Role of Ethics in Business

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Tuli said:   1 year ago
You have made a very good point but I would also like to add ethics is very crucial for the sustainable growth of a company or in life. It is a company's responsibility to ethically handle its internal and external parties. Ethics is the values, morals, and beliefs that one should follow for good practice.

Arpita said:   1 year ago
Hello Everyone.

I'm Arpita and from my point of view, Ethics is very important in all companies and in life also. Ethics is helpful for the company to run in the long term and for stability in profit and growth. But without ethics company run but stability and security is not there. Many people say the company can only be profitable if it is unethical and ethical companies are not much profit earning.

But in my opinion, that's wrong because ethics are the moral values, principles, culture, and beliefs that everyone be followed in their own life. And if the company is run in ethical values, and culture then it makes people trust this company which ultimately leads to the growth and profit of the company.

So, Ethics is more important than only focusing on profit.

Ishita sharma said:   2 years ago
Ethics = Succesful Business.

I think for an organisation to be successful it is important to ensure people working in a particular organisation is abiding by the ethics as stated by the company

People working in the company is under a lot of pressure of work that they may lose their controls leading to complicated situations so through business ethics people will try to be patient as their point of view will be respected.

If the worker's issues and satisfaction is taken into consideration it makes them to do their work with more dedication.

Ethics gifts an organisations with a goodwill and credibility.

From the point of view of public, their concern is about how the company fulfil their interests, satisfaction and requirements.

But the most important thing they see is whether the company is concerned about social responsibility, safety and emotions among their workers or in society.

Priyanka Biswas said:   2 years ago
I believe that ethics play an integral role in the sustainable growth of a company. All consumers and stakeholders have a right to be a part of legal and fair business practices. Abiding by business ethics will surely prove beneficial in the long haul due to the reputation it garners and the loyalty of customers it is successful in earning. Moreover, it is the social responsibility of every business to be true to it's internal and external parties. It is only because of the society's resources and support that the company can flourish through sustained profits.

Rohit Jain said:   3 years ago
Ethics are general principles which should be followed as they have certain restrictions and policy under which business should perform to maintain the integrity so that it helps the business in the long run as it will safe business from involving into unnecessary things.

Nandini k said:   4 years ago
Hello everyone!

Good day to all you.

I'm Nandini K.

"Let us discuss the role of ethics in business".

Ethics is very important for every business. Nowadays we know about the ethical values but we don't follow because of our negligence. We must and should follow the ethics easily achieve at everywhere.

We have a very drastic example of Vishakapatnam gas tragedy we lost the thousands of people due to the irresponsible of ethics and responsibilities. Nowadays India plays a bad role in ethics. We totally addicted corruption from the starting business to at the end really it is the fact. No one didn't play a role without corruption. Must and should every citizen follow the ethics. These are helped us lot to easily lead the life. Any business or any individual life who commit unethical Presses will not be successful long term. Ethics are values, responsible, Bhevaiaor to Everyone.

Thanks a lot for everyone!.

Mithiran said:   5 years ago
In my point of view, ethics plays a vital role in all part of our life. In a busines organization, ethics is the most important one because if we have to run a business through a set of ethics. We have to consider the customers and the workers working in that industry. And the quality of the product is also to be a better one due to that ethics. Because they are having a rule to how to make a good product for our consumers. Them only the consumers has to be bought that product. So ethics plays a very important role in each and every part of life.

Pallavi Rajput said:   5 years ago
Ethics means principle. Ethics is very important in life and also in business. It makes the value of a person in themselves and in front of others also. According to me, every person should have some ethics in life and also in business. It plays a very important role in business to create a branding of a person and also for creating a brand for business which is responsible for business growth and also in expansion. If a person has ethics in business it increases trust and respect in the customer's mind and others also.

Yogendra Patel said:   5 years ago
According to me, ethics is the only to create a vision of an organisation, because it is all about how an organisation treat their employee and most importantly their targeted audiences if they provide benefits to them then surely the company will lead for a long period of time.

The very known example of this is JIO launched by Reliance Industries Limited, they have provided the utmost benefit to their consumers, and we can see that Reliance revenue is very much high.

Anitha said:   6 years ago
According to my point of view, Ethics is the most valuable thing in business and also life because our old Puranas say that ethics nature and features like Ramayana and Mahabharatham, so ethics must be followed.

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