Public Sector being a Guarantor of Job Security is a Myth

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Punekar38 said:   7 years ago
PSUs offer competitive salaries but do not reward directly proportional to your performance due to policy guidelines. If IT/BPO company loses 1 contract; few hundred employees catering to this Client lose their jobs. Even if PSU goes into loss employees are not laid off.

Rahul said:   7 years ago
In my opinion, public sector gives more job security and more respectful in comparison to the private sector.

The public sector provides job security to you and your family. It also gives good salary and there is no working stress in the public sector while in the private sector there is more stress work and also less salary.

In private sector always need improvement if you do not improve yourself then you throw out the companies.

While in the public sector, there is very less chance of losing your job.

So, in my opinion, public sector job security is a myth.

Rahul kumar said:   7 years ago
In addition to the discussion I just wanted to add my point but before that I want to ask you all. Do you people need security at cost of your limited salary structure or lesser work pressure?

Most probably your answer will be negative. Yes, exactly this is what we don't want. We can't limit ourselves. People say to me if you will go to public sector life will become very easier. Less work pressure. No restrictions result in orientation. But as a youth. What I feel. I want to work hard at this age. I want to earn more and more. I want to climb up and up. I don't want to roam around a single chair. If ever I'll fall down. I will be happy. Since I have that much of courage. To climb this journey again.

Rajani said:   8 years ago
Nowadays public sector jobs are very secure when compared with private sector jobs. Because Private sector jobs have more targets, tensions low pay scale also. Every person wants to do government jobs only because good facilities like more week offs, pensions and many. There is no tension about our job is permanent or not in public sector.

Rohini Deo said:   8 years ago
Supporting this topic on a positive note I would say for most middle-class Indians, there has been one perpetual dilemma "whether to go for a private sector job or the government sector job. But if we see public sector provides job security, perfect pay structure, Limited working hours, promotions, benefits and perks, less work stress, more facilities, more respect which fulfills the complete expectations of human. And the most important with public sector is the varieties of problems solved under it. Every worker is familiar with solutions for all possibilities of problem that occurs, which may not be seen in a private worker".

Padma said:   8 years ago
Hai to one and all,

In my point of view, government jobs are more security to us. Nowadays we get a lot of salaries in govt. Jobs also. By doing govt. Jobs we don't have to bother about our future because the job is with us until our retirement and also we get pension after job.

But in case of private job we don't have that much of opportunities, and also we have to follow the steps of higher authorities. They will give suggestions and we have to follow them compulsory if we reject they remove us from the job. And also their main goal is to earn a lot of money to their companies and also forced the persons to do this work immediately. We have no security in doing private jobs. They also tried to get a fame to their company by going not only in a good way but also in a bad way, their main aim is to get more income to their company.


Sridevi said:   8 years ago
Hi friends, I read all discuss here from bottom to top after that I found that every person is right according to own view. Private and public two are important but more important gives to the public sector because public sector jobs very rare and more secured. In public sectors no time limit to work. Sometimes private sector jobs better.

Mansi said:   8 years ago
Hello, friends.

In my opinion, they both are good but if we talk about some specific points which almost everyone wants from his job like job security, holidays, less stress or burden, smooth life & last but not the least good salary he/she must have gone for the public sector.

Aashu said:   8 years ago
In my point of view, if a man has talent and hard working passion then he will choose Pvt. Jobs rather than government Jobs. Because govt. Jobs only gives you no.of holidays and will hide ones talent which he can explore in the private sector. But in terms of jobs security people often prefer govt. Jobs than the private sector.

Satheesh said:   8 years ago

Currently, I am working in a PSU as assistant manager. On my appointment letter, it is clearly furnished that. PSU can dismiss from service by giving 3 months salary.

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