Positive Attitude and not Knowledge is required for Business Success

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Hena said:   1 decade ago
I believe, both knowledge and positive attitude are important, for one to get success in any field. Knowledge is not only required to start any business, but also to sustain it, whereas positive attitude helps us during our bad times, it gives us courage to face the problems. Hence knowledge is like the foundation of building, which should be strong, and positive attitude is like the pillar to support.

Priyanka shekar said:   7 years ago
Hi everyone,

I agree with all who says positive attitude and knowledge both required for business success. Where positive attitude give an energy to start up of things but knowledge required to continue and plan the business. Positive attitude is just to motivate your knowledge to get into the right path. Knowledge is very important to run any business unit.

I like to conclude my discussions about this by saying both positive attitude and knowledge required for business success.

Thank you all.

Ravi ranjan said:   7 years ago
Hii, friends.

I agree to all who thinks both positive attitude and knowledge are required for business success, but in my opinion, positive attitude is minimum asset one should have to start any business and for success, knowledge is needed, but in whole journey from starting a business to being a successful business man only positive attitude needed. And knowledge can be sourced, knowledge can be borrow from others, knowledge can be gained, knowledge can be enhanced. But positive attitude is natural asset wich always push us to get knowledge for business wich we want to drive.

Naveena said:   8 years ago
Hi friends,

Positive attitude and knowledge are required for a company. Because knowledge gives success to the company and positive attitude gives an impression and it will encourage people to do more work. When we don't have a positive attitude we loose our hopes at that time he/she moves into a depression. He never concentrates on something that he wants to do. A person without positive attitude and patience, he looses everything. Knowledge is not everything. A positive attitude takes first place to take a business opportunity.

Kiranmayee said:   1 decade ago
In my point of view knowledge and positive attitude are inter-related, if you have knowledge regarding that business it results in positive attitude and at the same time in positive attitude helps to gain much more knowledge and to stand in difficult time. So both positive attitude and knowledge go hand in hand to be successful in any business.

Chinna said:   5 years ago
Positive attitude is very important in every one's life. For business success knowledge is important. For success both positive attitude and knowledge are necessary. I think both are keypoints for success. Both are interdependent. Without positive attitude knowledge is useless. Like this without knowledge positive attitude is wasted. If the knowledge is foundation of the building, the positive attitude is pillar of that building.

Jaykrit said:   6 years ago
I agree to all my friends whoever say both things are necessary, to be a good leader you have to carry both the essential qualities rather depending on knowledge or positive attitude. A positive attitude is what you need when you start again and again after getting failed several times and knowledge is what you will require to minimize the chances of getting failed.

Chetan said:   10 years ago
Knowledge skills get into in your dream company.

And positive attitude sustain you in that company.

And there is a research by a prestige company which shows that 80-90% people get select into a company through positive attitude and 10-20% of people through knowledge or operational skills. So it directly shows that even big companies also want those employees who can sustain in their company and handle the pressure and give his best to that company.

Mahesh said:   8 years ago
Hello, friends.

Well, I appreciated with @Vishal, both knowledge and positive attitudes are important for any firm to achieve a great growth and be stable at it.

In each company there are no stable conditions, one must have to face certain problems so for facing problem positive attitude plus knowledge is important because knowledge is for finding out the solution and positive attitude is for implementing the idea confidently so both this thing plays a vital role.

Pentela said:   1 decade ago
Knowledge is an essential thing for any enterpreneur who wishes to succeed in his life. He must have basic knowledge about his business like his suppliers, target customers, his products and its features etc which leads him to understand his position in business and can take necessary moves to improve his business.

On the other hand positive attitude is equally important to sustain in the business. When a plan fails for a businessman, he must learn a new lesson from it and search for an alternative which will succeed instead of simply winding up the business.

Therefore both the knowledge and positive attitude are equally important to succeed in the business.

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