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Raman said:   5 years ago
First of all, person who gets reservation will say reservation should continue in government and those who do not get it say it should not be there at all. In the private sector, you hardly get job unless you have some reference or you are very talented; it hardly matters you belong to reserved category. In private even reserve, a person do not get their caste to reveal out and continue with their job. And if they reveal their caste then if they are not academically good they will never get the job. If they (Reserved category) get the job by revealing their caste; everyone sees him from different eyes and say he get the job through reservation and he gets their degree through reservation; in short, he avail reservation earlier stage or their parents got reservation so he got that job.

And if get through this anybody can tell will anybody from unreserved category willing to marry him or her. We can hardly find one. If somehow they get married then they will get honour killed. You can verify by reading newspapers.

So first, we have to erase the caste system from our mind society. Then we can say no to a reservation in any format. Like one nation one language we can say one nation one caste (i.e. Indian).

By the way, you guess I am from the reserved category.

Pallavi Rajput said:   5 years ago
Reservation should not allow on the basis of caste but it should depend on a person's financial status. Nowadays Education is very important and very expensive and everyone wants to give the best education to their children. Poor class peoples also want to give their children to the best education. So, according to my point of view, Reservation should be allowed only in education system whether its private or government schools through some tests according to class level wise But I am not the favour of to allow reservation in employment, especially in private sector. Because our entire nation is based on that. People should get a job according to their talent and skills. The job should never be based on reservation criteria because it will affect our economy, our nation and especially people's mind. According to the time magazine, we are very good in the private service sector.

Taman. said:   5 years ago
In my opinion, reservations is necessary but not on the basis of caste or race but on the basis of the financial status of a person. Due to the irrational reservation policy of India, the deserving ones are left unemployed and that sc st people are getting employment who are far beyond than the talented ones in talent and skills.

Dinesh said:   5 years ago
Hi friend.

It is a very important topic to discuss. I didn't support Reservations according to caste. Why because it plays a crucial role nowadays. Due to reservations, some people get benefits as well as damage to some others. At the time when we got independence in 1947, there is lot of poverty in our country and mostly low cast people are in below poverty. At that time Reservations are introduced for the development of those people. It helps for those people a lot and their conditions become good. But, At present Reservations effect a lot. Mostly, Talented people don't get potential jobs due to Reservations. Due to this many talented people work in other countries like USA Etc. It indirectly affects the development of our country. It's shameful to say that Our talent is used to develop other countries. So, I should support Reservations on Economic conditions.

Thank you.

Bhaskar said:   5 years ago
Reservations should not be based on their cast. Rather it should be based on once economical status, the fate of this nation changes from "developing to the developed country" thank you.

Pawan said:   5 years ago
Now, reservation is needed in private for sc, st and obc, because of lacking jobs in government sector.

Around 2% jobs are in government sector and 98% jobs are in private sectors, and now government convert government sector into private sector due to it now reservation in private sector needed.

Vikram rana said:   5 years ago
The very base reason for which reservation has been introduced for upper caste in government sector, for that very basic reason reservation should be introduced in the private sector for sc st and obc. This is not day dreaming as many developed nations do have reservation for backward classes in their private sector. The very structure of private sector is such that monopoly easily builds in and can be easily baised or indifferent towards a group of people or communities. Since a big pie of job creation comes from private entities a structured system is urgently needed so that all communities including sc st and obcs get their share in nation building and a life of dignity denied to them even after decades of gaining independence.

Varun anand said:   6 years ago
In my opinion, if we see deeply we shall see that in past people who are in the upper cast try to down lower people. They only think that lower people always live and work under upper cast people but they became disappointed when they saw that lower people are progressing with the help of reservation. This is not fair.

SAMPATchoudhary said:   6 years ago
No doubt, Reservation is good. Reservation help and support poor and below poverty line sc/st family. But we can see many teachers they cannot provide proper education to her children and devour children future. The government should need to some step change the reservation system. Thank you.

Nasir said:   6 years ago
Firstly we have to see from starting from where India got the Independence. At that time our country situation was not good and several people suffering from poverty and also belonging from the lower cast. And they are suffering from poverty. Due to there lower cast, higher cast people always hates them.

That time politicians was really politicians. They was worried about the development for the poor cast people. And launched the reservation for development of lower cast people. After launching this reservation scheme. It gives the better result at that time. At that time if reservation was not launched then our country situation will really different. And people who belongs to poverty family they don't get success.

But if we see the present situation reservation is useful for the politicians to get the poll according to the cast diversity. Now a day many lower cast people have lot of wealth. They are able to send there children in good schools for the better education.

Now, it's high time to change the rules and regulations in the reservation system. It must be provided by the economical situation, not by the cast system.

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