Is Leaders Born or are they made in Business Schools?

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Arvind Balodhi said:   1 decade ago
I agree that the leader we had in the past or present are not from any business schools but we must understand that the leadership quality they are having is the result of the situtation or circumstances faced by them. And the same thing is done by the business schools, they are giving the their students virtual situations to act so that the Leadership qulitiy or power a student (or anyone) is already having which is hidden inside can come out.

Everyone can't be a leader because everyone is not facing the same situations. The circumstances of everyone is different. For example carbon is same but from the same carbon we have two allortopes diamond and grahite. As diamond get strong pressure and heat it is diamond and if graphite also suffered that heat and pressure it could also be diamond.

A person come with all the positives and negatives with him, it is the circumstances which make the persons mind to respond. If he responded positively he can be diamond and if negativly a graphite.


There must be followers else who will value leaders.
Leaders are leaders because there are followers, if all will be leaders then we can't get the conclusion.

Ranjan Raj said:   9 years ago
Hello friends, My name is Ranjan Raj and I am from IFEEL.

According to my thought leadership is an inborn quality. Everyone is born with this quality, but it depends on you when you realise this quality and when you show it. It can start with an incident or situation. I would like to give an example of a great leader and freedom fighter Mahatma Gandhi who is also known as the father of our nation. He realised this quality after an incident happened during a train journey where he was thrown out of the train and he was told that "You are a black person and you could not travel in first class". He saw a vision of independent India. He took initiatives, and came in the battleground of freedom.

Again, I would like to express my thought with the example of sword. A sword without its sharpness is not useful in battle it becomes an effective tools after going under process of sharpening, and it pays deep contribution in the victory. In the same way without sharpening this quality it is worthless, it can be sharpen by society, family, friends etc. And the education. B-schools only does a role of sharpening process.

Irfan khan said:   1 decade ago
Hi friends I am Irfan khan from Kashmir. Regarding this topic I feel that to become a good engineer one has to go through the engineering study or training and in order to become a good doctor, a person has to grind through MBBS course and then undergo internship, similarly, in order to become a good manager, an individual has to undergo management training programmes. Or else a technician can also become an engineer, a good compounder can also become a doctor. If we look at public sector, virtually everywhere the government is conducting management programmes for its employees. What is the need? All of them are qualified bankers or railway employees and definitely they have qualified the exam, but as the situation demands now, people have started a professional approach towards their job, which was earlier absent and hence the need for trained managers, So that they prove productive towards their organisation. Management is doing a work in much refined way within limited time period, so I think we do need to train managers. Thank you.

ABINASH KAUSHIK said:   1 decade ago
People take birth with different interest and attitudes. It is fortunate for the people who take birth with leadership qualities but it is not necessary that they would perform well as it is all about courage, confidence, motivating skills and circumstances which an individual faces through his/her life. It is also a real fact that each man possess same things difference is just in way of thinking and interest. No doubt business schools try to emerge leadership qualities in a man to its best.

But it is all about the theoretical knowledge and some amount of practical experience which are imparted by the business schools. The real field is something different. A true leader is on who is dynamic, confident, positive and who doesn't moves back in any kind of situation. Being confident may be inborn but tackling the situation is to be learnt from the circumstances. Surely business schools produce big leaders but the basic nature of man never changes.

Shridhar kalia said:   6 years ago
Hi guys.

In my opinion, I believe that everyone exists on this planet are born, including leaders also, but leaders are made with their skills, practice, experience, perception, personality and training.

Everyone born with some qualities but it depends on the individual that when he realises his qualities and how he shows it. It can start with an incident or a situation.

I can take the example of the great freedom fighter BHAGAT SINGH. At the age of 13, he joined Gandhiji in his non-cooperation movement. But he was very disappointed when Gandhi abandoned this movement. This incident leaves a great impact on bhagat's mind or we can say it is the turning point of the life of Bhagat Singh. From there he realises he leadership qualities.

One of the great examples of his leadership was, he was the founder of HSRA i.e. HINDUSTAN SOCIALIST REPUBLIC ASSOCIATION.

So, the leaders are not exactly born, they are made with time.


Rahul Jain said:   1 decade ago
Every one in this world has an inherent quality of leadership.. but this can only be identified by interacting with society which includes our family, friends, etc.. and hence by identifying it someone opt for b-school's to upgrade this leadership quality.

also the leaders have some vision in mind with the cherry on the cake i.e. followers to lead and hence that leader would use its influential skills to convince its people to become follower.

also the leaders like civil activist Anna Hazare which is not a B-school pass out but than too he leaded a big number of people..

also adding to same point the worlds biggest innovator Late Mr. Steve Jobs, dropped out of college.... so he did not got to any B-school.... but than too proved to be one of the biggest leader in the world..

hence my stand would be that leaders are even born but are also made at B-school hence it is a biased stand from my side

Barsha Guha said:   1 decade ago
Hello everybody, I'm Barsha Guha, an engineering student from India.

I believe that leadership is an inborn quality. However, it must be nurtured through various stages in life.

Leadership is the ability to influence a group of people to achieve a common goal. A leader must have wisdom, values and good decision making ability which can only be gained through the experience one gains in various stages of life.

B-school education can nurture the leadership skills but cannot simply thrust the powers of leadership into someone who is not born with it. For example, not every B-school graduate is a great leader.

Again, there are people like Bill Gates. He was a school dropout. But he became one of the greatest leaders.

Hence, I conclude that leadership is an inborn skill, but, it must be polished through exposure for a leader to truly shine.

M.V.KRISHNA/Palvoncha said:   10 years ago
Dear All,

Leaders are NOT born. They are NOT made in Business schools.


The various challenges they face from various elements will leads to a person to take initiation to give a solution for the challenges. The initiator will be the LEADER.

To become a good Leader:

1. The individual should have strong desire to become a leader.

2. They should have mental ability and Physical capability to take right decisions at right time and to implement them accordingly.

3. The Leader should be aware about the past, should know about present and should be able to predict the future.

4. They should treat everyone equally without partiality.

5. Leaders should not wait for an opportunity, they should create an opportunity.

A true leader is one among ordinary people.

RAMBABU ravada said:   8 years ago
"Are leaders born or made" this question likes as "which came first chicken or egg" I believe every one born [including leaders also] but leaders are made with their skills, practice, experience, perception, personality, training, mentoring.

The leadership quality also start with any incident happening in their life that is the turning point to become a leader for example: Babasaheb Ambedkar is untouchable person in his childhood that time society to see in this manner but "HE TOUGHING NO. OF HEARTS IN ENTIRE INDIA"and become a great leader, succeeded to produce constitutional India.

I has mentioned here "leaders should not wait for opportunity and always choose for create an opportunity".

Those people are treat everyone with "equality without partiality".

Thank you.

Sanyog Garg said:   1 decade ago
I feel that in this current scenario, Leader can be developed by allowing him/her to experience and take decisions. Apart from TATA, Birla and Ambani there are lot of companies that are being directed well by leaders. And those leaders are not born. There are thousands of companies that performed very well even in recession.

In my opinion, in current scenario, a leader is a person who give direction to all resources in a company in order to keep that company sustainable and to grow more and more.

So, Chanda kochhar from ICICI, Indira Nooi etc etc all are good professionals and leaders of today's business scenario.

If we talk in context of current global world then Leasers can be created and managers can be guided!!

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