Reservations in the Private Sector

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Shivaram said:   4 months ago
I don't know still why the government begs votes to all without cross-checking of reservations. In any sector, reservation plays a major role that is shameful to all our peoples. Though he had a talent, he was not supposed to do in that because of caste reservation.

According to the Reservation, why government begs to vote from people Its better to crosscheck their caste and then only allow to vote in elections. What is the use of the talent he acquried even though he was not supposed for certain role because of resevation.

Kshitij Shrivastava said:   12 months ago
The Supreme Court overturned the decision of the Haryana High Court that blocked the implementation of the New reservation policy of the Haryana Government to provide 75% reservation to Locals in Private Sector jobs.

The Supreme Court also ordered the Haryana government not to initiate any harsh action against violation of the State Reservation policy made under the Employment of Local Candidates Act.

Affirmative said:   2 years ago
Benefits of the reservation should be allowed only once or twice in a person's lifetime, so another person of the same cast can be given benefits.

If the reservation is allowed in PVT sector, it will rip/ divide the country as in 1947 or Pakistan in 1971.

Mayank said:   2 years ago
Reservation in the private sector will be a death sentence not only for OBC or UC but also for SC ST after 3 to 4 years after it will be implemented once it will be implemented.

1) The first thing will be huge protests by general and OBC people riots and all that some may choose Naxalism too after all ST people don't have sole right to do bomb blasts and Naxalite activities.

2) protest from the private sector which will try to locate to different countries flow of FDI will become very less leading to less foreign reserves.

3) with reservations in the private sector quality of our products will go down we will not be able to export leading to less foreign reserves and outside companies will earn profit leading to an outflow of foreign reserves.

4) with foreign reserves going down govt will ban the import of many things leading to inflation in India and also leading to poor quality of indigenous goods.

5) with fewer exports, fewer foreign investments, and fewer jobs, the high inflation economy of India will start collapsing.

6) now as there is high inflation and no jobs people won't pay taxes and as govt doesn't give subsidies to OBC or UR it will try to cut subsidies of SC and ST.

7) SC ST will start a huge protest our foolish politician will accept their terms and will continue their subsidy by taking loans from other countries or IMF.

8) economy going down, no jobs, less tax collection, high inflation, repayment of loans, and less foreign reserves will lead to dark ages.

9) collapse of Indian economy unrest Naxalite separatist movement and activities will rise.

10) disintegration of India.

There is no doubt that reservation will be applied in future after all 16 per cent of India is SC 9. 5 per cent is SC 32 per cent is OBC than there is EWS ex-serviceman vimukt janjati females Physical disabled so practically India's 90 per cent population is reserved and India is a so-called democracy and our fool politicians will do anything for winning elections.

In simple words reservation in private sector will make India hell like pakistan.

Dharshan said:   2 years ago
I am against reservations. Because people now are being equal in their respective classes. Even there are people suffering in Forward Castes. Also there are financially strong people in scheduled castes. So my point is already one or two generation enjoyed this stuff and became financially strong, again their son/daughter enjoys this thing with or without talents or skills. It is weird people here shouts ''say no to caste " but no one says no to caste reservations. People all should be treated equally.

Without these stuffs so we people make next generation even more brighter without any discriminations. I say this not only for caste reservation also about gender.

Aj express said:   3 years ago
In my opinion, the reservation system is good. But nowadays It requires major up-gradation due reservation talented people not get better opportunity and they have gone foreign country. Reservation systems implement with the aim of providing better life to the poor. Primary it is applicable for sort time but nowadays political increase it for the vote and getting sympathy on caste os it is not good. It must be provided on basis of financial condition but cast.

Shrikant said:   3 years ago
Reservations is a govt policy and people are free to support and criticize it. People who get reservations will support it and those who don't will oppose.

Firstly, Private companies work on profits and they only hire only people on the basis of skills, knowledge and experience. If reservations in private is implemented then the entrepreneurs will lose their right to hire deserving people. This will reduce ease of doing business ranking in the country.

Secondly if reservations are implemented and company goes bankrupt then SC/STs/OBC's will be blamed for it.

Most govt owned organizations where reservations are provided are in heavy loses like BSNL, Air India, LIC, Indian Oil, India Post to name a few. On the other hand the corporates, IT, MSMEs, Startups are flourishing in the country.

Rohit Singh said:   3 years ago
Yes, Reservation is an opportunity for all. It is an effective stop to promote the oppressed section of the society and bring them into the mainstream. If we will support them for getting reservation then we are directly pulling them out of poverty, because they will be able to earn for themselves and feed their family and also have a better future ahead. And bring an entire family out of the grip of poverty.

Vinay RATHORE said:   3 years ago
I want to say that the reservation system should be ban. Because it can harm the country. And reservation system have required some amendments that it must not be based on caste. It must have an economical criteria.

So, the only needy and required people will get the support of the research.

Aashik said:   4 years ago
Hello everyone,

First, I want to say everyone that reservation is an affirmative action of discrimination so we can't say that reservation should stop but instead of this we should talk about that what the peoples are finding the benefits of reservation if people will find the benefits by reservation than their lifestyle automatically will be changed like : education, health, etc then no needs of the reservation to all.

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