Public Sector being a Guarantor of Job Security is a Myth

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Sayondeep Chakraborty said:   4 years ago
I am an MBA grad with more than 2 years of work experience. I have never ever thought of preparing for govt job because I was more inclined to work in a corporate culture which I always cherished for but watched my dad and uncles working in govt sector and having a good life. My uncle worked in iocl, had all sorts of comports to lead a happy and perfect life. After my MBA, I joined a financial sector company where my job profile was a sales job. I was excited with my first work-life but slowly as the days passed I then started to realise the abusing words from managers everywhere especially when you are not able to achieve your monthly targets. I would like to highlight here whosoever had worked in a sales job especially in the financial sector he or she would better be able to relate to this. I started to realise that all my colleagues there are all graduates and hardly any weightage is given to your education or marks all depends how much you can burn your ass from your boss. Humiliating is the core in sales job but there, in contrast, there are jobs in the private sector which scores higher than other and that is when you scale up to a good post and here you look the team or it's not directly related to sales targets pressure. That made me prepare for the govt job. In fact, some govt jobs like RBI, SEBI and UPSC are top-notch and they are much ahead in terms of these sales jobs in terms of power, self-respect and work culture.

In my view, working in private job is not bad only if you are not working in a sales-related job in financial sectors especially.

Arunav Baruah said:   6 months ago
Public sector companies are basically Government enterprises that are created by Govt to operate independently with a motive of self-reliance, profit generation and job creation. They are not purely government departments even though national engorgement or state government may have control over their performances. But the creation of jobs is not controlled by the government and PSU has to take a call of its own. People try to enter PSU for security and comfort. But getting a job in PSU is very tough as compared to Private Sector. With the concept of globalization and liberalization, private sector contributions is much more than PSU for the growth of the economy, and as such much more jobs are created as compared to PSU. Earlier PSU were having hardly any competition. But post 1991, PSU is facing stiff competition against the Private Sectors, and sustainability through performance and profit making become more important. Therefore we can not say that PSU are meant for job creation. It is only a myth to think so as many PSUs have been closed down prematurely due to poor performance.

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