Need for Good Leaders in India

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Parnita said:   5 years ago
What I think is that good leaders should be the one who knows about problems faced by the people. He should also know how to handle critical situations. He should take strict actions against corrupted peoples. He should solve problems quickly as time is very important.

Sridevi said:   5 years ago
Hi friends,

In my view, India should need a good leader because if an India has a good government then it will become freedom country as soon as possible but there is no leadership that the reason why our country be like. The leader will be like,

1. They should have a good qualification.
2. They should have the leaded capability to lead a country.
3. They should understand people's need.
4. They should always think about their country.
5. They should respect their country and rule of their positions.
Thank you for giving such kind of opportunities.

Dipen said:   6 years ago
Most of the Indians believe in family, this is our culture and India is being living like this for centuries. So India need a Family man as a leader who treat India as a Family. Same way as he look after his Owen Family. Western countries like USA and other countries Leaders also visit India with their Family and are Family man. But India on the other hand giving Thier votes to such persons who don't have family and can never will able to understand the problems of family. So my request to all Indians kindly give your vote to such person who have their own Family. Thank You.

Namdev said:   6 years ago
Hello guys.

In My point of view leaders of India first up all it has been good educated because India is growth is very fast then our leader can't be educated then problem I that he will not think about future. And he has no sufficient knowledge for taking decision for the country. And good leaders always think about development because nowadays there are lots of corruption are done in India through leaders, not by common people.

Anshuman Pratap Singh said:   6 years ago
I think India needs more educated and pragmatic leaders rather than the ones sentimentally and ideologically attached to the people of India. The ideological leaders are more attached to the people of India but it does not necessarily mean that they will be equally effective in leading the nation. This is so because today , India needs growth in its sectors and needs to make an equal impact in the international sphere. I think the leader's post would be more effectively held by people who excel in international relations or economics and trade. I admit that the ideological leaders are important but India now needs developement of the people more than dedication to the people.

Abhishek Nair said:   6 years ago

I think 'Good leaders' are not just needed for India but for any other country! Now the question arises what exactly these good leaders are like, or should be. Of course the ones who themselves aren't corrupted and the ones who suggest and implement measures to eradicate corruption. I mentioned about corruption first because I believe it is one of those major reasons why India faces poverty, people are deprived of their rights, Slow development etc. According to me, a good leader is considered as 'GOOD' if he or she not merely promises for the so called 'development' only, but believes in dragging out all that grit form the politics and the society which is spread by the bad ones. Only then he or she can fulfill his/her promise to implement, change and execute the plans needed for the development successfully!

Brijesh said:   6 years ago
The politicians are having criminal records or having criminal cases on them should not be allowed to take part in politics, the funds that are used during the elections should have some limit and it should be investigated properly by govt agencies, also there should be a criteria for a person to enter in the politics like he should be educated and all.

Softec Ali said:   6 years ago
In my view,

An IAS officer should get a chance to be prime minister of in India b/z he knows better than a normal prime minister about our country not only national but also international way, but always a new creative mind of an IAS officers should be that no conflict creates among the administrative officers!

D.B.Chandera said:   6 years ago
Democracy is the weak point for India because every politician need vote bank and should support some illegal activities and every election as well as party need fund for election so they should be corrupt for party fund and future election as well as promotion in party.

Mukund vispute said:   6 years ago
This is a chance to use your rights by voting a good candidate rather than party.

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