuja S said:   1 decade ago
Ethics is important to have its influence on business.... but it has no impact these days.. We can never also expect for its influence to b on all fields.. because its difficult these days to find some who initiates something good to happen :(:(

Kartik said:   1 decade ago
Ethics is very important for every business. Doing ethical business will create confidence in the mind of stakeholders. Business vs safety is very important criteria because doing business with safety norms and ethical practices gives more value than the business without ethical practices.

Palaniyappan said:   1 decade ago
Ethics : Nowadays who know that meaning of ethics in their business. Only pickup and gain their bank balance. It will make many dangerous feedback to nation and also a individual person's life.

Kashish said:   1 decade ago
Doing business with ethics means "Doing Business right" and not doing the right business that can earn profits only. With ethics incorporated in your business processes one can earn profits but only in short run and the same thing happened with the IT giant SATYAM ; it could not survive.

You are answerable to your stakeholders and you just can't do away with that. Hence to survive in long term ethics should be an integral part of your business.

Saurabh said:   1 decade ago
I also believe that ethics are vital to be there in an organization if it wants to survive for a long period of time.

But now a days, globalization has made things possible for different companies to do the business in any country and these companies don't care about the moral and ethical values that are supposed to be there in them.

GD_Prep said:   1 decade ago
Ethics means the ability of a person to follow the right conscience during difficult times whatever the situation may demand, he should give in to the unethical practices to gain short term goals and profits. Apart from achieving corporate goals, a business has certain responsibilities towards the society, stakeholders, employees, etc. By running the business in an ethical manner, we not only earn the good reputation in the global corporate arena but also create a positive vibe ans amiable working environment among its investors and employees. So to maintain a long term relationship, we should take unethical practices.

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