Positive Attitude and not Knowledge is required for Business Success

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Amol said:   1 decade ago
Positive attitude, without knowledge sometimes called over confidence.

So, first knowledge is required for any kind of business. If you have knowledge of any particular thing, you will automatically get positive attitude.

Anandhi said:   1 decade ago
Positive attitude and little knowledge is important for business , the person should have atleast knowledge about their business that is how they can earn in that business?, and how to manage the loss? . for this positive attitude alone is not enough.

Thilak said:   1 decade ago
Attitude is important to business. Because business can maintain through our mentality. Knowledge is also important but attitude causing to increase the business profitability and control the loss.

Ram Charan said:   1 decade ago
To succeed in business we must have patience,dare and definitely we have positive attitude. Positive attitude means think always in positive way. Let us take an example in business. We have partners in our business they will say that if it would be like this then what we will do. They are always thinking what wrong should going on. They do not think in a positive manner.

If we have a positive attitude then we will make them in a positive way we proceed our busyness in a successive manner. Knowledge is also needed in our business life. But without positive attitude we can not use our knowledge in a proper manner.

Madhusudan Sahoo said:   1 decade ago
To be success in a business positive attitude play a vital role, which helps in growth and hurdles minimization of any business.

But knowledge is the key factor in business. Knowledge doesn't refer to the bookies lines that are taught in colleges, rather it consists all the relevant information that a person should possess before starting the business.

Let's consider a mobile company. Before starting the business he should have basic knowledge of the parts of his product, competitive, area of demand etc...

So implementation of knowledge with a positive attitude in business leads a success in business.

Swapnil said:   1 decade ago
Positive attitude plays very important role not only in business but in real life too..
But if u don't have knowledge then u cant manage your success...And at least you have knowledge about the business in which you are working/..

Mekala said:   1 decade ago
Positive attitude is important in business field. But a person must have knowledge about business. I thought this both will be necessary to succeed a business.

Kapil rathore said:   1 decade ago
I am totally satisfied with the topic "Positive Attitude & Not knowledge is required for Business success", in my opinion the primary key to initiate any work is the positive attitude or we can say self-confidence. Any buddy wont be able to initiate the business until unless he or she doesn't have self confidence, and the knowledge is the one thing which comes after experience. Once you started or initiate the business with positive attitude gradually you got the knowledge, "without any initiation no buddy got the knowledge"

Ash said:   1 decade ago
Positive attitude and knowledge are two side of a coin. If any person having the knowledge of business automatically his thinking goes on positively towards his aim. So, positive attitude and no knowledge is like over confidence. I think positive attitude and knowledge should equally balanced for success in business.

Snigdha said:   1 decade ago
First a person doing business should have at least some knowledge about the business world. Because without knowledge positive attitude can do nothing. It is true that positive attitude comes from knowledge. Both knowledge and positive attitude are necessary for business. But knowledge should given more priority. Then positive attitude.

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