Is Leaders Born or are they made in Business Schools?

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Vikashini R said: (Jun 23, 2021)  
In my opinion, everyone is born but only some become leaders because leaders are made. If our society is not good we all will think to make it a good one but we all are scared of the hardships that we have to go through but only some people who accept the hardships becomes a leader.

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Y. G. Aishwarya said: (Aug 12, 2020)  
According to me the situation, proper and particular timing, Problems can only bring out the real talent of leadership, so I think it's born in us, it doesn't mean that by the birth of a kid.

Only when your talent of a leadership sprouts out.

Thank you.

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Tinku Paul said: (Jun 22, 2020)  
Hi friends, According to me leaders born but actually who can handle any situation as well as required.

Love, humble, compassionate qualities. Yes, people, they have to make entry anywhere education is required, educated person can manage many things diplomatically. Those are leaders from there childhood automatically he gets the position like a monitor in the class, join the college politics, stands in election like this. Business school can help them to explore their qualities. But leaders born.

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Shridhar Kalia said: (Aug 9, 2018)  
Hi guys.

In my opinion, I believe that everyone exists on this planet are born, including leaders also, but leaders are made with their skills, practice, experience, perception, personality and training.

Everyone born with some qualities but it depends on the individual that when he realises his qualities and how he shows it. It can start with an incident or a situation.

I can take the example of the great freedom fighter BHAGAT SINGH. At the age of 13, he joined Gandhiji in his non-cooperation movement. But he was very disappointed when Gandhi abandoned this movement. This incident leaves a great impact on bhagat's mind or we can say it is the turning point of the life of Bhagat Singh. From there he realises he leadership qualities.

One of the great examples of his leadership was, he was the founder of HSRA i.e. HINDUSTAN SOCIALIST REPUBLIC ASSOCIATION.

So, the leaders are not exactly born, they are made with time.


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Shimli Mahapatra said: (Jun 29, 2018)  
Hii I am shimli.

My view is that each of us having some unique personality to express our qualities. All are differs from others. The way we think the way the output will be. So its all about our thoughts which helps in take part like leader or a common man. If we determined then it can possible.

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Aman said: (Jun 9, 2018)  
No leaders not made in business schools. Leadership quality is inbuilt. No any business school can develope this but I think business school enhance this quality. Leadership quality is inherited. Leader have personality like indefatigable, scintillating, affable and convivial and no any business school build this quality.

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Vikas said: (Feb 10, 2018)  
Leaders are neither made in Business school nor born, Business school teaches us to become the leader and one has to practice leadership qualities to be successful, the first and foremost quality of a leader is to listen, the next comes convincing people. Staying updated on current outside world is what leader should possess and to achieve all these one has to be experienced.

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Aishwarya said: (Jan 15, 2018)  
Leaders, They are self made. No one is born with some special qualities but these qualities evolve with time and experiences. There is a leader in each one of us. But some of the ppl who evolve as leaders practice leadership the most. It does not matter whether we are having equal oppurtinities are not. Some prefer going through pain and some love comfort too much. It does not matter what kind of environment we are exposed to. Business schools provide the requisite platform for showcasing the leadership qualities.

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Anjani Singh said: (Dec 20, 2017)  
As professors and politicians are not born ready-made they make themselves capable and efficient by their Hard work and practice same apply to normal persons they made themselves leader by their skills, willpower to achieve big goals.

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Shreya said: (Jun 16, 2017)  
None of us are born with any skills or talents. We come in this world with no previous knowledge about life or wisdom about circumstances. Skills could be dancing, singing, painting are honed as we grow up. It depends on one's interests, surroundings, and resources that one is exposed to. Leadership is a skill which is developed over years of observation, experiences and learning. Believe me or not, there is a leader in each one of us. A business school doesn't teach us how to be a leader, it tells us how to find and expose the hidden leader in us.

Leadership is not something anybody is born with, it is just an amalgamation of the lessons learnt in life, taking the shape of a skill.

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Vaishali said: (Apr 24, 2017)  
Hi, everyone, I am vaishali.

In my opinion, leaders are not born they made in business schools. The thinking that makes anyone leader is not inherited from your mother or father that is developed in the person by giving that mentality of thinking. The main qualities of leaders are who can support their employees, not getting annoyed easily, listen everyone's thinking, motivate their employees to do more better. All this quality is developed in the person by changing their thinking and made them think like that and high level of study made anyone a good leaders. So business schools provide that environment to the students to develop this type of quality in this way leaders are made.

Thank you all.

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Prasath said: (Mar 9, 2017)  
Of course, leaders are born not made by the business schools when a leadership could come?

HERE the answer not only trusting yourself but also to absorb all the ideas of the group member and focusing the each idea into a single goal and that should be achieved by the group and "lead the group".

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Shakir Zaman said: (Dec 13, 2016)  
According to my view, leaders are born. We all have leadership qualities but only a few people come to know that they have leadership qualities and by polishing their leadership qualities they become a great leader.

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Keari said: (Dec 4, 2016)  
A distinction has to be made between true leaders and quack leaders. True leaders know that they are born for a purpose. Society is their laboratory. They experiment and display various leadership skills which benefit society as a whole eg. (a political pursuing a passionate personal cause).

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Soumava Das said: (Sep 15, 2016)  
Leadership qualities are like sincerity to work, goals in life, hard work to achieve the goals, making other people believing in their goals and teamwork are present in many individuals. As and when they realize their potentials they rise up to occasions. Any leadership training or management schools can make people realize these talents and to work upon deficiencies.

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A .Srinivas Rao said: (Jul 29, 2016)  
According to me, leadership is the quality which is developed by our surrounding. I don't think that leadership is inborn quality. Every leader should have a wisdom and goal. This quality is gradually developed from our birth to death. If you spent your time with leaders then one day you will become a leader. Business school can give you an opportunity to improve your leadership quality.

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Shriharsh Muramkar said: (Jul 17, 2016)  
Behavioral theories believe that people can become leaders through the process of teaching, learning and observation. Leadership is a set of skills that can be learned by training, perception, practice and experience over time. Good leaders seek out development opportunities that will help them learn new skills, which is only the outcome of education in respective prospective.

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Mansi said: (Jul 5, 2016)  
Well, according to me, leaders are made by their self-confidence. Everyone possess the leadership quality in them but the differ made how they uses their leadership quality. As there are well known leaders like Mr Modi, Baba saheb Ambedkar, etc they never went to any business school though they have that leadership charm in them. So according to one's life's experiences are enough to make a person good leader.

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Mohammed Alshehari said: (Apr 15, 2016)  

I think leaders are not born! leaders made, each one of us has an essential leadership, but that essential leadership features might be affected through our career. We may learn some leadership lessons which might face, teach and happened with any one of us. After such life lessons, the desire of anyone play the choice through the human mind and decide its way. Either the one like to be a leader and continue the way with a mental and physical facilities and get more about leadership through leadership studies. Or to live with another way of life.

M. A.

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Suraj said: (Jan 25, 2016)  
I think that leadership qualities come from the actions that a person take depending upon different situations faced. Everybody has leadership quality, but it depends upon the person how he/she uses it in daily life.

For example there is always a friend who decides where to go for the trip or responsible for booking the cab at lowest price. Whenever a project is given a college, there is always a person who takes the responsibility of dividing the work.

So all these situations show that leadership quality cannot be developed by studying about it, but it is ongoing process and it can be developed by taking the responsibility.

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Taban Hamuza Twaha said: (Jan 23, 2016)  
A great leader is made not born in the sense that good management depends on methods not personal qualities.

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Rambabu Ravada said: (Jan 21, 2016)  
"Are leaders born or made" this question likes as "which came first chicken or egg" I believe every one born [including leaders also] but leaders are made with their skills, practice, experience, perception, personality, training, mentoring.

The leadership quality also start with any incident happening in their life that is the turning point to become a leader for example: Babasaheb Ambedkar is untouchable person in his childhood that time society to see in this manner but "HE TOUGHING NO. OF HEARTS IN ENTIRE INDIA"and become a great leader, succeeded to produce constitutional India.

I has mentioned here "leaders should not wait for opportunity and always choose for create an opportunity".

Those people are treat everyone with "equality without partiality".

Thank you.

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Thon John Anyang said: (Jan 21, 2016)  
Leaders are not born but made because no one is born with all the leadership skills and knowledge of knowing everything but only through experience and learning from one another and be able to accept all the defeats as experience is the best teacher.

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Swati Singh said: (Jan 3, 2016)  
In my point of view leader is in born, because it depend upon our attitude, leadership quality etc. Leadership is the quality to influence a group towards the achievement of goals. Traits theory states that a leader possess a set of qualities or attributes that differentiate him from leader to non-leader. That's means a specific behavior is the parameter by which a leader is differentiated from non- leader. I support that leader are born and not made.

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Mr.Sundaram.V said: (Oct 6, 2015)  
In my point of view, our attitude decide our leadership quality, so it is born naturally, Because everybody having the ability, but who one have the guts, that person only do the work, He/she motivate together to achieve the goal by His/her previous experience like their surroundings help to lead.

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Sakshi Saxena said: (Oct 6, 2015)  
So after considering everyone's point of view we came to a conclusion that leaders are born with certain traits and qualities but these qualities must be polished and enhanced over the period of time. If you leave your qualities unnoticed then you will definitely loose out on them.

We have all the examples who after hard work made themselves aware of the their traits on time and rocked the world by becoming greatest leaders.

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Atem Valery said: (May 24, 2015)  
Hi I'm Atem Valery. For me I do believe that leaders are born and not made because we have people like Fotso Victor who was a school drop out but today he is one of the greatest business leader.

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Lalit Thanet said: (Apr 18, 2015)  
In my view no one is born with any quality, every one is like a raw mud and the porter gives the shape and make it a pot. As the same the environment like our education, friends group, family, culture and many more life experiences make the person a leader. So I support as the leader is not inborn but made by the different factors.

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Ranjan Raj said: (Jan 30, 2015)  
Hello friends, My name is Ranjan Raj and I am from IFEEL.

According to my thought leadership is an inborn quality. Everyone is born with this quality, but it depends on you when you realise this quality and when you show it. It can start with an incident or situation. I would like to give an example of a great leader and freedom fighter Mahatma Gandhi who is also known as the father of our nation. He realised this quality after an incident happened during a train journey where he was thrown out of the train and he was told that "You are a black person and you could not travel in first class". He saw a vision of independent India. He took initiatives, and came in the battleground of freedom.

Again, I would like to express my thought with the example of sword. A sword without its sharpness is not useful in battle it becomes an effective tools after going under process of sharpening, and it pays deep contribution in the victory. In the same way without sharpening this quality it is worthless, it can be sharpen by society, family, friends etc. And the education. B-schools only does a role of sharpening process.

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Sumedh R said: (Jan 27, 2015)  
Leadership is a rare quality which includes confidence in your actions as well as the knack for initiating any idea or a venture in this case. Leadership can be developed over a period of time even outside a business school.

Every situation has its own perspective. No business school can teach you how to tackle panicky situations. It is your own ability and instinct which makes you a good leader. You may be a born leader only if you have nurtured that quality in time.

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M.V.Krishna/Palvoncha said: (Oct 1, 2014)  
Dear All,

Leaders are NOT born. They are NOT made in Business schools.


The various challenges they face from various elements will leads to a person to take initiation to give a solution for the challenges. The initiator will be the LEADER.

To become a good Leader:

1. The individual should have strong desire to become a leader.

2. They should have mental ability and Physical capability to take right decisions at right time and to implement them accordingly.

3. The Leader should be aware about the past, should know about present and should be able to predict the future.

4. They should treat everyone equally without partiality.

5. Leaders should not wait for an opportunity, they should create an opportunity.

A true leader is one among ordinary people.

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Akshaykumar.L.U said: (Sep 12, 2014)  
In my opinion I would like to say that, Leadership quality cannot be decided at the time of birth but the work he does, how he utilizes the opportunity and works for the benefit for the others. Leader is not the one who gives the command or order but he takes everyone opinion and decides which is best.

Some will say that leaders are born but they don't know that their work and achievements are seen only when the time goes on. Each an every person are the leaders of their own life. Leaders must have the quality of communication skills, and others like mental ability and physical ability and education, straight forwardness etc.

Thank you.

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Yoga said: (Sep 7, 2014)  
Leaders are born in my view. If you see the children playing there will be only one child take initiative and leader of that gang. From that it is clearly visible the person have leadership quality inborn. In our country most of the political leaders are good example for this. They people not even completed their schooling and college but they are very good in their field and lead the people. Most of this quality got by experience. Through B-school they people get training but it will never match with the real experiences.

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Sajith said: (Sep 7, 2014)  
To became a leader one has to either learn from life or from others leaders experience or else you can learn this from a good business school. However its not the trainer who will make you leader. You will became a good leader only if practice things you learn from B school.

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Avinash said: (Sep 3, 2014)  
Human being is the one of the greatest creation of GOD. A child born with qualities or a child born without qualities can not be identified by looking his face. That is all how he bringing up in family. The way of doing work, the opportunity to take self decision. The initiative taken by individual. The foresight view of things. These all qualities comes up when society and surrounding occurs situation before an individual. An example of diamond given by my friend is best suits on this. Because primarily a diamond is also a carbon but it is polished under process and become the diamond.

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Sweta said: (Jul 29, 2014)  
I think no person is born with any inborn qualities like leadership. Rather they earn such qualities during their course of life. They learn leadership qualities from their families, their school etc. For e.g If a person is given right to take small decisions as a child itself, then he'll gain self confidence which is very important for leadership. In the school as well, if a child is a class monitor, then he starts acting like a leader. Actually, business schools can never make the leaders because a person's qualities are actually decided in his childhood itself.

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Anuj Paney said: (Jul 2, 2014)  
Hi freinds,

Leader require some skills like decision making power, can influence other people, creativity dedication etc. This all skills not comes by taking degree this is inherent. For example when diamond is in mine it is fully black no one take away its property of shining but require some effort then only it shine. Similarly in college this leadership skills were sharpen for this we require sincere efforts and hard work.

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Qais said: (May 20, 2014)  
There is no question that some people come into the world endowed with self-confidence and a keen intellect. That is clearly an advantage. But of the group, only a small number move on to remarkable achievements as leaders. The difference appears to be hard work, thoughtful and tenacious effort, zeal for learning, and willingness to extend beyond ones normal comfort zone. Some people start with clear advantages, but nearly all people are made better leaders from specific developmental activities.

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Sujita Timilsina said: (May 9, 2014)  
I think in my opinion leadership quality is an inborn quality, It cannot be created by b-school but they can only polish it and further give a shape for their qualities. B-school can provide practical knowledge in order to develop their skills, technique & knowledge so that they can be a good leaders.

So I would like to conclude by saying that leadership is an inborn quality & B-school only provide platform in order to expand their knowledge and skills so that they became a good leader in future.

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Mahendra Choudhary said: (Apr 29, 2014)  
Hello everyone. My view over the this topic is leaders are both born and are created. I would like to give you an example of born leader, Dhirubhai Ambani. He was not a B school graduate but still he was a successful leader.

Leaders are created by society and the success and failures in one's life make him think differently which helps him to shape his leadership skills making him successful. Example to this is Warren Buffett.

I would to conclude by saying that, if you want to walk fast you walk alone but, if you want to walk far you walk in a team. This defines leadership.

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K.Raghuramreddy said: (Mar 28, 2014)  
In my opinion leader may born or made, why because based on knowledge and skill, attitude, team management skills makes a man a leader in this connection we can say leader may made. If one who manages himself from childhood as well as others such as social, school, organisation development become born a leader.

Thank you,

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Ali Yousuf Zaidi said: (Feb 13, 2014)  
Probably I think that leaders are made Not born. The reason behind this is simple that when a child is born then just by seeing him we cannot judge that he will become a good leader or not. One have to show hi leadership skills which are injected in him through one tool-EDUCATION. This plays a most crucial role in polishing one's talent.

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Nagendiran said: (Dec 11, 2013)  
Hi To all, In this forum my opinion is Leaders are not born in nature, they are made by society, when you handle different and difficult situation, you will be able to lead a team. But how much pain you have taken to solve those problems ?If you face more problems and how fast you solve this or you have a clear plan. Then Soon you will become a leader. So my views in this forum. Leaders are not born in nature.

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Chinna said: (Dec 10, 2013)  
Leadership is very important thing to every person. Leadership is mainly depends upon to maintain the situation. And business schools are helping to shine the qualities which are involve in the person. And every person want to leader with a good and necessary qualities. But it is very complicated to do leader.

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Shahidhaman said: (Oct 23, 2013)  
HI Freinds,

My name is shahidhaman. I am from kavali. The topic is leaders are born are made?

In my opinion leader is not born, they made because every person should will born with same qualities. But few are became leaders because of some environment condition are surrounding atmosphere.

I say one example our national father also one of the greatest leader. He not born with any leadership qualities. The situations and condition are made him to change leader.

So in my opinion leaders are not born they made. Thank you.

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Barsha Guha said: (Aug 23, 2013)  
Hello everybody, I'm Barsha Guha, an engineering student from India.

I believe that leadership is an inborn quality. However, it must be nurtured through various stages in life.

Leadership is the ability to influence a group of people to achieve a common goal. A leader must have wisdom, values and good decision making ability which can only be gained through the experience one gains in various stages of life.

B-school education can nurture the leadership skills but cannot simply thrust the powers of leadership into someone who is not born with it. For example, not every B-school graduate is a great leader.

Again, there are people like Bill Gates. He was a school dropout. But he became one of the greatest leaders.

Hence, I conclude that leadership is an inborn skill, but, it must be polished through exposure for a leader to truly shine.

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Saravanan Krishnamoorthy said: (May 27, 2013)  
Leaders who are having a high determination which influences the people to follow him. Leadership skills does not come by birth. It is a quality being acquired by various moments and inspired to be a leader. Person who has a tremendous self confidence and actions inspired by the other people called Leader.

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Thaara said: (Apr 28, 2013)  
Not everyone can become leaders. Good leadership beholds in the way he/she takes the group. It must come out naturally and teaching leadership qualities does not work out, but can be moulded. Not all the students in the b-school becomes good leaders. But there are people who have become great leaders, who are not the products of any b-school.

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Martina W. Kohn said: (Apr 3, 2013)  
Leaders are born. The individuals have the gene in them but it cannot being seen (genotype). Because if a person is not born with that skill how will you make them to improve on their leadership ability. Some special talent must be seen in someone before you conclude about that person, is the same with leadership ability.

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Satya said: (Mar 8, 2013)  
Developing some clarity about the "born-or-made?" debate is essential to a discussion of leadership training. The current consensus is that it is both. In a majority of cases, genetics and early family experiences play the significant role in developing the personality and character needs that motivate the individual to lead. They also contribute to the development of the intellectual and interpersonal skills necessary to lead.

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Irfan Khan said: (Dec 6, 2012)  
Hi friends I am Irfan khan from Kashmir. Regarding this topic I feel that to become a good engineer one has to go through the engineering study or training and in order to become a good doctor, a person has to grind through MBBS course and then undergo internship, similarly, in order to become a good manager, an individual has to undergo management training programmes. Or else a technician can also become an engineer, a good compounder can also become a doctor. If we look at public sector, virtually everywhere the government is conducting management programmes for its employees. What is the need? All of them are qualified bankers or railway employees and definitely they have qualified the exam, but as the situation demands now, people have started a professional approach towards their job, which was earlier absent and hence the need for trained managers, So that they prove productive towards their organisation. Management is doing a work in much refined way within limited time period, so I think we do need to train managers. Thank you.

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Neelavarman said: (Aug 28, 2012)  
In my point of view,leaders are born cannot be made, its impossible to impart leadership skills to someone,the situation and the environment may help to develop leadership skill.Leadership qualities depends on how an individual see things.

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Richa Mehta said: (Aug 26, 2012)  
In my opinion leadership is an inborn ability. Leader evolve their ability by their surroundings, situations, parents, friends, society. It depends how they tackle with situations and how much effective they are. Business schools definately help a leader to polish his abilities.

To become a great Leader in present world one should have inborn ability as well as professional knowledge.

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Angelamii said: (Aug 9, 2012)  
Leadership is about setting a new direction for a group; management is about directing and controlling according to established principles. However, someone can be a symbolic leader if they emerge as the spearhead of a direction the group sets for itself.

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Santoshi said: (Jul 25, 2012)  
Hi friends,

As per my knowledge leaders are not made or born. Because every person born on same qualities. And business schools are help to increase our inner qualities. They don't make the leaders. Who confidently handle the all situation in every moment they will be a leader.

Who see the possibility to every problem they will be a leader.

Thank you.

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Satvinder said: (Jul 15, 2012)  
Friend all have good point, My Point of view everyone on born has the same qualities and it depends on the environment and situation by one passing life and gained the quality to lead the people. Leader also have ideal and learn from their experience but difference is that they get click by the right thought and right time.

He brought up such environment to seek the possibility to all and give his better in the betterment of society.

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Rahul Jain said: (Dec 3, 2011)  
Every one in this world has an inherent quality of leadership.. but this can only be identified by interacting with society which includes our family, friends, etc.. and hence by identifying it someone opt for b-school's to upgrade this leadership quality.

also the leaders have some vision in mind with the cherry on the cake i.e. followers to lead and hence that leader would use its influential skills to convince its people to become follower.

also the leaders like civil activist Anna Hazare which is not a B-school pass out but than too he leaded a big number of people..

also adding to same point the worlds biggest innovator Late Mr. Steve Jobs, dropped out of college.... so he did not got to any B-school.... but than too proved to be one of the biggest leader in the world..

hence my stand would be that leaders are even born but are also made at B-school hence it is a biased stand from my side

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Darshan Kumar (Bangalore) said: (Nov 23, 2011)  
Gd Evening every body ,
According to me leaders are made and they born also . In India we have lots of good leaders who born as well as they change himself like Shri Narayan Murty , Dr APL ABDUL KALAM , Neta Ji Subhas chander bose and many more example are those who change them self and we have also many example like Mukesh Ambani , Ratan Tata , Naveen Jindal etc are those have family business so they born as a leader .

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Brijesh Chandel said: (Jul 11, 2011)  
I acknowledge the facts leaders are born. Leadership is an inborn quality and parents, society, culture as well as education helps to polish their skills. There are many persons who are born with leadership qualities to some extent but leadership skills needs to be polished and nurtured in order to bring leadership skills to a reasonable level of competency. Leaders are not made in management institution, indeed these institutes helps us to polish our skills and develope instincts to lead the people.

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Rohit said: (Apr 16, 2011)  
Leaders are born, but they need to be made aware of their leadership quality. Exposure, which is quite in a business school, brings them out of their cocoon thereby giving the world a worthy leader. A well educated natural leader is always much better, preferred and respected than an uneducated leader.

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Shruti said: (Apr 12, 2011)  
Leadership is a quality which is naturally present and to some extent gets inculcated in a person from the surroundings and the environment in which he or she lives. This is a qualitative aspect which can only be improved(not wholly inculcated) by studying in the B-schools. The eminent personalities like J.R.D Tata, Dhirubhai Ambani etc were great leaders as they had in-born talent to lead others.
Leaders are born not made.

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Priyanka said: (Feb 26, 2011)  
I do accept that leader is born. Amey you are right, Mr. Dhirubhai Ambani sends his sons to management schools but 'they are his sons' whose father is a great leader and he wins heart of human. He send his both sons to polish his leadership quality.

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Amey said: (Jan 25, 2011)  
leaders are only as good as the situations they face, so these business schools create these simulated situation for the budding leaders which is good.
some are saying people like Dhirubhai Ambani never went for formal training but one should consider that both his sons went to top management schools in the world to become successful leaders.

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Abinash Kaushik said: (Dec 12, 2010)  
People take birth with different interest and attitudes. It is fortunate for the people who take birth with leadership qualities but it is not necessary that they would perform well as it is all about courage, confidence, motivating skills and circumstances which an individual faces through his/her life. It is also a real fact that each man possess same things difference is just in way of thinking and interest. No doubt business schools try to emerge leadership qualities in a man to its best.

But it is all about the theoretical knowledge and some amount of practical experience which are imparted by the business schools. The real field is something different. A true leader is on who is dynamic, confident, positive and who doesn't moves back in any kind of situation. Being confident may be inborn but tackling the situation is to be learnt from the circumstances. Surely business schools produce big leaders but the basic nature of man never changes.

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Viji said: (Nov 24, 2010)  
Through B-schools one can only improvise his knowledge and leadership qualities to deal with problems. It is not that a perfect leader is made by the B-schools. Leadership quality in a person is developed by his own experience in the society and his nature to deal with the things.

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Ritesh said: (Nov 12, 2010)  
I think every one have leadership qualities but some people have in born talent. Business school is just improve, shape your leadership quality.

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Mani Babu said: (Nov 9, 2010)  
Leaders are not made in business schools. Leader would have punctuality, friendly nature, mingle nature, and good communication with others. These qualities are required for business schools. Leaders are not born. Leaders are created by themselves.

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Balaji said: (Nov 8, 2010)  
Leadership is an individual is not related to studied because some big leaders are not studied in schools he is only studied for life so he success his career.

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Fairoz said: (Nov 4, 2010)  
Leadership is a property those who face all the difficult situations in their life while doing some social services and when he is positioned to do work for the country. For ex when he/she is positioned in government services.

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Sarvan said: (Oct 7, 2010)  
Leadership is in every individual, but the question is who realizes it at the deciding situation. Even a born leader can fail and a studied leader can fail. But the leader in yourself can never fail. Trust yourself and be LEADER.

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Narasimha said: (Oct 6, 2010)  
Leadership is an art. It comes from the environment that we have on our surroundings. Every person contains leadership qualities, but lack of confidence levels at them they are always in a back. So leadership is an enthusiastic skill that depends on the persons ability and confident.

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Gaurav said: (Oct 5, 2010)  
Well, if you people talking about true leadership quality then its can achieve only no one find it as fathers property because there are many more example that they are belonging to small family and became the great leader and lots of example for that one's family had many more leaders but one could not so leader ship quality came after some struggle.

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Saloni said: (Sep 27, 2010)  
Leadership quality is not a born quality. It depends on the environment we are living in, how we handle different situations we take it confidently or rather depends on other. It depends on how much we believe in ourselves and how confidently we do our work.

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Anurag said: (Sep 19, 2010)  
Leadership quality is a born quality, some has it little and some one has more. And that person devlop their quality them self. Other person can motivate other person only. B school just give a direction that people. Leader ship quality devloded by hard working.

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Phasehymn said: (Sep 11, 2010)  
The way I see it is the leaders are born, its only that his qualities are hidden. Whatever these b schools does are mere refining their qualities. You cannot change a person who has never took an initiative in life. A leader always does that. Talking of b schools they already take the persons who have certain leadership qualities which they find through no. Of test and GDs they conduct. No school or b school can change a person into leader unless the person is born with it.

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Sabrz said: (Aug 23, 2010)  
According to me leaders are not born, the situation, the environment he faced only make him a leader, the schools and education only improve the leadership quality. So only all companies who were recruiting peoples doesn't directly appointing them as a leader, they check whether they are suited for that task whether he can able to manage the situation and so.......

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Sanyog Garg said: (Aug 18, 2010)  
I feel that in this current scenario, Leader can be developed by allowing him/her to experience and take decisions. Apart from TATA, Birla and Ambani there are lot of companies that are being directed well by leaders. And those leaders are not born. There are thousands of companies that performed very well even in recession.

In my opinion, in current scenario, a leader is a person who give direction to all resources in a company in order to keep that company sustainable and to grow more and more.

So, Chanda kochhar from ICICI, Indira Nooi etc etc all are good professionals and leaders of today's business scenario.

If we talk in context of current global world then Leasers can be created and managers can be guided!!

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Vikash,Vizag said: (Aug 17, 2010)  
From present scenario we can say leaders are made by the situations. It depend upon the place (enviornment) where they born.

In business schools we are getting opputunity to enhance our leadership qualities by creating hypothetical situations.

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Arun Kumar said: (Jul 14, 2010)  
Leaders born this statement is true. Gandhi was our national leader and their family also. They are running country till now.

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Solotiger said: (Jul 14, 2010)  
Practising thing can make anything possible in any way. leadership quality need the calmness and to have stuff on that job

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Nitin Tyagi said: (Jul 12, 2010)  
I think leadership quality is come from our environment and to some extent it is come from birth. Some people shade themselves according to situation and handle them with ease.... that is leadership quality.

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Narsimham said: (Jul 7, 2010)  
One of the greatest skill that God has given to every individual by Birth, its Leadership quality, it always teaches a great lesson about Human life. Every leader has to deal with problems and lead the people with insignficant potential and empower others to achieve their objectives. One day or other everyone will exhibts their Leadership skill when they face with obstalces.

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Shrishti said: (Jul 6, 2010)  
Leadership quality is not inborn but is adapted by the individual as per the environment. It is due to the fact that which type of surrounding we have and which type of people we are interacting.. Leadership quality is enhanced due to the type of circumstances we have faced and its actually the criteria depends on how much we are able to handle the pressure.

So definitely all this should be learned by the situations in life not before life..

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Arvind Balodhi said: (Jul 6, 2010)  
I agree that the leader we had in the past or present are not from any business schools but we must understand that the leadership quality they are having is the result of the situtation or circumstances faced by them. And the same thing is done by the business schools, they are giving the their students virtual situations to act so that the Leadership qulitiy or power a student (or anyone) is already having which is hidden inside can come out.

Everyone can't be a leader because everyone is not facing the same situations. The circumstances of everyone is different. For example carbon is same but from the same carbon we have two allortopes diamond and grahite. As diamond get strong pressure and heat it is diamond and if graphite also suffered that heat and pressure it could also be diamond.

A person come with all the positives and negatives with him, it is the circumstances which make the persons mind to respond. If he responded positively he can be diamond and if negativly a graphite.


There must be followers else who will value leaders.
Leaders are leaders because there are followers, if all will be leaders then we can't get the conclusion.

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Sweety said: (Jul 5, 2010)  
I do accept that leader are born,leader are the one who can win heart of human through doing social services or developing nation with their innovative thought,and their passion to do thing for benefit of all and not as an individual.

Example : Nelson mandela, Dirubhai Ambhani and Ghandhiji..

Business school are meant to gain knowledge,sharpen their skill to execute, youngster who are not exposed to practical scenario.
A person without passion to do is similar to dead body for business school.

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Nagaraju said: (Jul 4, 2010)  
In my point of view leader is nothing but he has to manage all those things what ever he want do that should be taken by him a challenge. He should talk loudly, innocently about the situation occur at any point of time. The leader has to think in a positive manner. Almost all this type of persons would came from childhood because they don't care any one. Some peoples only came from business schools from childhood they behave like leader at any point of time and they learnt so many things also by absorbing past and present situations in the country.

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Pretty said: (Jun 27, 2010)  
Leaders are born this can be supported by there fact that our great national leader Gandhi was a born leader he did not went for any business school. So leadership qualities are inborn business schools helps to refine and sharpen such skill. It's difficult for business schools to inculcate any leadership quality

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Vjnreddy said: (Jun 25, 2010)  
Every one is leader. Everyone have the own leadership qualities.

Business schools are only for improving our leadership qualities and to shine our qualities.

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Vignesh Bharathi said: (Jun 13, 2010)  
Every one borns with leadership quality,but the exposure to the soceity is minimum.There are great leaders who have not visited schools or never completed their schoolings. How is it possible for them?.Its the burning desire inside every one to work for others benefit. That makes one to become a leader...

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Uthayan said: (Jun 12, 2010)  
ya , any one can study in school but only a people with high confident level and facing a any situation brave can lead the team. but this character is not linked with birth so this are learned from thier environment they living

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P.B.Madhavi said: (Jun 11, 2010)  
I think that everyone has the leadership quality but only some are confident about that, thus becomes visionary leaders leading everyone towards the compelling cause for the job to be accomplished.

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Is Leaders Born or are they made in Business Schools?

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