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Harshith said:   9 years ago
In my point of view reservation in private sector is good, but it should not be more than limit, say 10% for some categories, what I'm going to say is if the reservation is less there will be a competition for that reserved seat. Then who have talent can get that seat, and I think this is a solution for those people are very poor, but not coming under any reserved category.

I said this because if 40-50% reservation is provided for the people under the category, there is two possibilities, one is talented person may get the seat or untalented person too. So if a person who have talent but not coming under that category face a problem.

So finally I conclude that reservation in the private sector is should be minimized and given chance to competitors to compete in competition world.

Deepankar said:   9 years ago
Reservation should be done based on the poverty in public sector. So that Rich people don't get more richer day by day. Now taking birth in SC or ST family is like son/daughter of King who gets all the Royal Facility of the Government.

Riju said:   9 years ago
Hi friends, in my opinion reservation system in private sector is needed but in a low percentage. India has 70% of their population at below poverty level. The meritorious but needy students get benefits from the reservation.

But we must have to ensure that those who get the benefits must actually be a needy student. There are many out there who, in spite of being capable of bearing expenses, try to make themselves categorized as one of SC, ST or OBC.

Besides this if the reservation percentage becomes higher, the general category students, who are there at large scale with their capabilities might not get enough opportunities to prove themselves.

Surbhi said:   9 years ago
Hello friends.

I am not against the reservation but it should be given to those people who are badly needed this. A general category student who has higher qualification rather than the category student does not get the job. So reservation is done on the bases of poverty not on the bases of category. This is on the basis of my point of view.

Thank you.

Abhay said:   9 years ago
I think there should not be reservation system in private sector, because if there is reservation then there are so many chances that the person employed in the company may not have such quality as he have been selected based on the reservation.

So in such case it may happen that company productivity will reduce because it also depends on the efficiency of the employees based on their talents. Hence in such cases company may suffer losses which is undesired for a private sector as they needs development of their own.

But if they include reservation system, in such case it should not be based on caste rather it should be based on the economical condition and physical disability of the person.

Avinash Medidhi said:   9 years ago
Hi Friends,

Equals should be treated equally. Otherwise, Affirmative action is to be taken if the person is differently able.

India to get out of this vicious caste system, there should be a hope for the talented pool. It is almost impossible to remove reservations in Government sector (According to our constitutional framer B. R. Ambedkar. Its a Provision which has only to be continued for 10 years, but we can see its still existent).

Even belonging to a lower caste and availing reservation. I don't support giving reservations in the private sector.

In broad perspective, India jumped from primary sector to service sector without much growth in manufacturing and deemed to be developing state. After the economic reforms, India's pace of development increased due to investments from the corporate's (India & abroad). If given reservation, it will send a wrong signal that would show India not a good destination for investments and can reduce employment. Government cannot pressurize corporate's who only need the talented pool.

However, Provisions should be made so that the lower sections are not discriminated like there should be apathy towards caste system (No one should be denied job because of his caste, If there is provision to display the caste card then definitely reservations come into picture).

In a narrower perspective, it is really hard to make you understand as India is a plural society and every individual has his own views. It would a big essay as it is Political, Social, Economic, Cultural, regional and a religious issue which is hampering the growth graph of a most capable super power India.

Raju said:   9 years ago
If reservation based on caste system is good then we can apply this same rule to our Indian cricket team also. I am afraid to say this but reservation system needs to be modified maybe based on their poverty or through their earnings.

Because there are many who earns well but still fall under SC category and gets a government job based on caste and whereas the general category guy might not be earning and he has to believe in private job where off course his job is insecure. I was not against reservation few years back but today I believe this reservation through caste is actually in high time to modify at least based on their true income.

Biju said:   9 years ago
Hi Brothers and Sisters, if reservation based on caste system is good then why can't the government build our national cricket team based on this same rules. I am not against reservation.

But I am against the reservation based on caste, there are many who are earning well but still fall under SC category and there children gets a secured government job, whereas a general category guy might not be earning well and has to fully depend on the insecure private job.

Reservation should reach the needy rather than people acting as need. It would be better if government can come with reservation based on people's yearly income rather than caste.

Karan said:   9 years ago
@Vishu there are only good and bad people, god did not send stamp on your backs that higher class will bad or good, its your choice which path you wish to walk. If lower cast got rich who now that if he's bad or good.

So we can't say which guys are good or bad on their caste. Any way I live Australia, no one care for your caste over here they think of each other as human and any way when ever you go abroad try telling them your caste then you will know that no body cares for it.

Shivam said:   9 years ago
Hi friends,

Yes, its a major problem for our country that we are facing now. This reservation system creating a huge depth between the people belonging to higher caste and lower caste. Today we are on the way of development in every fields, so we required the person who have such talents or skills that can enhancing our countries growth rate.

If a person comes in any sector after completing the exams, he/she must have such skills that's our country demand unless the person comes with the quota are other reservation system may not have such capability. They just put into a grinding halt situation where no-one can focus on us instead of feeling guilty. So we should remove this reservation system in-fact remove this casticism.

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