Love Marriages Vs Arranged Marriages

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Mohd Ahmad said:   3 days ago
In my opinion, love marriage is the best option for all. Because we know very well that girl. Her behavior, her nature, her good and bad habits. In a love marriage, anybody does not depend on dowry because the boy's family depends on him and he manages his family for that.

In an arranged marriage, the boy's family depends on the dowry and his family demands for dowry.

Shohrat jahan said:   5 days ago
In my opinion, an arrange marriage is better than a love marriage because two families are happy to see each other and they bless them. I know that arranged marriage is a part of compromise and adjustment but if you get used to a luxurious life then you will not be able to live anywhere without any facilities.

Sangam Sulkiya said:   2 months ago
Marriage is an important decision of one's life.

A constant debate in the mind of youngsters today is love marriage vs arranged marriage.

Statistics indicate 75% of people in India free from arranged marriage in 90% of people love marriage.

With modernisation, love marriages are getting popularity and acceptance.

Ashwini Prakash Hanpude said:   2 months ago
Jai hind everyone,

In my opinion, marriage is a sacred bond between two souls. Here we are discussing arrange marriage vs love marriage which is better? Both has own pros and cons.

I think arrange marriage is better than love marriage because arrange marriage is becoming permission between two family so, All family members are happy and blessed you. Also arrange marriage is a part of our culture.

The divorce ratio is low in arranged marriages as compared to love marriages.

In an arranged marriage, there is a new journey for two souls and their life. Make interesting to know each other, but in a love marriage, both are already known each other so after marriage sometimes life becomes boring and it is a big cause of divorce in a love marriage.

In arranged marriage not only two souls but also two families come together therefore happiness is high.

Akarshi said:   2 months ago
From my point of view, love marriage and arrange marriage are two ways to marry.

It can't be said which is a better way to marry. Because in arranged marriage your parents find your partner and maybe you never meet 1before to that person. On the other hand in a love marriage, you find a partner for you. From whom you meet before you know him well. But it doesn't clarify that a love marriage is better than arrange marriage because in some cases your partner whom you love a lot may cheat on you in future and give you a divorce.

On the other hand, a partner who is chosen by your parents will never give you divorce by family pressure or maybe you are connected to that unknown person most. May you both will understand each other's feelings, habits, likes and dislikes.

In my opinion, I will say that you should have to choose your partner wisely whether it's a love marriage or a arranged marriage.

Because it doesn't matter which marriage are you doing but matters what you doing. You have to choose the right partner for you, a partner who really cares about u, who gives attention to you and the main thing who respects you. And you should do the same things to him.

Aryan solanki said:   4 months ago
Hello, everyone, I think that arranged marriage is better than love marriage because in arranged marriage both of them have dreams about how I spend time with my partner and where they go but in love, you do all the things before marriage and after the marriage, you have nothing to do and life gets boring. Thank you for listening to me so deeply.

Riya said:   5 months ago
Hello everyone.

I also wanted to say something regarding love marriage vs arranged marriage. Both have some pros and cons.
I think in an arranged marriage, the best part is everyone is happy and give their blessings to the newlywed. Every parent has the dream that someday they will choose the right person for their son or daughter. It's their right totally because they spend all their lives taking care of us.

Also now in arranged marriage, there are many changes with time. It's not like your family will force someone on you. Definitely, they will ask for your consent. There are unofficial meetings between both of them where they can decide if they like the other person or not.

So, I think if possible one can go for an arranged marriage but if you truly love someone and wanted to spend your life with that person only then try to convince your parents and please only after their consent take that biggest step of your life.

These are my thoughts based on the environment around me.

Hera khatoon said:   5 months ago
Hi everyone, I'm Hera. And according to my opinion Love marriage is better than an arranged marriage.

So firstly married is a bond of two souls you know it's not a deal between two families. In Indian society, love marriage is like a tabbo. Well, l've a lot of things to speak about it. So. Why is love marriage is good? Firstly everyone has right to choose a partner for Him or her.

Shudhanshu Gupta said:   5 months ago
Hello everyone.

In my opinion, arrange marriage is better than love marriage.

Also, I think the concept of arranged marriage has evolved over time. We are now allowed to know each other before marriage. To be honest you can understand each other in 5 to 6 meetings. I don't know why people prefer the live-in concept, you can know most of the important things about each other if you talk openly in 5 to 6 meetings. I personally think that most love marriages are based on looks (as I have seen with most of my friends who are in love marriages. They themselves admitted that they mostly fall for looks at first. ).

That's why I believe arrange marriage is better than love marriage any day, as it is based on moral values compared to love marriage which is mostly based on looks.

Amit kumar said:   8 months ago
Marriage is a lifetime partnership between two souls, who come together to celebrate their life journey with each other happily. In a love marriage, individuals choose their partners by their own choice, they love each other and get married with or without the consent of their parents. Whereas in an arranged marriage, parents and family members decide the future and partners of individuals.

The concept of arranged marriage is not wrong just the millennials could not fit in. Love marriage, on the other hand, is a suitable option choice for millennials because of its beauty of compatibility. Love marriage holds the characteristics which a modern couple is in search of.

Love marriage allows individuals to know each other well and to absorb each other’s flaws by taking as much time as they want to get ready for marriage and this is what makes it easy to hold on to the lifelong commitment. Education and surrounding also play a significant role in the preference of individuals. After, all the above discussion, one cannot strongly favor any of the two marriages. One cannot say, love marriages are more successful or vice versa, as a successful marriage is not when a perfect couple meets, but when two flawed persons accept each other completely and happily.

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