Love Marriages Vs Arranged Marriages

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Riya said:   7 months ago
Hello everyone.

I also wanted to say something regarding love marriage vs arranged marriage. Both have some pros and cons.
I think in an arranged marriage, the best part is everyone is happy and give their blessings to the newlywed. Every parent has the dream that someday they will choose the right person for their son or daughter. It's their right totally because they spend all their lives taking care of us.

Also now in arranged marriage, there are many changes with time. It's not like your family will force someone on you. Definitely, they will ask for your consent. There are unofficial meetings between both of them where they can decide if they like the other person or not.

So, I think if possible one can go for an arranged marriage but if you truly love someone and wanted to spend your life with that person only then try to convince your parents and please only after their consent take that biggest step of your life.

These are my thoughts based on the environment around me.

Hera khatoon said:   7 months ago
Hi everyone, I'm Hera. And according to my opinion Love marriage is better than an arranged marriage.

So firstly married is a bond of two souls you know it's not a deal between two families. In Indian society, love marriage is like a tabbo. Well, l've a lot of things to speak about it. So. Why is love marriage is good? Firstly everyone has right to choose a partner for Him or her.

Shudhanshu Gupta said:   8 months ago
Hello everyone.

In my opinion, arrange marriage is better than love marriage.

Also, I think the concept of arranged marriage has evolved over time. We are now allowed to know each other before marriage. To be honest you can understand each other in 5 to 6 meetings. I don't know why people prefer the live-in concept, you can know most of the important things about each other if you talk openly in 5 to 6 meetings. I personally think that most love marriages are based on looks (as I have seen with most of my friends who are in love marriages. They themselves admitted that they mostly fall for looks at first. ).

That's why I believe arrange marriage is better than love marriage any day, as it is based on moral values compared to love marriage which is mostly based on looks.

Amit kumar said:   10 months ago
Marriage is a lifetime partnership between two souls, who come together to celebrate their life journey with each other happily. In a love marriage, individuals choose their partners by their own choice, they love each other and get married with or without the consent of their parents. Whereas in an arranged marriage, parents and family members decide the future and partners of individuals.

The concept of arranged marriage is not wrong just the millennials could not fit in. Love marriage, on the other hand, is a suitable option choice for millennials because of its beauty of compatibility. Love marriage holds the characteristics which a modern couple is in search of.

Love marriage allows individuals to know each other well and to absorb each other’s flaws by taking as much time as they want to get ready for marriage and this is what makes it easy to hold on to the lifelong commitment. Education and surrounding also play a significant role in the preference of individuals. After, all the above discussion, one cannot strongly favor any of the two marriages. One cannot say, love marriages are more successful or vice versa, as a successful marriage is not when a perfect couple meets, but when two flawed persons accept each other completely and happily.

Mukesh Kumar said:   11 months ago
Good morning everyone, First of all, Thanks for giving me to the golden opportunity to say something about love arranged vs arranged marriage Arranged marriage is better than love marriage because in Arranged marriage family will decide where they liked. But in love marriage, only two people will decide to do married. And some family problems will face during a love marriage some people want but some people won't want. But in an Arranged marriage, all the family members will agree and then fix the marriage and the family will be happy and enjoy an arranged marriage.

Ananda Kumar Routr said:   11 months ago
Hello Everyone.

I'm Ananda Kumar Rout.

In my opinion, there is no doubt that arranged marriage is good for a person because the parents who gave birth to them choose their life partner. There will be a new relationship between two strangers. But from my point of view, love marriage is much better than arrange marriage. Marriage is more important for women than for men Sometimes a girl is forced to marry a person chosen by her parents A girl should have the freedom to choose her life partner with whom she spends her leisure life In a love marriage a person can choose his life partner. They can get to know each other's personal life, secrets, personality, and character which can never happen in a love marriage. Love marriage can able remove the dowry system. Love marriage is the best weapon to destroy caste marriage.

Saran sankar said:   12 months ago
Arranged marriage is better than a love marriage.

Because. Our family is deciding our life partner. , they know which is better, who is better. They won't think to destroy our life.

So their decision is perfect. They search our partner and collect their life background and partner's background.

Arranged marriage is a new journey of life, it's a fresh relationship. We will know our partner in our day-to-day life and they will be attached through day-to-day life. And love within day-to-day life. '️.

Harendra sharma said:   1 year ago
Hello everyone. This side Harendra sharma,

As you all know, In case of love marriage person chooses his partner himself or herself But in arrange marriage our parents choose for us and you know parents won't want bad for their children.

So, I want to say that in case of marriage parents $ person both should be agree with the person with whom marry will conduct Hence in case of love marriage parents should agree and in arrange marriage we should. That's all. Thank you all for listening me with patience and affection.

Ishwarya said:   1 year ago
Hi guys.

I'm Aishwarya.

In my opinion, both love and arrange marriages are equal importance because both marriages have love, trust, and understanding, but in case there is no love, trust, and understanding between the couple that marriage is unsuccessful. It leads to getting divorced.

Sanjay Kumar S said:   1 year ago
Hi all,

I'm Sanjay Kumar,

Arranged marriage. It's like a fresh relationship which is arranged by a family where we get a new person in our life and start a new life the thing is we don't know anything about them in person day by day we get attached and then they love each other it's like a long journey but sometimes everything won't go in a way we like it's also after some months we can't get to a vibe along with them so it's like 50-50 chances to get a good partner.

But in a love arrangement, we get to know our partner already and can live a life which the couples have already dreamed among them to lead a life and both can be supportive of each other and we can get a good marriage life of about 80-90% or even 100%. So, love or arrange marriage. To get a proper good life we need to know each other before getting into marriage. Thank you.

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