Public Sector being a Guarantor of Job Security is a Myth

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Deeksha saxena said:   1 decade ago
Hello friends.

I am not going to comment on which one is better because this completely depends on the person's thinking and what he/she wants in life.

I will just talk about whether there is job security in public sector or not.

Guys and girls, this is true that public sector gives the job security but friends, in today's time, it has become most difficult to get in public sector.

But ya, once you get in, no one can snatch your job. This is the only advantage of the public sector, and just because of this, people don't work properly. They don't come on work regularly, and if they come, they don't work. They show their laziness, and just because of them, our public has to suffer.

So, the conclusion is this that the there is job security in public sector which, according to me, is not a good thing for our country.

Abhisek,Kolkata said:   1 decade ago
The aim of the government of the country should be to provide job security & not to keep them under gun point all the time. Then what's a government is for? Remember " Government of the people, by the people & for the people. " Termination in public sector doesn't happen due to non-performance but may happen due to some other reasons. But as "govt. Is for the people", it should enact a law that will provide job security & less work pressure in pvt. Sector also. At the same time law should be there to punish people who doesn't work. Then only it will be ideal government Action & then only the purpose of being a government Will be served from this perspective.

Sakthi said:   1 decade ago
Everyone told their point of view about work on public or private sector I agree with all as par me. Wherever we want to work two things keep in our. Mind we make the interest to work on their job, and second thing is we learn from this job not just like that like I'm working whether public or private sector if the employee done such kind of this they will get benefit.

Salam sancha said:   1 decade ago
Well in case of choosing between private and public I think almost everybody in the country will opt for public sector not only because of job security but it also has many other benefits like incentives, expenses on transport, bigger pay scale compare to private companies jobs, etc. I would also like to remind you of the immense hike of salary after the implementation of sixth pay commission which the private sector lacks to provide to their employee. And also if we have to conduct a survey on this topic I hope even those who are currently holding jobs in private companies will give thumbs up for public in one sense if we are to offer public sector job to them they would thought of leaving their office right away.

Athirath said:   1 decade ago
Job security in Government job is not at all a myth. It is very true your life is secured once you get into government job that is why people now a days are fad about it. Even the incentives, salaries, working times everything are flexible with government jobs, but the matter of fact is people in government jobs are misusing, without working full time, with not much heed etc which ultimately leading to decrease in the growth of country. Once you entered into government job you will be secured until you commit a serious problem. So I feel that security by the government Job is not at all a myth rather it is a fact.

Chinnu said:   1 decade ago
Hi friends,

According to my opinion, public sector job is more secure than private sector job. If person has good learning skills and who wants to grow the private sector job is more better. See, legal richest persons are more in private sector jobs than illegal richest in public sector jobs. Even many skills are important for selecting into public sector job through entrance exams and because of secure jobs these skills are not implementing but in private insecurity jobs persons will learn new things accordingly and implement it for their deadly targets.

At last, involve in learning process you will definitely have secure and respect job in both sectors.

Prashant said:   1 decade ago
Hello friends. I think public sector is more secure and good as compared to privet sector. There are many reason like:-

. Jobs are life time (up to 62 years) secure in public sector.

. There is no need to take the tension of jobs.

. In privet sector people always facing the problems of partiality by his boss.

I also believe that in privet sector much salary as compared to public sectors, but if we are always taking to tension of our job and we are not happy with the job, so it is better to work in public sector. So this are men points according to my point of view.

Saumitra gupta said:   1 decade ago
I have worked in IT industry in MNC for nearly 5 years and I have observed the work culture very closely.

1. There are lot of opportunities for bright minds but office politics can let you down most of the times (will get poor rating and appraisals due to politics and delay in promotions).

2. Profit earning motto of company will squeeze you till your last drop - you need to work in night shifts, weekends, odd timings, can't take holidays whenever required.

3. Need to update yourself everyday - initially it seems thrilling but after the age of 35 with family responsibilities, studying, updating knowledge after office hours will be tiresome for work and interviews.

4. Work to salary ratio is not very encouraging - the amount of hard work and time you are giving and salary you are drawing is a mismatch many times. Moreover salary increment will be stagnated at some point of time.

5. No Job security - You can enjoy high packages but once the market crashes or company goes into losses, there will be scarcity of job opportunities in the market no matter how talented you are. Moreover employees with high salaries in the organization are slayed first and they find difficult in getting new jobs at the same or higher packages in recession.

6. No time for family - Both husband and wife need to work in metro city if they have to earn sufficient amount for survival, paying heavy installments, children education etc. So no time for children and couples (most of the couples can spend time only on weekends). Its sad but true.

The biggest fear is what if I have taken a loan of 50 Lacs and paying heavy installments of 50 thousand each month and I have been slayed off from the company and didn't find another suitable job in next 3-4 months. Think. What could happen to the family stability and environment.

And moreover wasting 2 hours of your life in traffic everyday in metro cities and no pension after retirement. Gosh. It sucks.

So please my opinion is that work little hard for a year and get a decent government job so that you can spend a quality life for next 50 years.

Mohit pandey said:   1 decade ago
I think that public sectors is guarantee a job security offer. However it also limit.

The individual growth of a person. In other hand in private sector one can get high level of success in shorter time. And after working for 20 to 25 year he can retire.

And work for his dream or aim.

Abhisek said:   1 decade ago
I have seen that youths (generally, age between 16 to 25) in India are having this illusion that in average pvt sector pays much better than public sector or government bodies. But in reality after the 6th pay commission of the central govt & pay revision of banks, insurance companies, oil companies etc the pay structure or the gross benefits in public sector or govt bodies are much better in average than pvt sectors.

Moreover govt & public sectors are having pension either under old pension scheme or new pension scheme which is much better than not to have it at all. & it's also true that public sector or govt bodies provide job security at least up to 90%. So govt or public sector job is much better than pvt ones.

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