Religion should not be mixed with politics

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KETHIREDDY KAVYA said:   3 months ago
Politics should never be mixed with religion. Because religion is an individual's belief whereas politics are the beliefs of large groups.

Harish Narendrula said:   10 months ago
Ethics is Self Discipline which cannot be regulated by Religion or Politics.

Humanity is Divinity, Divinity loses Value and honour in the absence of Humanity.

Spirituality begins when Religion Ends.

Keeping Religion away from Politics makes it Sensible,

And Keeping Money away from Politics makes it useful to People.

As quoted by Ayn Rand and sensible Economists.

Truth is Simple, Truth is Great, and Truth is God.


None can Live without Love.

Dianne White said:   1 year ago
As the bible states, (if you do follow God & what the bible does say), you should stay politically neutral & be no part of the world. Religions have blessed those going to war in the past, working alongside political movements & many other atrocities. This is clearly completely against God & not loving, as God condemns war & one of God's foremost qualities is love. God is peace, so, it's a definite no, religion should never mix with politics.

Karthikeya kodali said:   1 year ago
Hi, , myself Karthik.

Some sociologist referred "twin tolerance "which has been often used to define relation between religion and politics, some believe that modernity will eventually leads to decline of religious faith and the role of religion in public / private sphere. But in our nation, these are keywords in our society.

1. The idea of religion concerns the private sphere which pertains to individual faith and beliefs, whereas politics in the public sphere pertains to the wider community eg the larger nation.

2. The intrusion of religion into politics can monopolize some specific ideologies, which in turn create a rift in society. Eg; partition of our nation.

3. If religious ideologies perpetuates deeper into our politics it may turns into mass hysteria leading to the indoctrination of people. Eg; the second world war anti Semitism of Nazis for jewis.

4. In politics it creates a voter bank in the name of religion, which diminishes the idea of secularism.

5. Intermixing religion with politics may promote favouritism in the community.

In my view, religion in politics must be like value oriented but not power-oriented, as we can learn from the legacy of ASHOKA DHAMMA and AKBAR DIN -E-IIAHI. Further in India secularism is well comprehensively defined but we need to bring it into practice. However, religion should be treated like an individual sphere and the absence of discrimination against various religion and active opposition to communalism.

Rakshit antil said:   1 year ago
Yes, religion should not be mixed with politics because it's discrimination between the people, their religion, their culture and also their feelings. Many politicians do for their own sake and do not even realise that they divided our country.

ANUJ KUMAR said:   2 years ago
Hey everyone, Anuj here.

Here, I would like to express my viewpoint "Why Politics should not be mixed with the religion".

As we all know India is a religiously diverse country where people has the right to choose their representative. Religion means to unite all the people whereas Politics means to unite all the people from a particular region. In my opinion, politicians should be involved in religious beliefs. Politics and religion are two separate things. Politicians main focus is to identify problems their citizens are facing and to solve them. But in India, what happens is politicians take the help of religion to win the election. This practice does not only encourage riots in the country but also makes it weak and hinder its growth. On the other hand, citizens are also equally responsible for the same. They also should not run after religion while selecting a good representative but look for the one who can solve their problems effectively.

At last, I think "Religion should not be mixed with politics" is absolutely a true statement.

S Kumar said:   2 years ago
Religion is totally based on faith.

Some are fanatics for a particular religion but some people start religious activities influenced by their social and cultural environment not because they are moved by faith and trust. These people are exploited by fanatics in politics. Politics should be secular and rational and not to be mixed with religion.

Shipra singh said:   2 years ago
When we go to our religious places where we do not want to talk about politics in the same way political parties and their leaders should not talk about religion in the place of politics. People are emotionally connected with their religion if political parties and leaders will use religion so there can be spread violence. Therefore, religion should not be mixed in politics.

Soham jadhav said:   2 years ago
Yes, religion and politics must be separated. religion is meant to unite people with similar beliefs into a moral community.

Sohan said:   3 years ago
Yes, religion should not be mixed with politics. It only gives rise to communalism in the country. Politics should respect all religion. A country like India where a lot of religion are there if any politicians support any particular religion it creates violence in the country and it cannot treat the people of different religion equal it become get biased which can create a sense of fear among the all other religion and it can also cause a riot in the country it hinders the growth of the country. So, at last, religion should not be mixed with politics.

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