Is Leaders Born or are they made in Business Schools?

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Vaishali said:   6 years ago
Hi, everyone, I am vaishali.

In my opinion, leaders are not born they made in business schools. The thinking that makes anyone leader is not inherited from your mother or father that is developed in the person by giving that mentality of thinking. The main qualities of leaders are who can support their employees, not getting annoyed easily, listen everyone's thinking, motivate their employees to do more better. All this quality is developed in the person by changing their thinking and made them think like that and high level of study made anyone a good leaders. So business schools provide that environment to the students to develop this type of quality in this way leaders are made.

Thank you all.

Prasath said:   6 years ago
Of course, leaders are born not made by the business schools when a leadership could come?

HERE the answer not only trusting yourself but also to absorb all the ideas of the group member and focusing the each idea into a single goal and that should be achieved by the group and "lead the group".

Shakir zaman said:   6 years ago
According to my view, leaders are born. We all have leadership qualities but only a few people come to know that they have leadership qualities and by polishing their leadership qualities they become a great leader.

Keari said:   6 years ago
A distinction has to be made between true leaders and quack leaders. True leaders know that they are born for a purpose. Society is their laboratory. They experiment and display various leadership skills which benefit society as a whole eg. (a political pursuing a passionate personal cause).

Soumava Das said:   7 years ago
Leadership qualities are like sincerity to work, goals in life, hard work to achieve the goals, making other people believing in their goals and teamwork are present in many individuals. As and when they realize their potentials they rise up to occasions. Any leadership training or management schools can make people realize these talents and to work upon deficiencies.

A .srinivas rao said:   7 years ago
According to me, leadership is the quality which is developed by our surrounding. I don't think that leadership is inborn quality. Every leader should have a wisdom and goal. This quality is gradually developed from our birth to death. If you spent your time with leaders then one day you will become a leader. Business school can give you an opportunity to improve your leadership quality.

Shriharsh Muramkar said:   7 years ago
Behavioral theories believe that people can become leaders through the process of teaching, learning and observation. Leadership is a set of skills that can be learned by training, perception, practice and experience over time. Good leaders seek out development opportunities that will help them learn new skills, which is only the outcome of education in respective prospective.

Mansi said:   7 years ago
Well, according to me, leaders are made by their self-confidence. Everyone possess the leadership quality in them but the differ made how they uses their leadership quality. As there are well known leaders like Mr Modi, Baba saheb Ambedkar, etc they never went to any business school though they have that leadership charm in them. So according to one's life's experiences are enough to make a person good leader.

Mohammed Alshehari said:   7 years ago

I think leaders are not born! leaders made, each one of us has an essential leadership, but that essential leadership features might be affected through our career. We may learn some leadership lessons which might face, teach and happened with any one of us. After such life lessons, the desire of anyone play the choice through the human mind and decide its way. Either the one like to be a leader and continue the way with a mental and physical facilities and get more about leadership through leadership studies. Or to live with another way of life.

M. A.

Suraj said:   7 years ago
I think that leadership qualities come from the actions that a person take depending upon different situations faced. Everybody has leadership quality, but it depends upon the person how he/she uses it in daily life.

For example there is always a friend who decides where to go for the trip or responsible for booking the cab at lowest price. Whenever a project is given a college, there is always a person who takes the responsibility of dividing the work.

So all these situations show that leadership quality cannot be developed by studying about it, but it is ongoing process and it can be developed by taking the responsibility.

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