Public Sector being a Guarantor of Job Security is a Myth

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Akash said:   7 years ago
Every year lakhs of students are giving GATE exam why?

Because 70% of the students prefer public sector jobs. If there is no job security why the government is investing a large amount of money in PSU companies. PSU companies like IOCL, ONGC, HPCL, AAI are the major companies they deal internationally. If IOCL is refining oil and providing it to us then why the oil price is decided by gov. IOCL can sell it at its own price which can be higher. PSU companies are semi-gov. It's a myth that PSU jobs are not secured.

Anamika said:   7 years ago
No I don't agree. Let us just compare private sector jobs with the pubic sector jobs. Private sector jobs are more easier to acquire than a public sector job, but at the same time, it is easier to lose that job in private sector compared to the public sector. I have been reading few comments regarding Reservation system and I feel it is totally out of frustration because it is out of topic. The question here is not about getting a job in public sector, but to secure a job there. The Reservation system is introduced in our country for some good reasons. Let's not talk about that. Talking about job security yes, if you get a job there it is considered to be the biggest achievement of your life as no one can snatch that job from you. All you need to ensure is that you serve to the nation, it doesn't secure your job buts does justice to your salary package. Thank you.

Oorja agrawal said:   7 years ago
I have read all the comments from top to bottom.

And somewhere I found that all are right.

As different people have different opinions.

As per my thinking, private jobs are better than public jobs.

The only thing which a government is providing is job security.

But you can make your life secure if you are pursuing a private job.

Yes through back to back investments, you can make your life secure even after your retirement.

And this gives you better opportunities to develop yourself.

DHRUVIL shah said:   8 years ago
I think that really it is myth. Because most of the current jobs in public sector is given upon the caste and category pf the people. There are many disadvantages of the public sector like overcapitalization insufficient staff, improper management and corruption. Mostly the bureaucrats manage the company and they are lacking in proper experience. The government intervention is also very large.

Ram said:   8 years ago
Dear fellow citizens of incredible India.

Already, I commented my opinion in a harsh way in the previous post which may furious for employees of the public sector who doesn't have work ethics. Diligence and devotion in their respective assignments as well as the company.

Further, I would like to say little about public sector companies. The so-called public sector companies were founded by the government through five-year plan with government fund and loan from developed countries. Some companies were born in pre-independence and some companies were in post-independence to generate industrial employment as well as the industrial development of India. In the early stage employees' ethics. Devotion to the nation was in high spirit and companies were doing well. Over a change of generation, the attitude of employees attributed to companies has become unproductivity and loss. Many factors may influence to change their attitude like job security even you don't work, unethical recruitment (caste, political and local influence) without considering the qualifications and talents. These companies were percieved to make India fast development turned the nation into debt. Due to vast corruption and mismanagement some have been either closed or sold to private some policies of government also attributed to this. Now only a few public sectors are doing moderate business and surviving till now because of their dependency on government. But no guarantee how long they survive in this globalization business. In competitive in technologies. Good human resource and political influences may cause to early close of companies.

I conclude public sector jobs are myth in future.

Sony said:   8 years ago

I would like to say yes, everybody talks about who is better private otherwise public. You know definitely, people goes with gov. Job. The reason is that in private sector there is no guarantee of a job. Your job is not fixed.

In other hand gov. Job provide full guarantee your job is secure and after finished the period of service. You get a pension. That's why anyone prefers gov. Job.

But, due to some corrupt rule, the situation of gov. sector is not better than the private sector. I am talking about RESERVATION. In gov. Sector your ability doesn't matter if You have cast certificate.

In gov. Sector there is no any inquiry of employee. This is the main reason in India the condition of the government sector is so worst and ask yourself why are you not send your children in gov. School. Whenever you need any governmental work you have to stand hour and hour in the queue.

Ram said:   8 years ago
Public sector companies are charity houses for sluggard. Unintelligent and crooked. These companies are not at all support to economic development of nation. Even the companies recruited intelligent dynamic people shortly they become sluggards and unproductivity. This happens because of lack of appreciation and recognition of their works due to favoritism in caste, language, and religion. Only 30 percent of employees who have ethics, honesty and devotion to the country work hard and make the companies survival. Who remaining 70 percent employees get their salary as a charity fund to lead their family life. In these companies intelligent and unintelligent is equal for all momentary benefits they get. These companies are more burden for government which uses the public money for investment to enjoy only a few people. I am not commenting this due to hatred or envious but experience of being an employee of public sector with fat salary.

Megha said:   8 years ago
Hello everyone,

I would like to say that public sector being a job security is not a myth as the fact that after getting into a public sector there is full job security irrespective of the fact that you work for long hours or not.

Public sectors give its employees a lot of perks of which this is one!

Nikhil Varma said:   8 years ago
Public Sector offering Job security is not a myth yes it does provide a security for your family and appears to be a recurring source of income. You will never get sacked or retrenched or laid off (except in the case of gross misconduct which is in specific should be proved against you in the domestic/departmental enquiry).

Bifurcating the public sector into further parts as PSB and PSU/PSE, one can analyse a slight difference in these two, since I have worked in both the sectors. The difference is off work, learning, skills you will in culminate. In PSB (Banks & FI's) the you can swim along the pool of diversified work, however, the security of job remains with a probability of odd postings and transfer and you can't settle yourself at one place. On the other hand, PSU offers you a competitive high salary, though not facilities sometimes but there is the security of your job which moves along with the security of posting and fewer transfers. The pity about the PSU is that you will never get the opportunity to improve your skills and knowledge unless you are in such department which is directly concerned with the working specialisation of such PSU (generally it is the technical field) or it's not in your veins to accept such pathetic atmosphere and silly procedures. The experienced people sitting there are pathetic who don't want to develop and excel themselves but won't even let you accelerate.

On the other hand, private Sector (i will also include entrepreneurship/start-ups in this) offers fantastic salary may be fewer perquisites, allowances and facilities) but if you want to work and have the capability to show and let people witness you, then nothing is the barrier in Private Sector. On my personal side, my brother is in the major company in the private sector and his salary is 3 times to mine salary (i am in a major PSU), both are in managerial capacities. So its up to you either have job security and don't do anything relax in your office do politics, misutilise your office infrastructure and tea and snacks and leave the office in evening, or have job security but try to do something and show yourself (it do require guts to go against top honchos in PSU/PSB) , Do something which shows and proves you in front of others which ultimately guarantees you job security and the capability to switch for better opportunities in a demanding position.

Public sector being a guarantor of job security is not a myth even in the worst scenarios of winding up, close down or Government feeding with the spoon of survival/revival packages. (may affect workmen but not managerial person, may affect perquisites or quantum of salary, but not your recurring source of income).

Akhil said:   8 years ago
It is true that your job is secured in the public sector but there is some cost which you have to pay to get this job security. In India, govt jobs do not help you in improving your skills whereas the private sector challenges you skill-wise and help you get better and better which in turn helps you in future to get some high posts in good firms.

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