Marriage is a social trap

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Abi said:   10 months ago
Hi everyone, Myself Abi.

Yeah, in my perspective marriage is not a social trap, where everything belongs to the individual, marriage is not only the bond of love and trust but also it is where letting people to do whatever they need. In some families, they were treating women not as the same way they treated a man.

So, everything evolves under equality interfering in the independence of an individual. When society has a predefined equality of giving a high standard for men in a family and propagating that women should follow their traits, yeah it may not be applicable for many families but it prevails the most.

Thank you everyone.

Maverick said:   9 months ago
Hey everyone!

In my perspective, marriage shouldn't be considered as a social trap at all. Marriage is a pious and saintly bond between two individuals.

On a macro level, it seems marriage is a burden. But the root cause of such awful thinking is a lack of understanding and trust in each other. The main pillars of any relationship is trust, respect, and understanding for each other.

Another cause of increasing failed marriages is the lustfulness amongst youth. Everyone is looking for extra-marital affairs in order to satiate their physical hunger. And this is true even for love marriages! The so-called love vanishes when lust comes into the picture.

However the same doesn't apply in the case of arranged marriages. In arranged marriages, if the choice of girl/boy is not fulfilled, then it sows the seeds of discord right from the beginning of marriage and they start to dislike each other and create animosity among them.

Last but not least, my point is that everyone needs moral support in life and everyone needs and deserves a life partner. Marriage is a very sanctimonious relationship. However, if the marriage is not working cordially, it's better to separate from each other.

Anjali Choudhary said:   9 months ago
Marriage is not inherently a social trap; rather, its a success hinges on how partners treat each other. Unbreakable trust, unwavering support, and mutual respect form the cornerstone of a thriving, enduring relationship.

When one partner feels trapped or deprived of respect and assistance, the marriage can indeed become confining.

In many instances, women may find themselves feeling trapped due to various factors. For instance, if a woman works outside the home, but her husband fails to share household responsibilities or participate in child-rearing, she may feel ensnared. Gender-biased presumptions about responsibilities exacerbate this sense of entrapment. Economic constraints might further limit her ability to seek divorce.

In conclusion, equality and respect within a marriage are pivotal. Treating one's partner as an equal ensures that marriage remains a nurturing and fulfilling partnership, rather than a constraining institution. By upholding these principles, the perception of marriage as a trap can be dispelled.

Hari said:   9 months ago
Hello everyone.

My thought regarding this is marriage is definitely a trap for every human being who is not conscious and aware of his real constitutional position, but the man who values motherhood and treats his wife as a part of himself rather than as a remote control or toy for his moods and emotions and vice versa, the living place would become better and most importantly they must also value their spiritual wellness too.

Sarmistha said:   9 months ago
Hello everyone.

My views and opinion regarding this topic are above average because as a human being the main moto and perspective of life definitely not to get married. It's a person's personal choice.

And marriage is not trapped when both partners are supportive, understanding, and adorable to each other and besides this, the family supports them. Both partners should get independence in their lives and decisions. Keep them happy and maintain a healthy relationship with having some situation handling situations. So we can't say that marriage is 100% a social trap.

Varsha K said:   5 months ago
My point of view is that marriage is not a trap if the partners know each other and have respect for each other. Marriages become miserable when the partners fail to respect each other's individual space and opinions. Partners sometimes forget to set boundaries in their relationship.

For example, they should find some time for themselves to do things that enrich them as an individual or dedicate some time to their hobbies. Respect the privacy of the partners in a marriage and take time to understand each other. This will make marriages heavenly.

Millo Moses Chacko said:   3 weeks ago
Hello everyone.

In my opinion, marriage is a social contract. Because two different people come together through marriage and live forever. Here two different persons (male & female) represent or follow two different attitudes, thoughts and views. It gets acquired from society, family and friends. Each one of them creates a person who behaves in their life. Also, it was a part of society. And it was transferred those things to the next generation of them. Both mutually understand we can stay with each other, and both behave mutually agreeably to their life it reflected in their life. So Marriage is not a social trap. But also I am reminded that everything is two sides. In this case, it is that was included.

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