Positive Attitude and not Knowledge is required for Business Success

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Hasni said:   3 months ago
Hi friends, in my opinion, both knowledge and a positive attitude are important it is part of us a person's attitude shows their behavior if a person has a positive attitude then he can find solutions to his problems and has confidence in himself even though he feels low in the circumstance he can able to overcome the difficulties and also he should have the basic knowledge of what he or she is doing we can say that knowledge is power and positive attitude is optimistic way of thinking about the world so my opinion without knowledge and positive attitude we can succeed in our life.

Bhavanisankar Lenka said:   8 months ago
Hello Guys, as per my knowledge I think both are crucial and act hand in hand, they are connected like; ex: if we have the knowledge we will feel positive and confident also if we feel positive we get interest in learning the knowledge, a positive attitude (without learning /doing work) will not yield any results, but positive attitude combined with knowledge and work will create drastic changes when it crosses the plateau of latent potential (Threshold like). Hence both are important.

Thank you.

PMO said:   8 months ago
Certainly, business success hinges not only on knowledge but also on a positive attitude. A constructive mindset cultivates resilience, sparks creativity, and enables one to glean valuable lessons from setbacks. It empowers individuals to navigate challenges, forge robust connections, and sustain a forward-looking perspective. Knowledge serves as the bedrock, but a positive attitude ignites the drive to employ that knowledge adeptly, surmount hurdles, and capitalize on openings. In the ever-evolving realm of business, it's frequently the synergy of knowledge and a positive outlook that propels individuals toward flourishing.

PMO G said:   9 months ago
I just wanted to share a little nugget of wisdom that I've learned on my journey as a business owner. While knowledge is undoubtedly crucial, I've come to realize that a positive attitude can be just as, if not more, vital for achieving success in the world of business.

Sure, having the right skills, information, and experience is essential, but it's your attitude that can truly make or break your endeavours. A positive outlook not only helps you navigate through challenges with resilience but also attracts like-minded individuals to your circle. It creates an environment of optimism and innovation, which can be a powerful force in the business world.

So, remember to stay positive, keep pushing forward, and don't underestimate the impact of your attitude on your journey to success.

Oppenheimer said:   10 months ago
I do not agree with the statement that a positive attitude is necessary not knowledge because one cannot succeed in business without having proper knowledge of whatever business he/she is planning to do.

I am also not denying the fact that a positive attitude gives you an extra edge over others but if one wants his/her business to be successful he/she should have both proper knowledge and a positive attitude. I will conclude my point by saying that half of the knowledge in any field is disastrous.

Pmo said:   11 months ago
Hey everyone!

I wanted to share a powerful insight I've gained through my entrepreneurial journey. It's not just knowledge and skills that guarantee success in business; having a positive attitude plays a crucial role too!

In my experience, maintaining a positive mindset has helped me overcome obstacles, build strong relationships, and achieve my goals. When faced with challenges, rather than dwelling on the negatives, I focus on finding solutions and learning from the experience.

A positive attitude also affects how we interact with others. It creates a welcoming environment, fosters collaboration, and attracts like-minded individuals who are eager to support our endeavours.

Additionally, positivity breeds resilience. Running a business comes with ups and downs, and setbacks are inevitable. However, by staying optimistic, we can bounce back stronger and find alternative paths to success.

Remember, success is not just about having the most knowledge or technical expertise. It's about embracing positivity, maintaining a growth mindset, and nurturing a strong belief in our abilities. With the right attitude, we can conquer any challenge and reach new heights in our entrepreneurial journey!

Gauri said:   2 years ago
According to me both a positive attitude and knowledge is required for a Business's success.

As because for example when you think of starting a new venture or business you need to have an in dept knowledge of the market that you are entering into, a lot of study goes on while building or strategising your business. Hence a person with a lack of knowledge will not be able to generate new ideas and also fail in running the business.

Talking about being positive, let's say one day you occur a major loss in your business. You cannot shut your business the next day and find something other. Building a business takes a lot of effort and hard work to be done. As there is a famous slogan"Rome city was not built in a day". Hence businesses also take time to get success. If you fail at a certain point of time, we get up with a positive mindset and start working.

Hence, I feel both are very important.

Bhuvaneswari Gowtham said:   2 years ago
In my point of view, both are required for business success. Because who has a positive attitude his definitely ready to build our ability and improve knowledge for the success of their life.

Pooja said:   2 years ago
Good afternoon everyone.

Today we are going to discuss about positive attitude and not knowledge is required for business success.

I believe that positive attitude and knowledge is similar to the success without knowledge can not do any thing any ex: failure situation positive attitude is power and also useful for the achieve the success both are important to the life so that to easily achieve the successful business.

Thank you.

Tinku Paul said:   4 years ago
Hi friends I want to share my opinion.

According to me, a positive attitude is required for anything in our life for our personal life and professional life. We everybody should positive-minded then we can solve our problem as well as we will get happiness. But knowledge is a different thing, knowledge comes to the power, without the knowledge I will not be able to do anything. Specially I want to start my business and I don't have an idea I will not be able to manage, maybe when I will be in trouble I will gather knowledge because we know failure is the pillar of success but in this way I will incur huge losses and maybe I will not be able to survive. Any work started before that I have to prepare myself and gather my knowledge then I can work, definitely, I have to positively minded. If I have the knowledge and I will be positive then I can get success.

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