Reservations in the Private Sector

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Mayank said: (Apr 28, 2022)  
Reservation in the private sector will be a death sentence not only for OBC or UC but also for SC ST after 3 to 4 years after it will be implemented once it will be implemented.

1) The first thing will be huge protests by general and OBC people riots and all that some may choose Naxalism too after all ST people don't have sole right to do bomb blasts and Naxalite activities.

2) protest from the private sector which will try to locate to different countries flow of FDI will become very less leading to less foreign reserves.

3) with reservations in the private sector quality of our products will go down we will not be able to export leading to less foreign reserves and outside companies will earn profit leading to an outflow of foreign reserves.

4) with foreign reserves going down govt will ban the import of many things leading to inflation in India and also leading to poor quality of indigenous goods.

5) with fewer exports, fewer foreign investments, and fewer jobs, the high inflation economy of India will start collapsing.

6) now as there is high inflation and no jobs people won't pay taxes and as govt doesn't give subsidies to OBC or UR it will try to cut subsidies of SC and ST.

7) SC ST will start a huge protest our foolish politician will accept their terms and will continue their subsidy by taking loans from other countries or IMF.

8) economy going down, no jobs, less tax collection, high inflation, repayment of loans, and less foreign reserves will lead to dark ages.

9) collapse of Indian economy unrest Naxalite separatist movement and activities will rise.

10) disintegration of India.

There is no doubt that reservation will be applied in future after all 16 per cent of India is SC 9. 5 per cent is SC 32 per cent is OBC than there is EWS ex-serviceman vimukt janjati females Physical disabled so practically India's 90 per cent population is reserved and India is a so-called democracy and our fool politicians will do anything for winning elections.

In simple words reservation in private sector will make India hell like pakistan.

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Dharshan said: (Mar 6, 2022)  
I am against reservations. Because people now are being equal in their respective classes. Even there are people suffering in Forward Castes. Also there are financially strong people in scheduled castes. So my point is already one or two generation enjoyed this stuff and became financially strong, again their son/daughter enjoys this thing with or without talents or skills. It is weird people here shouts ''say no to caste " but no one says no to caste reservations. People all should be treated equally.

Without these stuffs so we people make next generation even more brighter without any discriminations. I say this not only for caste reservation also about gender.

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Aj Express said: (Aug 7, 2021)  
In my opinion, the reservation system is good. But nowadays It requires major up-gradation due reservation talented people not get better opportunity and they have gone foreign country. Reservation systems implement with the aim of providing better life to the poor. Primary it is applicable for sort time but nowadays political increase it for the vote and getting sympathy on caste os it is not good. It must be provided on basis of financial condition but cast.

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Shrikant said: (May 19, 2021)  
Reservations is a govt policy and people are free to support and criticize it. People who get reservations will support it and those who don't will oppose.

Firstly, Private companies work on profits and they only hire only people on the basis of skills, knowledge and experience. If reservations in private is implemented then the entrepreneurs will lose their right to hire deserving people. This will reduce ease of doing business ranking in the country.

Secondly if reservations are implemented and company goes bankrupt then SC/STs/OBC's will be blamed for it.

Most govt owned organizations where reservations are provided are in heavy loses like BSNL, Air India, LIC, Indian Oil, India Post to name a few. On the other hand the corporates, IT, MSMEs, Startups are flourishing in the country.

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Rohit Singh said: (Dec 27, 2020)  
Yes, Reservation is an opportunity for all. It is an effective stop to promote the oppressed section of the society and bring them into the mainstream. If we will support them for getting reservation then we are directly pulling them out of poverty, because they will be able to earn for themselves and feed their family and also have a better future ahead. And bring an entire family out of the grip of poverty.

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Vinay Rathore said: (Dec 16, 2020)  
I want to say that the reservation system should be ban. Because it can harm the country. And reservation system have required some amendments that it must not be based on caste. It must have an economical criteria.

So, the only needy and required people will get the support of the research.

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Aashik said: (May 21, 2020)  
Hello everyone,

First, I want to say everyone that reservation is an affirmative action of discrimination so we can't say that reservation should stop but instead of this we should talk about that what the peoples are finding the benefits of reservation if people will find the benefits by reservation than their lifestyle automatically will be changed like : education, health, etc then no needs of the reservation to all.

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Raman said: (Sep 27, 2019)  
First of all, person who gets reservation will say reservation should continue in government and those who do not get it say it should not be there at all. In the private sector, you hardly get job unless you have some reference or you are very talented; it hardly matters you belong to reserved category. In private even reserve, a person do not get their caste to reveal out and continue with their job. And if they reveal their caste then if they are not academically good they will never get the job. If they (Reserved category) get the job by revealing their caste; everyone sees him from different eyes and say he get the job through reservation and he gets their degree through reservation; in short, he avail reservation earlier stage or their parents got reservation so he got that job.

And if get through this anybody can tell will anybody from unreserved category willing to marry him or her. We can hardly find one. If somehow they get married then they will get honour killed. You can verify by reading newspapers.

So first, we have to erase the caste system from our mind society. Then we can say no to a reservation in any format. Like one nation one language we can say one nation one caste (i.e. Indian).

By the way, you guess I am from the reserved category.

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Pallavi Rajput said: (Jun 25, 2019)  
Reservation should not allow on the basis of caste but it should depend on a person's financial status. Nowadays Education is very important and very expensive and everyone wants to give the best education to their children. Poor class peoples also want to give their children to the best education. So, according to my point of view, Reservation should be allowed only in education system whether its private or government schools through some tests according to class level wise But I am not the favour of to allow reservation in employment, especially in private sector. Because our entire nation is based on that. People should get a job according to their talent and skills. The job should never be based on reservation criteria because it will affect our economy, our nation and especially people's mind. According to the time magazine, we are very good in the private service sector.

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Taman. said: (Apr 21, 2019)  
In my opinion, reservations is necessary but not on the basis of caste or race but on the basis of the financial status of a person. Due to the irrational reservation policy of India, the deserving ones are left unemployed and that sc st people are getting employment who are far beyond than the talented ones in talent and skills.

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Dinesh said: (Mar 26, 2019)  
Hi friend.

It is a very important topic to discuss. I didn't support Reservations according to caste. Why because it plays a crucial role nowadays. Due to reservations, some people get benefits as well as damage to some others. At the time when we got independence in 1947, there is lot of poverty in our country and mostly low cast people are in below poverty. At that time Reservations are introduced for the development of those people. It helps for those people a lot and their conditions become good. But, At present Reservations effect a lot. Mostly, Talented people don't get potential jobs due to Reservations. Due to this many talented people work in other countries like USA Etc. It indirectly affects the development of our country. It's shameful to say that Our talent is used to develop other countries. So, I should support Reservations on Economic conditions.

Thank you.

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Bhaskar said: (Feb 11, 2019)  
Reservations should not be based on their cast. Rather it should be based on once economical status, the fate of this nation changes from "developing to the developed country" thank you.

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Pawan said: (Jan 26, 2019)  
Now, reservation is needed in private for sc, st and obc, because of lacking jobs in government sector.

Around 2% jobs are in government sector and 98% jobs are in private sectors, and now government convert government sector into private sector due to it now reservation in private sector needed.

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Vikram Rana said: (Jan 16, 2019)  
The very base reason for which reservation has been introduced for upper caste in government sector, for that very basic reason reservation should be introduced in the private sector for sc st and obc. This is not day dreaming as many developed nations do have reservation for backward classes in their private sector. The very structure of private sector is such that monopoly easily builds in and can be easily baised or indifferent towards a group of people or communities. Since a big pie of job creation comes from private entities a structured system is urgently needed so that all communities including sc st and obcs get their share in nation building and a life of dignity denied to them even after decades of gaining independence.

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Varun Anand said: (Oct 29, 2018)  
In my opinion, if we see deeply we shall see that in past people who are in the upper cast try to down lower people. They only think that lower people always live and work under upper cast people but they became disappointed when they saw that lower people are progressing with the help of reservation. This is not fair.

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Sampatchoudhary said: (Oct 28, 2018)  
No doubt, Reservation is good. Reservation help and support poor and below poverty line sc/st family. But we can see many teachers they cannot provide proper education to her children and devour children future. The government should need to some step change the reservation system. Thank you.

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Nasir said: (Aug 17, 2018)  
Firstly we have to see from starting from where India got the Independence. At that time our country situation was not good and several people suffering from poverty and also belonging from the lower cast. And they are suffering from poverty. Due to there lower cast, higher cast people always hates them.

That time politicians was really politicians. They was worried about the development for the poor cast people. And launched the reservation for development of lower cast people. After launching this reservation scheme. It gives the better result at that time. At that time if reservation was not launched then our country situation will really different. And people who belongs to poverty family they don't get success.

But if we see the present situation reservation is useful for the politicians to get the poll according to the cast diversity. Now a day many lower cast people have lot of wealth. They are able to send there children in good schools for the better education.

Now, it's high time to change the rules and regulations in the reservation system. It must be provided by the economical situation, not by the cast system.

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Mohammad Ayaz Khan said: (Jul 29, 2018)  
Hi friends,

According to me, First, we have to understand that what is Reservation and it is in India. That was the time when India need something to go ahead but the people of don't have enough sources to develop themselves, at that time, reservation passed and provide them who need first.

And also one reason India is a democratic country. When India got the freedom that time lower cast is not getting the respect they always vex by other I mean they have no right to prove themselves. So it is reservation which offers the opportunity to everyone and really India get success, but now reservation should be stopped because it becomes a tool for politicians, it used to win the election on the basis of caste system.

Politicians divide us on the name of reservation. We are equal and we will get the equal opportunity so we should take a decision over it, because it is applied for us that all.

Thank You.

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Sonu Yadav said: (Jul 17, 2018)  
In my opinion, the reservation is related to the caste system. If we talk about education, reservation is not alloyed to anyone Because if SC, ST obtain 50% then they can easily to take admission but at that, all is equal if we take a admission on caste system then how success in our country.

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Harsh Mukul Chaudhary said: (Jun 5, 2018)  
According to me, reservation is not good for the education system, it makes poor society. A candidate who has sufficient knowledge and ability to get an opportunity but he can't because he/she belongs to general category.

In my opinion, reservation should not be based on the caste such as sc/st, obc.

Reservation should be on the bases of economic condition Because in our society both families of strong and weak economic condition are lives.

Then our country will grow up.

Thank you.

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Vikas Ojha said: (Jan 3, 2018)  
Hi friends, my opinion regarding this topic the definition of the reservation should be change because its lead the several dispute in the society and in the colleges.

According to me, reservation should be given all the needy people irrespective of sc/st/obc/general who can't afford the study based on the family income. And article 14 said equality before the law means we all are equal, we can't judge any people ability/intelligent based on the caste.

Reservation system is create the discrimination of the name of caste and religion. And also the reservation system is main cause of the brain drain. We all are said India is democratic country but I said we are not.

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Nikhil Doohaan said: (Dec 22, 2017)  
NEVER will I ever support that, Private sector is basically a world of high scale business?

MNC need a person who can do anything legal to get the money out of the customers pocket "legally".

If reservations are supported then, people who don't have that talent will be selected.

Thus degrading the businesses overall income/revenue.

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Rahul said: (Dec 14, 2017)  
In my opinion, there should be no reservation in any field for anything. IF so it should be immediately removed. Because it is not good it encourages favouritism towards a particular section of society. And also our constitution allows us to remain equal to our constitution for each section of society.

Article14ie. Equality before law. Those who are capable talented and passed the entrance test or whatever the criteria should get a chance whether he is from om or sc or st or any other caste. This is last way to judge someone. Please do follow the article14 otherwise there is no value of our constitution. Unless we do not implement.

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P Satyanarayana said: (Nov 18, 2017)  
With the rapid changing of times, reservation in private sector for employment is welcome. It all depends on harmonious working relation between employees and the management with particular weightage to talent excellence. Intentional ill treatment of staff / workforce, is still visible in some private organizations and industries, , (like early morning stray dogs chasing by municipal staff,) despite timely quality hard work performed by the work force. . I highly appreciate the concerned authorities, for introducing a legislation, providing employment reservations, in private organizations and Industries with real and overall progressive national interests in the employment sector.

Thank you.

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Manish said: (Nov 7, 2017)  
People who are getting benefits or want to get benefits will never comes to talk about reservation, I think we should not vote to the candidate belongs to the sc, st and obc because these kind people always demand for reservation benefits but not progressive development.

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Madhav said: (Oct 26, 2017)  
Reservation is something which shouldn't be there. We can see no one is as backward in actual as considered by government or policy makers there is tag which has been running since independence because if we find the editorials who are preaching reservation system are most aware persons about all stuff like they are very good at English and most of them are at high positions, then how can they say themselves backward? Or if they are covering this point for those who are really oppressed then why they themselves are enjoying reservation? Why don't they give up? Like in Britain unemployed get the allowance till he/she do not get but once he finds a job he voluntarily gives up allowance. This is why Britain is at the top.

Why Indians do not do this?

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Prerna said: (Sep 11, 2017)  
India is a Democratic country so it wants the backward section to walk along the pace of forwarding section. For doing this they have implemented many laws and amendments and reservation is one of the. Since there is reservation so the illiterate/less educated people are also working in higher posts who even don't to about that particular field properly. For eg. Many ministers are chosen just through the voting system or family relation without knowing about the talent of that person and later this damages the development of our country. Since they are elected for a particular tenure so we can't even change them. If the selection of ministers would be on the basis of talent then may be our nation can also compete with the GDP of other nation.

We can't choose anyone for development of our nation. Reservation is licking our nation like TERMITES. Reservation is a good idea but on the basis of income and talent. Because of this reservation our nation is lacking and can't compete in this globalizing generation.

Thank you.

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Chandini said: (Aug 30, 2017)  
In point of view, Reservation system shouldn't exist.

Reservation system is the main cause for brain-drain. When talented people can't find platform to prove themselves in their own country, they are just flying off and serving for other countries. This is a great loss to ourselves. If reservation didn't exist and talented people were given a chance, then India would have long back been a developed one like many other countries like USA, Singapore etc.

In fact government should encourage and provide opportunities to those people who have talent and couldn't afford to study due to their financial status.

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Komal said: (Aug 23, 2017)  
I think that the reservation should be there because in education field if there is an admission on the basis of reservation by cast then general cast students will try to get more knowledge to get admission in better college which will help to increase knowledge of that student rather than the students who are in the cast.

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Richa said: (Jul 28, 2017)  
Hello, everyone.

I think Reservation should be there but not the basis of caste but on the basis of income as well as talent. Yes, talent. We should have a proper planning as well as a systematic way of giving reservation as we already know caste system was only for 10 years. For example, if we have sports quota before giving reservation to a sports person he should have a fitness check so as to confirm that his talent still exists. It was just an example. Similarly once a person got a job he has to pass the tests related to that field in every 3years so that everyone gets active and dedicated even though they have jobs. Definitely, India will lead this way.

Thnq, your views will be important.

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Shubh said: (Jul 24, 2017)  
As of my opinion, reservation should be banned or it should be on the basis on income more talented people are unemployed and low educated people are a higher post and also I m sure that it will not ban due to vote politics.

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Ankit said: (Jul 5, 2017)  
Reservation should be banned in private as well as government sector.

It made for only 10 years but our politics is using it for votes. It divides our community in reserved and general pool. Also deserved candidates are jobless and unreserved are on higher posts. There is the only private sector where a number of general candidates are more than reserved and that's why private companies are on top and earning much money. I'm not against of any caste but against of reservation like propagandas.

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Abhishek said: (Jul 4, 2017)  
First question on the reservation is it required now or it is present just because of vote bank. If it is required then has it helped in the upliftment of backwards classes in past 50 years and how much more time is required to uplift them. Do we need modifications in the reservation system??? Is it benefiting the people who actually need it or some already capable people using it.

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Vishwa said: (Jul 3, 2017)  
Hi Friends. I'm one of the person whose is suffering from caste reservation. I won't say that reservations should not be in the society. Reservations should be given based on income, occupation now-a-days.

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Gourav Pathak said: (Jun 23, 2017)  
Reservation should be banned, because, it is highly competitive society. A reduced cutoff for sc/st/ich any other reservation groups harm the General students a lots. I think, job in the private government sector should be allotted and knowledge basis.

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Umang Chauhan said: (Apr 16, 2017)  
If we discuss the reservation then in starting, the reservation had made only for 25 years to lift up the backward class but politicians make it as a vote bank. Nowadays, I can see many students around me from SC AND ST. I will get 60 percent than also I will get add. In medical and OC student has 90% and still he will not add.



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Amartya Das said: (Apr 11, 2017)  
Reservation should be completely banned, in this highly competitive society. A reduced cutoff for SC /ST and other reserved groups harm the General students a lot.

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Vignesh said: (Mar 12, 2017)  
Reservation is the prime enemy to our society. It curbs the development of our country. Often Indian people who work overseas were criticized with the point of not serving the own country. My point is that, let the people who get the reservation quota sit here and develop the country. Don't criticize people who go abroad.

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Rajat said: (Mar 7, 2017)  
It should be banned. One side government say that all people are equal and the other side they are allowing this evil reservation system which makes a general candidate less important however they are more deserving and talented than the reserved category candidate. Jobs in the government and private sector should be allotted on the merit and knowledge basis.

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Parth said: (Mar 4, 2017)  
I think reservation through all sectors should be removed. Since their is no need at all. I have seen that students do not study, they think that they need few marks and that solves they got selected in the competition like IIT, NEET, etc. But what about those who work's hard. Who doesn't get selected even having higher marks, knowledge, degrees.

This is point to be noted. The Indian government should be aware not only of SC/ST but for the Indian YOUTH.

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R.Tharun Kumar said: (Feb 28, 2017)  
Reservation is not necessary nowadays so many "OC" candidates are not having any jobs with them because of this reservation.

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Sita said: (Feb 17, 2017)  
According to my opinion, reservation should be banned in private as well as government sector. Because now so many general students suffered due to reservation system. The reservation system should introduce to help economically backward students. But now general students also studied in govt schools who were in below poverty line. So please took the change in this system.

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Shasidhar Annabhattula said: (Jan 23, 2017)  
There are lot of general category people who have suffered in this caste based education system and I am one of them. To be frank reservations are not reaching the people it caters to but people who are having higher positions like government job holders and others with high income. We all general people will surely appreciate when reservations reach to the people who are financially very backwards and are in dire need of help and coming to point no one will allow the reservations in private sector take an example of any MNC like Microsoft who want people who can achieve their work in given deadlines irrespective of being a upper and lower caste person. THEY WANT THE RESULT and they don't want to spoil there reputation by agreeing on reservations. Foreigners will think of us as fools when they hear that education is run by reservations in India. I can see why brain drain happens more in India. Just in the case if you don't know the reason. Jai hind!

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Saptatshi said: (Jan 20, 2017)  
I think reservation should be ban, in private & be apply also government sector be applied only to education, but not in services. In government jobs exam, cut off should be same. I think years relaxation can give to OBC, ST or SC or backward as their conditions but exam cut off should same or can also reduce their exam free. I think in this way problem may be solved.

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Arjula Nithish Reddy said: (Jan 8, 2017)  
According to me, reservation should ban. Because now we are in 2016 not 1950's. There is a lot of changes occur up to now. Example for this OC category students also going to government schools. They are also there in below poverty line. And in my opinion, if the reservation is necessary then government should not give the reservation to students those parents are working in govt sector and also based on the income.

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Shubham said: (Nov 23, 2016)  
I think, there should be reservation in private sectors, but on the basis of someone's financial condition. After all private sectors also need good quality people to maintain their status in market. And poor people are having too good qualities. But just because of poor financial problem they are unable to express it. So private sectors should have some reservation quota for those who are willingly want to do something on the basis of their knowledge so that private sectors would get benefit of it.

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Sushmita Ghosh said: (Nov 20, 2016)  
First, I like to say reservations category should be banned in India because it affects the career of the student if they have reservations category they will not prepare themselves fully for their career or studies in future and they will neither have complete knowledge. If reservation category would be stopped then the students of India would gain knowledge before they go a step ahead for their career in future.

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Kamal Gusain said: (Oct 25, 2016)  
According to me, I thought that reservation is not to be in India because of RESERVATION, it affects persons thinking like a person who is reserved seat in any category He/She thought if I get 55-60% in academics I got the seat in any department. This cause negative thinking and the person do not do hard work as he/she do.

Because of that INDIA is Developing Country. The right person is not in right place.

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Yash said: (Oct 15, 2016)  
First of all, Reservation should not be there in any criteria as if a reserved category person doesn't have potential, he very well knows his caste will give him the opportunity, and a doctor or an engineer who really isn't good enough taking our bodies or our houses in their hands can create dangerous situations. If at all you have to give them the reserved category right, give it to them only once, he / she can use his caste certificate only once either getting an admission or getting a job. This should be practiced in all sectors.

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Rupkumar said: (Oct 7, 2016)  
At first, we need to understand why reservation is needed then we try to analyze if it can be implemented in private sector or not.

Why reservation is needed? -

1. If you live in a city you get high-quality tuition as every IIT or IIM or CAT coaching centers are in cities. But in case of a student who lives in a village doesn't get those facilities. So it's justified to give him the reservation.

2. Poor people, they don't have the money to buy books or to have tuition. So reservation is also justified for him.

If we say reservation we start thinking about SC, ST, OBC actually, we are not going to the roots. And reservation could degrade the overall quality a little bit but it will give a sustainable development and it prevent the creation of rich and poor category.

Now comes to the private sector.

Private sector recruiters are very concerned about quality. It is required to maintain high quality to keep them alive in the market. So it is risky for them apply reservation in jobs. But they should take some steps for the development for the backward people (I am not referring backward as SC, ST, or OBC) after all it these countrymen are giving them profits.

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Maheshbabu said: (Oct 2, 2016)  
I would like to know one thing, why reservation system initiated. After 70 years of independence also, why some categories are demanding for reservation.

All educated people should know the fact. In India how many people became leaders and among them how many became rulers. Majority of rulers and decision makers are only upper caste who are just 20 - 30% of total Indian population. If a Sharma became ruler he will promote only sharmas in all categories. This is an example. But, when SC/ST person became ruler or administration there will be no value for his portfolio and for his voice. This is the practical system is going on. When upper caste people saying about the cancellation of SC/ST/BC reservation, why they say no to 33% reservation in the women quota also. When a mother is having 1 sick son and 1 healthy son, she has to assist the sick son. The reservation also like a mother to weaker sections in the society.

So, in India, if we take statistics of Millionaires how many are from SC/STs and from others.

The government is promoting Payment education for those who are wealthy without reservation and reservations are the oxygen to weaker sections where they don't have financial strength. Kindly give your support to needy public who are still at 20000 Per annum income earners.

All people are having skills but at the right time, they need opportunity. Once if they enter then evaluate them only on performance.

Thank you.

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Deepak Gupta said: (Oct 1, 2016)  
This is definitely going to degrade the quality, global ranking, and morale of weaker section in all the sectors of the economy like education, industries etc. Quality means research and development may not be of that mark and from this global ranking of that institute or sector will be affected. Also thinking of reservation based people may remain limited as they will automatically set their limits by themselves by seeing the progress of others. But applying this kind of schemes in private sector is itself a blunder because each and every entity will oppose it.

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Deepak Thakur said: (Sep 23, 2016)  
The government should take steps to remove the reservation mythology and look forward to developing process of India education system on other hand reservation should be there but it should not compromise with talent and marks or level there should be a common fight between the students for every seat and then some portion is to keep for the uplifting the all backward society there education should be free or else this system may destroy students life and in future those reserved students will lead to spoil the country future as USA policy they give job to deserved candidate, not a reserved candidate and hence we had the statistics in front of us.

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Prashant said: (Sep 9, 2016)  
Reservation is a word which increases the difficulty level of the students (who are not reserved) and preparing for competitions. Suppose, in Olympics, they would provide reservations to some countries then in that situation, the current men's world record is 9.58 seconds in 100 meters, set by Jamaica's Usain Bolt in 2009 would be nothing because reservation could lead you to medal 10 or 11 seconds only.

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Medha K said: (Sep 9, 2016)  
Reservation system should be eradicated from India because here in India reserved people get more than reserved people.

So reservation in the private sector should not be there.

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Mansi said: (Aug 28, 2016)  
No, reservation should be there in the private sector. If somebody wants it, he himself is corrupt like some of our politicians. Everyone is a human being be it SC, ST or OBC. So, our government should not only favor them and think about the general candidate as well. Reservation is corruption and nothing else. Reservation is itself a cause of injustice towards General people. Reservation is like an unwanted weed. Reservation is a killer. Only corrupt can favor it.

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Samia Shaikh said: (Aug 22, 2016)  
Reservation should economical basis rather than on the basis of cast.

A person should get a reservation on the economic condition of him and his family.

The government should take a close eye on every aspect, like what work a person do, what kind of earning he has from other sources and so on. There is a need of define criteria, for every class of the society.


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Jagannath Mishra said: (Jul 22, 2016)  
As per Indian Constitution, 15% of the opportunity is reserved for SC's. 7.5% is for ST's. 27% is for OBC's. Remaining 51.50% is for General Candidates. Reservation is available to every citizen. Why take grudge on each other?

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Acharyaji said: (Jul 21, 2016)  
We are the only country in the world out of 196 countries to have the reservation system. And we are the only country in the world where people take pride in calling themselves backward.

You can't abolish reservations from the System due to fear of Backlash, no problem, eradicate.

General category from the system and give a reservation status to each and every caste & creed. Give a fair ground for everyone to play. The deserving shall move forward.

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Alok said: (Jul 13, 2016)  
In India, our society is divided into various category by the Indian constitution law this type of tradition was followed by many years ago as brahman, kshatriya, vaish, sudra now it is converted into general, OBC, SC, ST.

In India, some categories are benefited by the reservation system. Actually, the motto behind the reservation system is to develop a person who is weak in economic status and belongs to ruler area.

But the reservation system is implemented according to cast, this is not good, I think it should be implemented according to "economic status". And present time BPL (below poverty line) is a good benchmark to implement the reservation system.

But our politicians don't want to change it because nowadays politics is totally based on the cast system. There is so many communities which is doing riot for taking advantage of reservation.

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Aparichita said: (Jul 11, 2016)  
Reservation are provided on the basis of caste is to provide justice for depressed classes, people, moreover, days are not too far even reservation will be entering even to the private sector because SC/ST/OBC including minority form nearly 90% of Indian population, none of the political parties wish to go against it.

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Akhil said: (Jul 7, 2016)  
Reservation is a necessary evil, while it is true that reservation is a widely unpopular idea and upsets many. The most common question would be "why is someone who scored less than me is getting admitted into a college/job?" well to answer that question, you must ask yourself is the caste system really non-existent?

Reservation is justice rather than equality and there is a huge difference. If you think a physically handicapped person is entitled to reservation or want the infamous women bill to be passed, why not have the reservation for a "socially crippled" castes. While one's caste is not openly admitted we all secretly practice. Money and success alone cannot overcome this social barrier, only peers from his caste or similar backward caste would truly be able to help. Yes while I agree with Dr. Ambedkar that reservation should be meant for a fixed period not even he himself could decide upon this period due to nature of the problem. While this may anger many and some may even choose to insult me, I humbly ask this question - how many of your maids, drivers, cobblers, gardeners, plumbers, garbage collectors belong to a high caste and how many belong to a backward caste? and how many of your peers/colleagues/bosses belong to backward caste ? Why is it like that ? is it because socially backward people are not good at education or is it because all the people from the forward caste have extraordinary cognitive abilities ?

People from the backward castes are ashamed to admit their caste out loud, why ? Till the day that a person from the backward caste is able to admit his caste openly, reservation must exist.

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Anonymous said: (Jun 30, 2016)  
People who come to seek jobs are educated than for what they need a reservation. To show their capability? No one considers anyone to be the backward class in society now it has been opposite people make fake certificates for reservation and have a luxurious life on another side. Today we see people be proud of their caste being backward. India will be developed country only and only when reservation is stopped. India needs deserved people not reserved people, so, please.

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Ashish said: (Jun 23, 2016)  
Some guys talk only about the reservation, they never talk about casteism. And who is responsible for this. It's not only about money and education. Even after being a good person, well educated and rich, you are not respectable in society if belongs to backward classes. But you guys don't talk about this.

A country may have to face a situation like civil war if reservation ended.

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Shubham Singh said: (Jun 15, 2016)  
Hi, friends.

In my opinion, as our constitution says each people have equal rights, so why this reservation should be included in our constitution & so our constitution discriminates b/w each people acc to their caste.

So in my point of view, yes, there is reservation but they depend on the income of their family.

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Jageshwar Prasad said: (Jun 13, 2016)  
First of all, I would like to say about the reservation that means a district which is received for a particular purpose. First, it was applied by Dr. Br. Ambedkar after the independent of our country in order to bring the condition of lower categories people up to general people but it was not for permanent. Reservation was based on cast basis also yet it is cast basic which is wrong.

I m not saying that it should be ended but it shouldn't be on cast basic because it is spoiling of our system day by day. Also more knowledgeable persons do not able to get opportunity.

Since, India is a democracy country in which every people have equal fundamental right. But it imparts of peoples right into different part with unique. Thus, it shouldn't be on cast basis but should be on financial condition because every people are suffering from good or bad condition whether they are general or backwards cast.

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Manik Dang said: (Jun 12, 2016)  
India is perhaps the only country where people are fighting to be inferior. Reservation was introduced for economically backward who couldn't afford education.

In a democratic country like India where it is believed that the backward classes are not treated equally is completely deceptive. The truth is that today the general category are suffering the most as they are the ones who don't get admission in any good college following which they don't get good jobs.

And now people will say reservations are required so that the gap between the so-called backward classes and the so-called general classes diminishes. But the truth is even after decades, if the backward classes cannot get self-reliant, then they never can.

I am completely against the caste reservation system. It not only destroys the dreams of aspiring and deserving candidates but also create conflicts in the name of religion.

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Mounika said: (May 24, 2016)  

This is Mounika.

Here's are my views regarding reservation.

Gone are the days where the lower caste people suffer from economically and socially. As reservations are introduced for them only now its the time to take off reservations, because of its disadvantages even deserved people who don't have the facility of reservation are getting affected. Now every community has educated people so they don't need the help of reservation for their growth. Here is the time to make equality prevail in the country by abolishing reservation so that all people don't fly to other countries for getting deserved job.

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H.K said: (May 20, 2016)  
To all those who think reservation should be economic based,

How many of you are married based on economic/education or love irrespective of region & religion?

How many are married irrespective of Caste?

So is the difference based on economic consideration, no. It goes deeper?

Why upper castes reserved education & Economy for themselves if it is the reserved castes which are scared. Who was scared to part with knowledge knowing fully well with the knowledge they will break free and better the former?

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Vinod said: (May 17, 2016)  
I think this politician wants to take the country back to 1950's introducing reservation in private sector. The private sector needs real talent, they always work in deadlines and live to achieve it. Case-based reservation does not provide talent, it just provides the head count.

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Alia said: (May 13, 2016)  
Reservation should be necessary for both sectors either it is public or private. But the key point is that the criteria of reserving the seats should be a bit different from the current one. God has given the same brain and body parts to the human of every caste and religion. But those who are not normal on physical aspects are the real deserves of this category. Moreover, reservations should be made on the behalf of economic conditions of the person. Because the only cause of backwardness in nowadays is an economic condition not the case of the person.

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Karmayogi said: (May 6, 2016)  
For reservations you do not need to scratch your head so much, reservations are given to backward castes because society to begin with does not provide them equal educational opportunities. Hence, to repent for that, it provides them seats in jobs and higher education which they would have had if equal schooling coaching facilities were available. So, if we bring equality in education and basic facilities for all children, then, reservations would not be required at all. Till then, we should just work to bring educational equality instead of complaining all the time.

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Nikhil said: (Apr 25, 2016)  
Hello guys,

I have been reading this discussion past hour. I personally think that reservations should never be based on the cast or the creed of the person because you are stopping the growth of the reserved category people only as they get reservations they might think we are getting it without any efforts so why do any. This is one thing and another nobody can be judged upon his/her cast how can you say that this particular cast person is not clever so give them a reservation. It's like each and every General category person should be extra intelligent then. Hann! Reservations can be given on the basis of their economic background or their abilities that would really help to develop the nation.

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Goutham D Dev said: (Apr 10, 2016)  
Everyone hurry to remove reservation, isn't it. How many of you got the job in IT sector by your own effort. I saw so many people who got the job by reference. So-called upper cast people already have the well-established network, so that they can get a job. Moreover, I am asking everyone that, why can't you make everyone equal socially and economically. We heard that our ancestors were brutally treated and now you are feeling the same thing just because of reservation. You don't want reservation but you want your cast as the supreme isn't it. You, people, are telling that remove reservation just by looking at developed people and you not at all concerned about the remain people, oh this, because you are all working under them, isn't it. Just divide each and everything equally and let us have a race, let's see who will win the race. If you divide property equally to all irrespective of cast, then everyone feels equal and after that let's remove reservation. If any one case lodged on cast discrimination then let the reservation exists.

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Rajesh Patel said: (Apr 7, 2016)  
It should be for those states/area where there is no good road communication, the source of income is below the poverty line, no education, still living garbage lives, never been reached to modern civilization, etc. They should be given a chance to be literals/educated so that they can compete to those developed peoples. There are around 20 cores peoples in India who are underdeveloped.

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Dinesh said: (Apr 6, 2016)  

I think reservation should be given to all the needy people irrespective of ST/SC/OBC/General who cannot afford to study based on the Family Income. All are equal we cannot judge any person's ability/Intelligence based on the caste. There should not be any reservation for Jobs based Caste (SC/ST/OBC/General). Let the Government continue to make this reservation for physically challenged we all are happy we support this and lots of other good things as an Indian. I have personal seen SC/ST/OBC people whose families are financially very strong but still they enjoy the benefits because there are by birth SC/ST/OBC. Why can't we have subsidy cylinder concept here can any politician be brave enough to say come on now let's join hands in helping the Poor people who cannot afford to study only because of their Income. Now I request all the financial strong families of SC/ST/OBC to give up the SC/ST/OBC benefits go under management will people do? NEVER and trust me some of them have proxies certificate of SC/ST/OBC due to their poor financial problems and utilize this benefits.

People, please understand, if a person from General Category wants to apply for Government Jobs a challan of Rs. 500 to Rs. 600 should be taken and she/he should score more % what is expected as per that category. But SC/ST Category person can pay just Rs. 50/- and apply for the exam they can score fewer marks than General Category to get selected. What's happening General category people are born with silver/golden spoon is that the assumption if the Answer is YES who can prove this? We are not saying NO to the reservations, Let the SC/ST/OBC people pay Rs. 50/- there are lots of General Category people who cannot afford to pay that Rs. 500 or Rs. 600 to apply for a Job. Is there a logic in asking people to pay Rs. 50 and another side of the people to pay 10 times more. I understand public companies wants to make the profit but not HUGE PROFIT via application money.

I am proud of our Constitution that was very much needed to establish the fundamental principles and knowledge to govern each state and develop our Nation. I understand our Rules can be amended accordingly based on the people's need but both the Assembly members have to show the majority that's when good things can happen. But our Assembly members will not accept something that people want so easily until there is a big boycott/procrastination. But in that time period, some good/bad things do happen our people forget, say for example India Won the Match we start enjoying.

There is no use in writing or talking about this my friends but still we love our country, Jai hind!

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Chethan Ym said: (Apr 1, 2016)  
Reservation in any sector is not a bad thing. But that reservation should be inefficient manner I mean before going to reserve thy must check whether he/she is eligible for that position simply giving reservation in the blind way it gets down us and our society whatever it may be that must be goes and maintains efficiency for that sector.

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Shivani said: (Mar 26, 2016)  
In my opinion, there should not be any reservation in Government or public sector. The job should be purely based on candidates knowledge, his ability to work, his talent not based on caste. For SC/ST people it is easier to qualify any comparative exam.

Then for General as the cutoff for them is Easier. So from my point of view, there should be no reservation.

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Rkart said: (Mar 22, 2016)  
Reservations are meant to bring equality. But it divides actually. The equality should be from beginning. Make Education (primary, secondary, HS) mandatory and free for all and students should go only to home school based on the boundary. In Collage, provide loans to study that can be paid back slowly. Shuffle teachers to get parity among schools. Change the boundary by levels of education and the boundary as well. Equality will automatically come. Never ask caste or religion to kids or in application forms etc.

Test the below with the so called politicians who are demanding for reservation.

1. They should not go to skilled Doctor for themselves and their family. They will be directed to some who come just by quota with the lower score. Because there are good folks all around.

2. The parties should implement reservation in all their deputies. Say it party leader, speaker, treasurer, local positions etc. Provide minister roles based on it.

3. Their kids should not go to Private school.

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Nagabhushanam said: (Mar 20, 2016)  
Hi friends,

Here in this discussion reservation for SC/ST/BC is there, but I am proposing that to overcome those problems and keep them aside in the OC caste there is no reservation due to that problem so many people were not getting jobs in the public sector.

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Lavanya said: (Mar 18, 2016)  
According to me, Dr. Ambedkar sir stood for the under reserve people only to support them at his time because at that time they were not treated equally. But today we see that people misuse their opportunity and they seem to be more dominating. Even though they have a good amount of money, they still try to have something in free, which is snatching away the opportunity for the person who is really in need of it. Reservation should be given according to the financial background of a person, but not according to his/her caste. And no one is sure that the person who gets a job by reservation is a skilled person and the person who is rejected is an unskilled person.

So reservation should not be given to anyone in any sector of job.

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Naveena said: (Mar 12, 2016)  
Hello friends,

A reservation is needed for people. But whatever the present situation is going on under reservation for SC, ST and OBC candidates, it's not in the correct way. Reservation should give depends on the economy. By the reservation lot of students unable to getting the jobs.

If a person is not correct in the organisation, if it increases, that organisation improvement will decrease.

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Shekhar said: (Mar 12, 2016)  
In my opinion, reservation is needed for poor family and financial condition is bad but not for a job. Every person required a job. But reservation is not a remove we can reduce it.

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Manjeet Mishra said: (Mar 11, 2016)  
Hello everyone.

According to my point of view, reservation should not be given on basis of caste. One side you want to destroy gap between different society on other hand, providing reservation to them (SC and ST) cannot remove difference.

Reserved caste always shown to be different this way. I am not saying that reservation in India should be banned, it should be given on the basis of economical condition either to SC, ST, OBC or GENERAL.


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Ramesh said: (Mar 10, 2016)  
Hello everyone.

In my point of view there should not be any reservation in any sector whether it is private or public sector. By reservation they are spoiling our system. They are not that much capable to struggle with life. In many states we see casteism people do road jam for their reservation. Govt should take hard decision on this.

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Saibaba said: (Mar 5, 2016)  
First of all why should be a reservation for anybody?

Remember, at every stage getting reservation means he/she is not the best person.

That means India is compromising in quality. Private sector won't accept it and they go away to another country.

The time has come to enforce Free Uniform Education, Free Uniform Health Care i.e. taking full control of these two sectors by Government and abolish this reservation system and abolish SC& ST Atrocities Act which is widely used for blackmailing or for corruption or widely misused. We are losing many bright students from un-reserved caste, because of this Vote bank based reservation system.

We need India Uniform Civil Code.

No reservation or concession, based on caste or religion.

No personal laws.

Because everything is related to Election system prevailing in our country.

It is difficult to expect such a change in our country.

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Chaitanya said: (Mar 5, 2016)  
Let me say a few things about this.

1) The reservation was introduced in our constitution for a period of 10 years to bridge the economic and social gaps between different sections of society. Our constitution made a rule for reservations so that that these people who were oppressed for decades can be uplifted. 70 years after this we are still debating if we should increase the reservations more.

2) After all the increments in the reservation, the statistics 70 years later statistics still show that only 3.9% of the backward castes are Indian tax payers. i.e. despite all the "Caste based reservations" that were provided, there was little to no improvement in bridging those gaps. Aren't we showing the same oppression to the so called "Upper classes" of the society as the people of those evil unjust times?

3) Are we so blind to see that this reservation system is not working? Do we extend this plague to private sector as well?

There are approximately 7 lakh jobs in govt sector that are still vacant despite the reservation system. So, Since the reservation system is not working, what we are essentially saying is let us increase the reservations more and hope the problem gets resolved.

4) I have seen a few comments about people stating that private sector must hire people based on a caste rather than talent. To put things in perspective, no body from a private firm asks for a candidate's caste before hiring them.

5) Also, the government takes it's share in terms of all the revenue a firm generates in terms of income tax of the firm, several different forms of taxes on the commodities it sells (software is a commodity as well) not to talk about the income generated through the jobs that are created.

6) Let us say that we create reservations in the private sector for the "Up lifting of backward castes". People from other countries that are depending on these organizations to get their job done will face challenges because their work is being done by a person who got 40% in their academics, made it through the competitive world because of the reservation system.

7) Business in such situations is bound to fail because, the money, the jobs, the growth will move to some other country like China where merit is given precedence over birth. i.e. the private sector in this country will slowly bankrupt.

8) Despite all this, the reservations once introduced will never be removed because of all the political battles that precede.

9) All the jobs will slowly go away, country's economy will shrink and at the end.

10) For all the people who say that reservation candidates are also talented candidates, consider this.

A candidate from any background with a 99.99% score in a SAT test is valued more in any other country than a candidate from SC/ST/BC/OBC with 40% score. If you really have talent, then you do not need reservations.

As a conclusion, reservations in private sector will not only suppress the talented people in this country, it will also ruin the very economy of this country. What social justice can you do by giving jobs, if there are no jobs to give.

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Manoj Kr Singh said: (Mar 4, 2016)  
I think that Reservation should maintain by Facilities Like/ free coaching, Fee Concession and many other type social and financial support but in jobs it not right because in this sector always maintain quality for accept global challenges in working culture.

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Jay Tripathi said: (Mar 4, 2016)  
In my point of view, reservation is not good in the education system because it makes poor society. Due to reservation many people have good knowledge and good skill they are unable to take the opportunity. Reservation should not give the basis of caste like as SC, ST, OBC candidates. Reservation should give a basis of economy. Those people belong to a poor family, they should give free education system.

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Paras Modi said: (Mar 2, 2016)  
We can not remove reservation completely, but we can try to reduce it.

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Zoya said: (Mar 2, 2016)  
Reservation is must in our society but only for the needy persons who are really in need of it.

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Priyanka said: (Feb 25, 2016)  
In my point of view, reservation system should be given based on their incomes. Public is giving reservation depend on their caste. But now a days, in every caste people are with high incomes and also with low incomes.

Government is giving more preference to SC, ST candidates for providing reservation. Some of the people with low incomes are also there in OBC caste also. So, my opinion is government should provide this system according to their incomes.

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Pritam said: (Feb 21, 2016)  
As Said by Mr. Azim Premji,

Let's start the reservation with our cricket team. We should have 10 percent reservation for Muslims. 30 percent for OBC, SC/ST like that. Cricket rules should be modified accordingly. The boundary circle should be reduced for an SC/ST player. The four hit by an OBC player should be considered as a six and a six hit by a OBC player should be counted as 8 runs.

An OBC player scoring 60 runs should be declared as a century. We should influence ICC and make rules so that the pace bowlers like Shoaib Akhtar should not bowl fast balls to our OBC player. Bowlers should bowl maximum speed of 80 kilometer per hour to an OBC player. Any delivery above this speed should be made illegal.

Also we should have reservation in Olympics. In the 100 meters race, an OBC player should be given a gold medal if he runs 80 meters.

There can be reservation in Government jobs also. Let's recruit SC/ST and OBC pilots for aircraft which are carrying the ministers and politicians (that can really help the country).

Ensure that only SC/ST and OBC doctors do the operations for the ministers and other politicians. (another way of saving the country).

Let's be creative and think of ways and means to guide INDIA forward. Let's show the world that INDIA is a GREAT country. Let's be proud of being an INDIAN".

Rate this: +58 -36

Ramachandrudu.P said: (Feb 21, 2016)  
Reservations in private sector is a must, why because the governments are giving so many benefits to the private business people with the amount of the people including all castes irrespective of poor or rich. It is the obligation of the private sector to implement the reservations in their units. If they are not interested to implement reservations, they should not take any benefit from the government's. Industrial development is necessary but not on the cost of people.

Crores of Crores of rupees are being wasted by governments as benefits to private sector in the name of industrial development. How we are getting employment in other countries with reserved quota of VISAs (may be H1B or other) to India by other countries. Another thing is to mention here is, that the minor castes in India i.e. so called upper castes are enjoying more than 95% places are getting in all types of offices, may be due to recommendations, cash caste, or other.

No ST, SC engineer constructed dams/projects are collapsed so far in our country on the contrary others constructed have been collapsed. No ST, SC doctors have operated the patient's right hand/leg instead of left or vice versa, but others have done let. What I want to say that it is not the getting marks in the exams (all know how marks are being awarded). It is due to practice which makes perfect. For example our greatest ex president of India Dr. Abdul Kalam a below average student in his studies but he was called as great scientist.

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Priya said: (Feb 21, 2016)  
Hello friends.

Here the topic is whether in private organization reservation should there or not. But in my opinion there should not be any reservation in government or public sector. Job should be purely based on candidates knowledge, his ability to work, his talent not based on caste. I am not against reservation. It should be there but for HANDICAP, WIDOW WOMEN, EX-SERVICEMAN etc.

Friends here I am going to share about my personal life. I belongs to a Brahmin family. My father is a class iv government salaried. Though my father's income is very less as compared to other, we are not eligible to get any type of relaxation or compensation in any situation as we belongs to general category whereas others are taking benefit from government not only in job but also in school, college, office everywhere.

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Bunny Varma said: (Feb 20, 2016)  
I am against to the reservation system. If the person is talented he (or) she don't need reservation for any level.

If we talk only poor people, who can't afford to send their children to school. We can see developed countries like. Us Japan. Singapore. That countries having free education system. In our country OC, OBC person are unable to get government jobs why because Reservation problem. If you see in our government schools most of teachers having a lack of knowledge.

In private management is demanding 50,00 or 20,00 for only LKG, UKG students. How can people can afford to pay so much of fee their children's.

Reservation is making a suffering people. Everything in their life. Why because high cast people also having poor people. And their trying to government jobs. But they not having reservation.

How long they have suffering with this problem this is too embarrassing?

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Vivek said: (Feb 18, 2016)  
In my point of view we people are responsible of our reservation system. If our ancestors does not exploit tribals or discriminate lower cost than reservation could not come in our generation. So we made mistake and we need to come forward to eradicate reservation worm. Reservation is not good for our country health in both sector (private or government).

Rate this: +9 -7

Dj Maddy said: (Feb 17, 2016)  
Reservation should be included in private sector but keeping in mind the financial condition of the person if he really deserves to be a part of it then he should get a chance to prove himself while conducting the GD and PI round the panellist can easily measure the person's communication skill and confidence level. Everyone should get a equal chance to prove himself or herself.

Rate this: +4 -13

Akshat said: (Feb 17, 2016)  
Reservation system should not be their in private sector because I India we are singing the song that all are equal so their should not be any reservation in any field because if any boy is SC. So he will be in profit in education also like in NTSE exam in our school I boy got selected in NTSE because he was SC so the cutoff is less for SC's like this type of discrimination is going in our country so we should take a step to stop this.

Rate this: +8 -7

Ram Sherma said: (Feb 16, 2016)  
I could see many are voting against the reservation system. I am from a reputed company and I have seen people from all classes perform well with relative changes with their knowledge and applications.

We haven't grown in a long term and are starting to now. They have reservations in education for they will have to compete with the reservations already they have got. If they are incapable of competing in the private sector without the reservations, the reservations in the education should also be reduced.

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Reservations in the Private Sector

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