Love Marriages Vs Arranged Marriages

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Mohit said:   2 years ago
From my point of view, a Love marriage is better than arranged marriage because;

1. Better understanding between couples.
2. Couples know the likes and dislikes of each other and what they need to be happy.
3. Marriage is not a contract between two families it is a relationship of love.
4. Its stops inequality in society.
5. In this marriage a little bit of chance of quarrels between them.
6. They discuss their old memories.
7. They solve their misunderstanding themselves.

OVIYA said:   2 years ago
Marriage is a commitment btw 2 souls and 2 families.


Our parents know what is good for us, they won't think to destroy our lives. Though we don't know each other we have to understand each other feelings and commence to love them.

Love marriage:

Getting an understanding partner is really important. We can understand each other and we won't blame our parents for any problem because it's our choice and we know how to compromise with each other.


Both marriages have equal importance. It depends upon how you understand your partner's feelings and adjust to them.

Hritik Solanki said:   4 years ago
Hi I am Hritik,

According to me for a healthy relationship, it doesn't matter whether it was arranged marriage or love marriage. What ultimately matters is love and happiness. If the couple is happy with each other, they care for each other, they respect each other then they can face each and every problem of life and live happily.

Ishwarya said:   2 years ago
Hi guys.

I'm Aishwarya.

In my opinion, both love and arrange marriages are equal importance because both marriages have love, trust, and understanding, but in case there is no love, trust, and understanding between the couple that marriage is unsuccessful. It leads to getting divorced.

Swapnil said:   7 years ago
I am Swapnil.

Most of the peoples don't know what is love.

Love is trust, love is caring, bonding of each other, can't live each other.

But some peoples make love as a joke or game, they play with feelings, use and throw.

They make difference between boyfriend and arrange marriage boy, obviously, boyfriend is not well settled but arrange marriage person is fully settle and some more qualified.

Some bloody idiot girls thinking are: -- In love marriage, there are so many problems.

-- They don't know whether they are doing right or wrong.

-- In that age, they felt that is love but actually that is an infatuation.

-- At that time whatever they are doing is right but not.

-- They are married but after some days going on, they face some problems.

-- At that, they are alone no coordinating between them.

I want to ask one question to this kind of girls. Why you should fall in love and break heart. If you want to marry as per family decision then don't waste time and play with boys feelings. Nowadays some girls fad are arrange marriage because they have more expectations and they don't want adjustment. They time pass with boy and finally do arrange marriage.

I fully support to love marriage.

Life is a journey we can't predict our life so trust a person who really love you.

Girls if you support A boy in the whole journey then that lovely boy do anything for you trust me. Please try to understand.

Noman khan said:   7 years ago
Hello everyone,

In my point of view, there is no one who can say that the love marriage is better then arrange marriage or arrange marriage is better then love marriage. Because the success of married life is totally based on understanding if husband and wife understands each other very well then their married life will become heaven for them and similarly if they don't understand each other then their married life will surely become hell for both of them.

So if you find your love with whom you can spend your whole life then you should go for love marriage. And if you are failed to find then you should go for arrange marriage and let the god decide, may be god find someone very special for you.

But there is one another point that I want to focus here is that there are still some narrow minded people who consider love marriage a taboo.

They have to change their thinking because if you force someone to get married with whom they don't want to get married then it will destroy their life because how can they live their whole life with whom they don't love. That also happens in arrange marriage where parents force their children to marry without respecting their choice.

That's the area where are society needs to improve. Because now we are living in modern era where everyone has right to take decision of his/her life.

And at the end, I would like to say that it's the matter of love and love can be happen before marriage and also it can be happen after the marriage.

Sohit said:   5 years ago
Marriage is a life long commitment of two partners and also a close bonding of two families.

If they are love marriage or arrange marriage.

But according to my view love marriage is best.

1. In love marriage one has already know one's partner like, dislike and all about him.
2. In love marriage to people connect hurtly.
3. Understanding is necessary for making the relation.
4. Love marriage is the best way to end castism.
5. Love marriage is cheaper than the arrange marriage.

Swati said:   5 years ago
Both arranged and love marriages have there pros and cons but it totally depends upon the husband and wife s mutual understanding.

In a couple there must be three things that are;
1. Love
2. Belief
3. Respect.

These 3 thing s are very important without these things no marriage will survive.

So no matter it is love marriage or arranges marriage both are good if the couple has love respect and beliefs on each other.

Devendra Singh said:   5 years ago
I'm Devendra Singh.

Firstly, I want to say. Love and arrange marriage both have merit and demerit.

If we talk about arrange marriage.

This is India and in India marriage connects two families.

Mostly, Arrange marriage makes the family happy. But some time Love marriage doesn't make the family happy. In that case, family don't' support us. If our family would not support us. Then we can't go happy. After taking Love marriage we will have to face many difficulties. Then we require the help of our family.

At last, I want to say that I'm against the love marriage.

Because everything that can not make my family. I don't want to do so.

Now it depends on you that you want to make your family happy or unhappy.

Sunakshi said:   7 years ago
Hi, guys.

In this topic, I will say that if you find a nice person whom you think you can be spent your whole with that person you should go for love marriage otherwise leave it on your parents they will surely find a nice guy for you.


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