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Sanjay kumar said:   4 years ago
Hi everyone, I would like to share some strong points retention of employees is necessary at the workplace as per the employee ability and calibre. When As we know all depends on employees they make or break the company. At the workplace we should work as a team then we can achieve our goals single person can't achieve the Target so in my view we have to focus all employee.

We have some strong view.

1. The employee who is the best performer gives him some extra initiative and track weekly base rewards some gift like an employee of the month.

Give him some training schedule for the next label.

2. Who is a low performer do this guys service audit so that you can get to know about these employees who are performing poor?

And provide him with training where they need.

If an employee will get benefits towards their career never they will think about the live current organization. But we need to focus all staff because we believe in a team.


Pallavi Rajput said:   4 years ago
Nowadays employees are considered as an asset of the company. The company organises many events and benefit programmes to provide job satisfaction for the employees by the HR team. The main objective of these programmes and events are to retain their employees. The organisation has so much concerned about Hard working and focused employees and also about their productivity. They don't want to lose that type of employees because it effects on productivity. In today's era, the organisation has the ability to retain its employees by providing various benefits and services and it is very necessary in today's competitive environment.

Arbaz Sharif said:   5 years ago
Employees are the most important thing in industry or company without them nothing is going to work.

BHAWANI SINGH TANWAR said:   6 years ago
Employees are the assets of company. Company should care of employees those who have given his/her best to organization to achieve goal. Company should not loss them.

Rajesha said:   6 years ago
Hi Guys,

I would like to say my views, I agree with you all who says that employee retention policy is really good those who worked hard and contributes for the company growth. When we are checking with employee biodata with previous achievements, if it really good then he should deserver for it. Due to some obstacle or family prolbem or who knows its peer problem, due to some reason he/she might have quit, so we need to re-consider to hire him/her again to the organization.

Zarin said:   6 years ago
Retention of employee is very much important for any organisation. Because whenever a company hair any employee then they expected lot from them that's why they are giving training and try their best to built them. But sometimes employee do not satisfy with the organisation and then they decide to live it. So in that case the organisation facing lose of money as well as time and if the employee are doing well or doing good for the organisation then it will become a great lose.

Megha Tanna said:   6 years ago
In my point of view, retention of employee is very necessary for any organization because of the following reasons-.

1. Employees are the asset to any organization, they play the role of backbone to the organization.

2. Whenever any employee joins an organization, he/she is been given induction and orientation programmes to understand the culture and work system of that organization, then the training and development is been provided to that employee so that he/she come to know about the methods and pattern which is been followed in that organization. And company spend a lot of money and time on that employee to make sure that the employee performs its best to it.

3. Sometimes it also happens that the organization doesn't want to lose that particular employee, the reason could be that the employee is giving his best to the organization and that became the reason that another competitor is doing headhunting, in that case, company offer that employee other attractive benefits or increase in salary.

So, this is few reasons why the company want retention of their employees.

Thank you.

Uttara deb said:   6 years ago
Retention of employees is needed for any business to ride success but only when the employees are faithful and efficient. Organisations invest lots of money in the development of its employees by imparting training. But many a times employees switch organisations. In this case, it is very much needed for any organisation to delve into the core of the situation and find out the reasons of employee loss. If it is because of lack of job satisfaction among the employees then organisations should deploy efficient methods to retain the valuable employees cause it is very time consuming to train the new employees and it also takes time for a new employee to get settled into the new atmosphere. Moreover, there is always a chance of leaking valuable organisational information during employee loss. So if it is frequent then management should and must change hr policies to retain the efficient employees and not let the brain drain. Thank you.

Susanta Das said:   7 years ago
Retention is needed everywhere in our life it might be for an organization as well as for a business.

For any organization employees are their main asset and employees latent and knowledge helps to enhance the organization growth.

Every organization is choosing the best employee during their interview time as per their requirement.

After the recruitment organization also provides lots of training for each individual for their benefit and also for employee benefit.

After working in a company for a long time there are also emotional attachment is there for an employee. Our first preference to groom ourselves and then looking for Salary. If the employee is capable enough to deliver the best then employer must retain him or her to keep utilizing his or her latent.

Finally I wanted to say Employee and Employer both will be happy if they can understand both side problem.

Savani said:   7 years ago
Here so many peoples are talks about retention policy. But I would like to say that if we have seen on the financial side like salary or compensation or any other financial benefit when an employer provides monetary benefits to his employee it's temporary satisfaction on part of employee. Because after some time other company or employer provide only 1000/2000 more then he gets that will change his job. Or leave our organisation. So I think financial policy does not work properly.

So we have to focus on other policy who provide him/her job satisfaction.

Thank you.

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