Public Sector being a Guarantor of Job Security is a Myth

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Saurabh Jain said:   1 decade ago
Good Evening everyone,

In my views on the concerned topic, public sector definitely have a job security, may be there is a laziness in the working environment and reluctance to work among employees but the same thing was in our college and we have still done what we want to do with full will.

As for private sector, there is always a lot work load, no time for family and pressure to remain in the job. That's not a great way to live a life.

Kirti said:   1 decade ago
Hello friends, most of the people have their own beliefs like just work hard at initial stage, just appear for big exams like GATE, PSU'S, UPSC, get a job in public sector and after that 100% job security, reputation will be there but according to me there efficiency of work is NIL. Yes its true that some people do think about development in public sector but it needs that entire sector should realize it. In private sector people always think about being developed, growing, taking challenges and if we talk about corruption, its a disease which is at its peak stage and cannot be cured although how much we try.

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