Role of Ethics in Business

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Sanju jaiswal said:   6 years ago
According in my point of view, ethics is very important part of business, ethics make the trust with everyone to the company. As todays world is a fraud, fake world which destroy their unity, trust for any business, these they do for the money, but these makes the destruction of the company. Ethics make the company for a long time to run. Ethics is like a food, people eat food for their survival, same as business needs a role of ethics to run the company for a long period of time.

Haripriya.M.A said:   6 years ago
According to me, the ethics is the most better way to achieve the organizational goal with good customer friendly approach.

AB sharma Abhishek said:   6 years ago
Business ethics is the approach and the mind set which should be followed for the betterment of the business operation.

Rishabh agarwal said:   6 years ago
Business is playing a very important role in business at all Level. Because of some reason are as:

1. Cost control.
2. Performance, revenue and profit may also need business ethics.
3. Consumer confidence build the ethics.
4. Ethics tell what is good or bad for business.
5. Ethics help to make a reality of business.
6. Rights of consumer build the ethics.
So, ethics ethics play very crucial role in business.

SIVAKANTH said:   6 years ago
Ethics is back bone of any business, why because we can build trust in customer if we have good ethical skills, good ethical skills will give you good money and good relationship with which lead to get more business.

Gosala said:   6 years ago
According to me, the absence of ethics in a business can harm or kill a person in the society.

NIKHIL DOOHAAN said:   6 years ago
Ethics is what make things or processes more people friendly.

Business is basically a way of treating your customer to get the most money out of them, now if that customer doesnt see ethics from the company, why would he be interested in doing business with that company.

Considering the present scenario of the market, a customer has endless options when it comes to doing transaction with a company.

So apart from being the, most feasible transaction. Ethics are the 2nd most important aspects that a person looks for.

Jeet barad said:   7 years ago
Ethics does not support your Buisness because there are many times. Where we have to compromise our ethics to run buisness. And c it happens to be most imp. For us to run our buisness rather than ethics. As time changes we must change. Ethics were valued at 19th century times. Now, only value is you are a success whether it may be from ethics or not. If you follow you are ethics then survival becomes. Difficult nd if you can survive then definetly you should follow ethics but it may be not possible all buisness. So, I believe ethics does not have much imp role in businesses.

Sana said:   7 years ago
Nowadays the definition of business has become receiving profit at the cost of goods and services. But how good would this line be that the definition of business is receiving enormous satisfaction at the cost of services and goods provided? Profit might not last longer but satisfaction will throughout. So I guess following ethics in everything will help us achieve the purpose of life.

Anu said:   7 years ago
Ethics are moral values. The effects of ethical practices in business can benefit a company financially and they can also help a company to gain the elements it needs to grow.

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