Private Educational Institutions: Good or Bad

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SHRUTI said:   8 years ago
Hello friends.

I think both government and private school are good and most important thing that gain good marks is totally depend on child if he/she have interest to doing study so they gain good marks even there is no facility to them but they have power to do something.

I don't know it is right and wrong but it is my thinking.

Thank you.

Raj majhi said:   8 years ago
I thing private school is more better than government school. Because of in there government school there is lots of student and teacher are limited so its is difficult to teacher to teach will manner to individual student and also forces to individual. But in private school their are limited student that's why they though well. This is my view.

Sumit sinha said:   8 years ago
Hi friends.

According to me government school is better because there all the students can makes bright future only in the govt school. The poor students can study in govt school who can not afford high fees and donation. The govt school takes minimum fees and give high education to the students.

The teacher of govt school they are very well qualify and they have good think that how to teach to the students. The teacher of the govt school pay attention on the students. The govt students get good marks in the examination. The students of govt school do respect of the teachers. There are held many types of programme.

Jacyard said:   8 years ago
Government schools students go to coaching centre for coaching, if private schools are imparting good education then why the students of private schools go to coaching centre. So it is better than government schools are far better than private schools.

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