Public Sector being a Guarantor of Job Security is a Myth

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Kirti said:   1 decade ago
Hello friends, most of the people have their own beliefs like just work hard at initial stage, just appear for big exams like GATE, PSU'S, UPSC, get a job in public sector and after that 100% job security, reputation will be there but according to me there efficiency of work is NIL. Yes its true that some people do think about development in public sector but it needs that entire sector should realize it. In private sector people always think about being developed, growing, taking challenges and if we talk about corruption, its a disease which is at its peak stage and cannot be cured although how much we try.

Saurabh Jain said:   1 decade ago
Good Evening everyone,

In my views on the concerned topic, public sector definitely have a job security, may be there is a laziness in the working environment and reluctance to work among employees but the same thing was in our college and we have still done what we want to do with full will.

As for private sector, there is always a lot work load, no time for family and pressure to remain in the job. That's not a great way to live a life.

Kaushik said:   1 decade ago
According to me, public sector is far better than private sector. It gives job security to every employee, it gives a opportunity to every worker to build up with their feelings and with all humanity, whereas in private sector a heavy work pressure snatch all their interest and their enthusiasm, they became feeling less material. Not only job security it also important for the growth of our countries development. All the public sector work for the benefit of the country man. Whereas most of private sector not at all bother about country or for country man, they always belief for their profit only and do only on that way. To keep control our economy, and make it stable, public sector is mostly needed.

Krish said:   1 decade ago
Hello everyone,

Well, it is being a pleasure to join this discussion. In my point of view public sector has its own benefits and job security comparing with corporate sectors. Even the working environment makes us feel such laziness and reluctance to work in PSB, but the physical and mental acceleration was too low comparing with Corporates. If a person working in a PSB means, not having a pressure situation what a person whose is working with an corporate. He/ She might feels less pressure towards work and also they will pay more attention to the family development. A survey conducted by the famous Publishers indicates the PSB employees were felt more secured in terms of job well as Social activities.

Abhishek Singh said:   1 decade ago
Even being a private sector employee I am saying, Public sector is always good than public sector, if you grab a good post. In private sector, There is always pressure, pressure pressure. Its very tough too maintain family balance. Private sector can pay good perks but the public sector gives you life, family, Time, relatives, friends & reputation. If you are creative & ready to take challenges, I will suggest start your own business. Otherwise choose public sector.

Pooja verma said:   1 decade ago
I totally agree with you all that public sector is 100% secure but because of this thought many of people work in government offices don't work properly they very well know that no one can fired them form their job so they work half heartedly in reference to this. Just see our education system the level of government School (primary or secondary) is very low in comparison of private school where teacher pay attention at every student an teach them in proper manner while in primary government School teacher just pass the time and not even present everyday because no one come to check them.

So I just want to say that it is good to have 100% secure job but do not misuse of facilities and power for this government Should make some regulatory authorities and also the government Employees better fulfill their responsibilities.

Thank you.

TRIPLES SSS said:   1 decade ago
First of all I would like to say to thank all my friends who are involved in discussion. It is good to appreciate the topic which we get as a discussion.

As per my opinion, when we are doing job we also think about our job security. In this case the public sector is being performing as a positioning. There are some reasons to give guarantee of job security.

A Public sector Enterprise think about the employee.

1. They should work with dedication and with a good enthusiasm. Therefore it is result to higher productivity.

2. They should satisfy the customer needs and wants in a proper manner so that every society eager to say that public sector enterprise performing well.

B Employees Perspective.

1. They always work for the benefit of organisation because of giving bread and butter by making job security.

2. They given preference to society, organisation and himself/herself.

Bhavna said:   1 decade ago
According to me, for the safe future public sector is better than private sector. We get a safe job for us. There's a security for us to continue our job without problems but in private job there is nothing permanent for us. A short mistake can lead us to leave our job in private sector. But it is also true that to get a govt job is not a easy task. We will have to work hard to get a job.

Harpreet Kaur said:   1 decade ago
Hi Friends,

Basically we all get confused whether we should go for public sector or private sector job. No one even thinks about their caliber, skills, interest etc. Etc. Marathon race is going on. First we must think about our self that what want to be in life or what we expect from our life. Now a days, we can't get easy job in public sector also because they also choose people who have the ability, creativity, education, knowledge and skills. If we have our vision than no one can stop you to get what you want. Both sectors require hard work with smart work also. It's not about security. It's about our personal growth also. How we manage the things in our profession life affect our personal life also.

A person who want to improve his or her lifestyle, want to grow up in personal life also. He or she will do, will be successful no matters whether he/she is in public or private sector. But the thing is do not follow people opinions or what they think about these sectors. Go with your interest and willpower. I can bet you will be successful person both in your personal and professional life also. Just forget about job security. If you are not working properly in public sector also they would not entertain you more. It's up to our mentality that public sector job is chilling job. No never, a failure person who does not want to learn anything new, no interest can't get success in his/her life. Mind it.

Conclusion: do not follow blindly anybody or peoples opinions. Think what you wanna do in your life. What matters you most. Last but not least. Try to identify yourself and try to know your strength, skills.

Divya said:   1 decade ago
Public sector is a guarantor of job - this is no myth, it is very true.

Even if there has been a slight drop in your performance level, you are sure to lose your job in private sector. They keep loading you with a lot of work and would try and pressurise you as much as they can. At the end of it, if they are not satisfied, they will kick you out of the job.

In public sector there is job security. Only if they see that, you are not contributing at all in any way or you are not doing your job at all, will they suspend you. You are hired to do work, if you don't do work, obviously they will suspend.

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