Positive Attitude and not Knowledge is required for Business Success

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Shankey Kumar said:   10 years ago
Hello friends, according to my point of view, no doubt positive attitude play a big role in the success of every business, but knowledge is also required for the success of every business which may be less or more according to the business requirement. I think if a person doesn't have any knowledge about any the business which he/she is going to start, then it may or maynot be success.

If we consider even a small business or a person going to start a shop and if they doesn't have any knowledge about it that then how they are able to purchase a good quality product and how to sell their products. So think if for opening a shop, there is a requirement of enough knowledge about the products which are selling in the shop, then how a big business become successful without any knowledge about it.

Suppose a person going to start new business and he/she don't have any knowledge about it, but have positive attitude, then what happen either he/she is not able to sell their product or not able to gain profit.

So at last I want to say that for any business to become successful, I think there is a need of positive attitude as well as knowledge and any business may not be success if any one of then not have.

Pmo said:   11 months ago
Hey everyone!

I wanted to share a powerful insight I've gained through my entrepreneurial journey. It's not just knowledge and skills that guarantee success in business; having a positive attitude plays a crucial role too!

In my experience, maintaining a positive mindset has helped me overcome obstacles, build strong relationships, and achieve my goals. When faced with challenges, rather than dwelling on the negatives, I focus on finding solutions and learning from the experience.

A positive attitude also affects how we interact with others. It creates a welcoming environment, fosters collaboration, and attracts like-minded individuals who are eager to support our endeavours.

Additionally, positivity breeds resilience. Running a business comes with ups and downs, and setbacks are inevitable. However, by staying optimistic, we can bounce back stronger and find alternative paths to success.

Remember, success is not just about having the most knowledge or technical expertise. It's about embracing positivity, maintaining a growth mindset, and nurturing a strong belief in our abilities. With the right attitude, we can conquer any challenge and reach new heights in our entrepreneurial journey!

Ravi said:   8 years ago
In my opinion positive attitude is not only important for business success even it is also important for survival. But it would not correct to say that knowledge is not important. For success, Knowledge is as important as positive attitude.

Let's have an example of that type of person who has positive attitude but no any knowledge: That type of person may be a good communicator rather than an effective communicator. In my opinion that type of person will have to face various difficulties regarding technical matters. And practically, Business is not only about investment, It requires lots of efforts and knowledge to be a successful businessman.

On the other hand if there is a person having good knowledge but lack of attitude, then in my opinion, that type of person couldn't take creative and innovative initiation. They would always abide by the decision of others. And, Only knowledge is not sufficient for achieve goals.

Conclusion: If I conclude this topic, then a person must have positive attitude and knowledge as well. Because knowledge would give you a platform to implement the plan in effective manner and positive attitude would provide a motivation to take initiation.

Arjun Arora said:   9 years ago
In my view knowledge is the wagon wheel for success in business. But no businessman has tasted success without facing failure. It is about having a positive attitude and learning from the failures to attain unforeseeable heights in business. Knowledge instills confidence and positive attitude retains that confidence of a businessman.

I would like to support my argument with one of richest men ever born. Sam Walton had an economic crisis when bankers refused to lend him money, and some of his product suppliers created a credit crisis for him when they forced him to agree to pay cash on delivery before they would ship products to his stores.

It seemed everyone lacked confidence in his business strategy at a time when he needed to count on their support the most. For Sam Walton to succeed, in those early and difficult days, took a singularity of focus, passionate leadership, and a never say die attitude.

So I would like to conclude by saying that gain knowledge, work hard and have a positive outlook in business and money will kiss your feet.

Sasanka said:   9 years ago
Positive knowledge and Knowledge both are required to achieve business success. For example you cannot start manufacturing the old motor cycles which moves with pedal movement as it has become obsolete and new models have come which are more efficient and easy to ride. You cannot develop a product and sell at a sky high price and expect good profits.

You cannot start a supermarket in an industrial area where there are no residential houses. Therefore to decide where to start, when to start, how to start a business you need to study people who are successful in business. Therefore I believe that acquiring knowledge is highly necessary to overcome all the doubts and fears.

Positive attitude is like a friend who motivates us when we feel depressed during the process of achieving our goals. Positive attitude is necessary when we want to compete against a huge giant in the industry, to keep faith and belief in ourselves. Positive attitude is like a petrol in the engine which keeps us running and not getting tired from everything.

Thank you.

C. Bandari said:   1 decade ago
Thanks to all of you, I am an entrepreneur and disagree with most of your comments.

Attitude carry's 60% in everything, be it personal life, job, or your business. Knowledge of something DOES NOT automatically translate into positive attitude.

Example1: If I have money and have no knowledge in a particular business, but have a positive attitude towards good managers, investors etc. They could make my business grow and grow.

Example 2: I do not have knowledge in construction, but because of my attitude towards honesty and motivation of people, I now have a small business with artisans who construct houses for people outside my country.

Last example; everyone has knowledge in eating, but there are manners in eating at dinner, we have a lot of people even professors, not having positive attitude towards table manners. SO I GIVE POSITIVE ATTITUDE MORE POINTS THAN KNOWLEDGE. I can give several examples including market women who have very bad attitude towards their customers and as a result loosing Pure cash.

Mohan Shyam kaushik said:   10 years ago
I would like to say about this discussion. In my point of view both points have the their own value. But I will prefer to knowledge than positive attitude. Because without any kind of knowledge we can't enter in any business. You know very well when we start even a small business then we collect different type of knowledge from different sources. Just like our friends, relatives and existing businessmen those who are presently involve in same kind of business.

After getting the knowledge from different sources then with the positive attitude we enter in the business. Positive attitude comes after getting the knowledge of the same kind of business. If you don't have positive attitude you can never start any business. Because if you are going to start any business then you will be thinking about profit and loss. A lot of questions will be running in your mind regarding for the profit and loss. That's why I would like to prefer Knowledge compare to Positive attitude.

Gauri said:   2 years ago
According to me both a positive attitude and knowledge is required for a Business's success.

As because for example when you think of starting a new venture or business you need to have an in dept knowledge of the market that you are entering into, a lot of study goes on while building or strategising your business. Hence a person with a lack of knowledge will not be able to generate new ideas and also fail in running the business.

Talking about being positive, let's say one day you occur a major loss in your business. You cannot shut your business the next day and find something other. Building a business takes a lot of effort and hard work to be done. As there is a famous slogan"Rome city was not built in a day". Hence businesses also take time to get success. If you fail at a certain point of time, we get up with a positive mindset and start working.

Hence, I feel both are very important.

Prosenjit said:   1 decade ago
Hi friends, I am prosenjit from kolkata, firstly I would say this is a good topic to discuss. According to me business only with positive attitude but not having knowledge is like a body without its soul. From my point of view to be succeeded in business you should posses both of them, your positive attitude is must towards a successful business, its a business which involves a lot of risks and hurdles but you have to have experience, knowledge skill in that field and also you have to be positive to avoid those hurdles. Until and unless you have knowledge you will not be able to reach in your goal just only with positive attitude. Management in business also a boon of it if you smart and talented then only you can manage your organisation. So according to me in a business positive attitude is mandatory but that should there be experience and knowledge also.

Tinku Paul said:   4 years ago
Hi friends I want to share my opinion.

According to me, a positive attitude is required for anything in our life for our personal life and professional life. We everybody should positive-minded then we can solve our problem as well as we will get happiness. But knowledge is a different thing, knowledge comes to the power, without the knowledge I will not be able to do anything. Specially I want to start my business and I don't have an idea I will not be able to manage, maybe when I will be in trouble I will gather knowledge because we know failure is the pillar of success but in this way I will incur huge losses and maybe I will not be able to survive. Any work started before that I have to prepare myself and gather my knowledge then I can work, definitely, I have to positively minded. If I have the knowledge and I will be positive then I can get success.

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