Love Marriages Vs Arranged Marriages

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Monalisa said:   6 years ago
Hello everyone!

Good Evening to one and all present here!

Of course, I agree to all of you who support Love Marriages and their reasons but I would like to support Arranged Marriages because, In love marriages, some of the parents may not agree them getting married. So as a result Parents and their children are getting separated and there arises alot of disputes between them. Therefore when a problem comes between the couple who gets married will directly apply to divorce due to the lack of good suggestions, knowledge and support from their parents. Whereas in arranged marriages, Parents will be supportive, together with us in all difficult situations. Parents and children are both happy because parents see all the 7 generations of each other's (bride and bridegroom) side are perfect or not and get their children married to not have any disputes/problems and lead a happy life after they get married.

Saran sankar said:   1 year ago
Arranged marriage is better than a love marriage.

Because. Our family is deciding our life partner. , they know which is better, who is better. They won't think to destroy our life.

So their decision is perfect. They search our partner and collect their life background and partner's background.

Arranged marriage is a new journey of life, it's a fresh relationship. We will know our partner in our day-to-day life and they will be attached through day-to-day life. And love within day-to-day life. '️.

Lekhika said:   6 years ago
In my opinion, love marriage and arrange marriage is just a name, both are nothing without understanding, where the understanding met the word of marriage is successful. So, it is all about understanding love & care for each other. When the couple has all these things then they live a happy life, whether it is arranged or love marriage.

Aditi said:   5 years ago
Hi, everyone.

The topic of our group discussion is Love vs Arrange Marriage.

What is Marriage? Marriage is a bond between two souls who takes an oath to support each other for a lifetime. And we can't decide whether to arrange or love marriage will end up successful. Because a successful marriage completely depends on the person, their partner, their level of understanding, Maturity and how they handle difficult situation of their life together.

Md. Sahil said:   6 years ago
Hello, everyone.

Dear friends according to my point of view, both marriages are having their different point of views related to criteria.

In arrange marriages take more time in understanding each other. But in love marriages, the lovely couple understand each other and they know their partner's taste.

Ponam said:   7 years ago
People who say LOVE marriages are successful, please check the result of LOVE marriages in western countries USA/UK. Where divorce rate is as high as 80 %.

But for Indian marriage is lifetime commitment. So instead of following western culture follow your own culture.

When you are in LOVE affair, Person will always use his positive side to impress you, you can ask this question to yourself.

So I will prefer ARRANGE marriage over LOVE marriage in some known family because we can know the full background of that person.

In your love affair of 2 years, you can not know person' s background, because 70-80% cases person will pretend, will not show his actual face.

But if you person and his family from 5-10 year, you can think of LOVE marriage.

So I will prefer ARRANGE marriage over LOVE marriage in some known family.

Monika pal said:   7 years ago
I think love marriage and arrange marriage both are good but it depends on partners understanding.

Simranjeet singh gujral said:   7 years ago
Hello guys,

I am Simranjeet Singh, according to our topic, I can say both marriages are good, we can't blame to any marriage, first of Fall, it depend on that two kinds of person, weather they both able to understand their feeling of each other, respect and compromise each other in any condition, if this quality is there in your life partner, you will live happily in your life without any obstacle.

Riskey said:   6 years ago
According to me, arrange marriage is best because it is done by the happiness and blessings of Parents and family members.

Taj Randhawa said:   6 years ago
In my opinion, I prefer the arrange marriage then love marriage because this is not the marriage of 2 souls, this is to make a relationship between the 2 families. All we know, that our family choose the best for us. We can also do after the marriage our family gives us so much time to understand the feeling of each other. All we know, love is another name of compromise. To understand the feelings and lead a happily life with your partner and family. Also lead a respectable life.


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