Love Marriages Vs Arranged Marriages

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MOHAMMAD DANISH said:   6 years ago
First of all marriage is not a union of just two person just coming together of two families or two social networks who are more closely thab ever before. So while looking for a partner to their son/daughter, parents will first check the potential of bride/groom family background, socio-economic level, level of education n different values. If so, they feel that then can safely gat married n they can take care of as their parents.

But there are some drawbacks in arranged marriage, not much importance is given in such a marriage because the couple might not have some time/more time to get to know to each other's values, understanding, opinions. And many of them, who are about to get into arranged marriage seem strong sense to obligation and duty to their parents n to do otherwise they perceive of disrespect of their parents and betrayal to their parents n they are ready to get marriage while they know they are unhappy just so their family is happy.

But critics of arranged marriage would say that love in arranged marriage reaches to peak when couple have been about 5 years after.

So I reached at a conclusion that both type of marriage have their own ups n downs, there is no perfect formula for marriage to work its totally depent on our preference in which we feel a settlement.

Sukanya said:   7 years ago
HI friends,

I'm Sukanya, both love and arrange marriages are having some failures. Love marriages are sometimes not perfect at the same time arrange marriages also very poor. Because, of their cooperation, relationship, sharing, adjustments, love and caring. Some times both are thinking bad. I support arrange marriages why so parents select right family and right decessions, some cases it's not correct. Love marriages are somewhat good but they are not able to do acceptance of parent decisions they do own decisions.

Thank you.

Japhet duga said:   7 years ago
Marriage to me is a divine institutional fulfillment which creates an open recognition for a union between a man and woman or better put, you union between two admirers. Love, on the other hand, is a burning desire to affectionately share one's emotions with the desired opposite sex. Love commitment and selflessness in union. Therefore marriage based on love is a true fulfillment of human choice for a lifelong partner.

Shivraj pawar said:   6 years ago
In Conclusion,

Whether it is love marriage or arrange marriage, relationship will work only if both the partners are serious and honest in relationship for love. Life partner must selecting to their own hands or not by force. In India arrange marriage to taking time about understood to each other before arrange marriage.

SANDHYA said:   1 month ago
Hello everyone, whether it is a love marriage or an arranged marriage, the relationship will work only if both partners are serious and honest in the relationship.

Life partner must be selected according to their own will and not by force.

Mahima said:   1 month ago
In my opinion, love marriage is getting more successful than arrange marriage. In love marriage, both partners know each other perfectly before marriage and they enjoyed their life together. They have a good understanding & conversation.

They decide their future by themself also their decision is not based on family.

That's why I'm in favour of love marriage.

Nikita Bisht said:   4 weeks ago
In my opinion, love marriage and arranged marriage both are good because everyone has their own thinking level and thoughts about marriage. Why I say both are good because both marriages have their pros and cons.

Ram said:   7 years ago
As per my knowledge both are equal.

Let the parents arrange marriage with a girl and between the gap of marriage love that girl as much as you want and marry her.

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