Is Leaders Born or are they made in Business Schools?

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Vikashini R said:   2 years ago
In my opinion, everyone is born but only some become leaders because leaders are made. If our society is not good we all will think to make it a good one but we all are scared of the hardships that we have to go through but only some people who accept the hardships becomes a leader.

Y. G. Aishwarya said:   3 years ago
According to me the situation, proper and particular timing, Problems can only bring out the real talent of leadership, so I think it's born in us, it doesn't mean that by the birth of a kid.

Only when your talent of a leadership sprouts out.

Thank you.

Tinku paul said:   3 years ago
Hi friends, According to me leaders born but actually who can handle any situation as well as required.

Love, humble, compassionate qualities. Yes, people, they have to make entry anywhere education is required, educated person can manage many things diplomatically. Those are leaders from there childhood automatically he gets the position like a monitor in the class, join the college politics, stands in election like this. Business school can help them to explore their qualities. But leaders born.

Shridhar kalia said:   5 years ago
Hi guys.

In my opinion, I believe that everyone exists on this planet are born, including leaders also, but leaders are made with their skills, practice, experience, perception, personality and training.

Everyone born with some qualities but it depends on the individual that when he realises his qualities and how he shows it. It can start with an incident or a situation.

I can take the example of the great freedom fighter BHAGAT SINGH. At the age of 13, he joined Gandhiji in his non-cooperation movement. But he was very disappointed when Gandhi abandoned this movement. This incident leaves a great impact on bhagat's mind or we can say it is the turning point of the life of Bhagat Singh. From there he realises he leadership qualities.

One of the great examples of his leadership was, he was the founder of HSRA i.e. HINDUSTAN SOCIALIST REPUBLIC ASSOCIATION.

So, the leaders are not exactly born, they are made with time.


Shimli Mahapatra said:   5 years ago
Hii I am shimli.

My view is that each of us having some unique personality to express our qualities. All are differs from others. The way we think the way the output will be. So its all about our thoughts which helps in take part like leader or a common man. If we determined then it can possible.

Aman said:   5 years ago
No leaders not made in business schools. Leadership quality is inbuilt. No any business school can develope this but I think business school enhance this quality. Leadership quality is inherited. Leader have personality like indefatigable, scintillating, affable and convivial and no any business school build this quality.

Vikas said:   6 years ago
Leaders are neither made in Business school nor born, Business school teaches us to become the leader and one has to practice leadership qualities to be successful, the first and foremost quality of a leader is to listen, the next comes convincing people. Staying updated on current outside world is what leader should possess and to achieve all these one has to be experienced.

Aishwarya said:   6 years ago
Leaders, They are self made. No one is born with some special qualities but these qualities evolve with time and experiences. There is a leader in each one of us. But some of the ppl who evolve as leaders practice leadership the most. It does not matter whether we are having equal oppurtinities are not. Some prefer going through pain and some love comfort too much. It does not matter what kind of environment we are exposed to. Business schools provide the requisite platform for showcasing the leadership qualities.

Anjani singh said:   6 years ago
As professors and politicians are not born ready-made they make themselves capable and efficient by their Hard work and practice same apply to normal persons they made themselves leader by their skills, willpower to achieve big goals.

Shreya said:   6 years ago
None of us are born with any skills or talents. We come in this world with no previous knowledge about life or wisdom about circumstances. Skills could be dancing, singing, painting are honed as we grow up. It depends on one's interests, surroundings, and resources that one is exposed to. Leadership is a skill which is developed over years of observation, experiences and learning. Believe me or not, there is a leader in each one of us. A business school doesn't teach us how to be a leader, it tells us how to find and expose the hidden leader in us.

Leadership is not something anybody is born with, it is just an amalgamation of the lessons learnt in life, taking the shape of a skill.

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