Positive Attitude and not Knowledge is required for Business Success

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Gauri said:   5 months ago
According to me both a positive attitude and knowledge is required for a Business's success.

As because for example when you think of starting a new venture or business you need to have an in dept knowledge of the market that you are entering into, a lot of study goes on while building or strategising your business. Hence a person with a lack of knowledge will not be able to generate new ideas and also fail in running the business.

Talking about being positive, let's say one day you occur a major loss in your business. You cannot shut your business the next day and find something other. Building a business takes a lot of effort and hard work to be done. As there is a famous slogan"Rome city was not built in a day". Hence businesses also take time to get success. If you fail at a certain point of time, we get up with a positive mindset and start working.

Hence, I feel both are very important.

Bhuvaneswari Gowtham said:   8 months ago
In my point of view, both are required for business success. Because who has a positive attitude his definitely ready to build our ability and improve knowledge for the success of their life.

Pooja said:   11 months ago
Good afternoon everyone.

Today we are going to discuss about positive attitude and not knowledge is required for business success.

I believe that positive attitude and knowledge is similar to the success without knowledge can not do any thing any ex: failure situation positive attitude is power and also useful for the achieve the success both are important to the life so that to easily achieve the successful business.

Thank you.

Tinku Paul said:   3 years ago
Hi friends I want to share my opinion.

According to me, a positive attitude is required for anything in our life for our personal life and professional life. We everybody should positive-minded then we can solve our problem as well as we will get happiness. But knowledge is a different thing, knowledge comes to the power, without the knowledge I will not be able to do anything. Specially I want to start my business and I don't have an idea I will not be able to manage, maybe when I will be in trouble I will gather knowledge because we know failure is the pillar of success but in this way I will incur huge losses and maybe I will not be able to survive. Any work started before that I have to prepare myself and gather my knowledge then I can work, definitely, I have to positively minded. If I have the knowledge and I will be positive then I can get success.

Tinku Paul said:   3 years ago
According to me, a positive attitude is a different thing and knowledge is a different thing. A positive attitude is required everywhere, whatever it is. If don't have a positive attitude he/she will not be able to go ahead. If I don't have a positive attitude I can't start any work, may be started but can't continue and knowledge is different things. Knowledge comes power. Without knowledge, people cannot get confidence. Knowledge is very essential in any area that I want to do. For example, I have always a positive attitude I want to work and give my full efforts but I don't have knowledge then it is not possible to start any business. So according to me positive attitude and knowledge both required to get business success.

Kirankumar said:   3 years ago
Hi friends, I am Kiran Kumar I agreed, success is a unique thing we can get a first we collate the sub unique things called positive attitude & knowledge about business.

Then we definitely reach the stage called success.

Thank you.

RAKESH K B said:   4 years ago
A very good morning to all my dear friends.

I am Rakesh from Andhra Pradesh. I would like to share my opinion with all of you. In my opinion, a positive attitude is very much crucial for getting success in any area. A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty. Without a positive attitude, we can not get success. But at the same time, there should be balanced knowledge as well. I can say a positive attitude with balanced knowledge about the business environment and about the subject is required to succeed in business. Thank you all.

Chinna said:   4 years ago
Positive attitude is very important in every one's life. For business success knowledge is important. For success both positive attitude and knowledge are necessary. I think both are keypoints for success. Both are interdependent. Without positive attitude knowledge is useless. Like this without knowledge positive attitude is wasted. If the knowledge is foundation of the building, the positive attitude is pillar of that building.

Naveena D said:   4 years ago
Good Morning Friends,

According to me, positive attitude and something about the business knowledge is required for business success. Because positive attitude is helps to grow the successive business nature and also any problems occurs positive thinking is solve to develop the business. Positive thinking and something about business knowledge is helping for developing and running the business.

Thank You.

Jey said:   4 years ago
Positive thinking creates you a energetic person and increases concentration in your activities. Negative thinking creates a fear. Fear makes you physically and mentally weak. And you cannot able to concentrate in your activities. You can't able to take a correct decision and your mind becomes like a oscillating pendulum. Without positive attitude you cannot able to solve any problems. Knowledge will not help you in all the situations. " Your focus determines your reality ". Be positive to success in your business.

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