Love Marriages Vs Arranged Marriages

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Sameena said:   1 month ago
First of all, we can't say which marriage is better than the other.

Because there were people who were happy in their love marriage & there were few people who were happy in arranged marriages.

But in my point of view, I would like to choose a love marriage.

In a love marriage, we already know the person very well as we have spent quality time with them before. And they support us in every situation. Even if they have conflicts in between relationship they will sort them out by themself, they won't give a chance to a third person to ruin their life. In a love marriage, a girl can live an independent life. Rest of their life they can live happily as they want without any restrictions.

Ahmed hasan mahameda said:   2 months ago
In my opinion, the arrange marriage is better than love marriage because that motto is only loving and caring but doesn't teach life's struggles.

Gaurav Kumar said:   2 months ago
Firstly, we can't say which marriage is better than the other.

People who had an arranged marriage and who had a love marriage are happy in their lives, but there are some who are not.

But In my opinion, it is very important to know the person to whom you are getting married. Marriage is also like a phase of life that can cherish or ruin your life. So, it is very important that you choose your partner wisely. Whether it is a love marriage or arrangement. The judgement of the partner should made with the consent of the persons who are going to marry each other.

Nilofar Kurshith K said:   2 months ago
In my point of view, marriage is a basic point of starting a life between two people it's taken time to understand each other as well, no ego and try to solve your problems with each other don't include third-person it's ruining your marriage life. Love marriage is knowing about each other like likes or dislikes, fighting how you behave in front of each other your flaws and getting married.

In an arranged marriage, parents will take care of each other responsibilities they will select according to status background etc then getting married each other and talk to the person step by step so they know each other after all the time and places.

Thank you.

Nikita Bisht said:   3 months ago
In my opinion, love marriage and arranged marriage both are good because everyone has their own thinking level and thoughts about marriage. Why I say both are good because both marriages have their pros and cons.

Mahima said:   3 months ago
In my opinion, love marriage is getting more successful than arrange marriage. In love marriage, both partners know each other perfectly before marriage and they enjoyed their life together. They have a good understanding & conversation.

They decide their future by themself also their decision is not based on family.

That's why I'm in favour of love marriage.

SANDHYA said:   3 months ago
Hello everyone, whether it is a love marriage or an arranged marriage, the relationship will work only if both partners are serious and honest in the relationship.

Life partner must be selected according to their own will and not by force.

Haswa said:   4 months ago
Hello, everyone, I think that an arranged marriage is better than a love marriage because in an arranged marriage both of them have dreams about how they spend time with their partner and where they go but in love, you do all the things before marriage and after the marriage, you have nothing to do and life gets boring. Thank you for listening to me so deeply.

Amar said:   4 months ago
In this topics, I am favor of love marriage.

1. In a love marriage, already know each other very well and also know about family members & their background so after marriage not big expectations from both sides.

But in arranged marriage it's all depend only on family decision. Not able to reject and cut off family choices so after marriage comes to many challenges to make their good relationship.

Radha said:   7 months ago
In my point of view. Love marriage with parents' support is the best option because.

If a boy or girl imagine their life with his loved one on the other side parent also think of their children's life well.

If we lead our life with parents and loved ones love marriage with parent's support is the best choice.

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