Is Leaders Born or are they made in Business Schools?

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P.B.MADHAVI said:   1 decade ago
I think that everyone has the leadership quality but only some are confident about that, thus becomes visionary leaders leading everyone towards the compelling cause for the job to be accomplished.

Uthayan said:   1 decade ago
ya , any one can study in school but only a people with high confident level and facing a any situation brave can lead the team. but this character is not linked with birth so this are learned from thier environment they living

Vignesh Bharathi said:   1 decade ago
Every one borns with leadership quality,but the exposure to the soceity is minimum.There are great leaders who have not visited schools or never completed their schoolings. How is it possible for them?.Its the burning desire inside every one to work for others benefit. That makes one to become a leader...

Vjnreddy said:   1 decade ago
Every one is leader. Everyone have the own leadership qualities.

Business schools are only for improving our leadership qualities and to shine our qualities.

Pretty said:   1 decade ago
Leaders are born this can be supported by there fact that our great national leader Gandhi was a born leader he did not went for any business school. So leadership qualities are inborn business schools helps to refine and sharpen such skill. It's difficult for business schools to inculcate any leadership quality

Nagaraju said:   1 decade ago
In my point of view leader is nothing but he has to manage all those things what ever he want do that should be taken by him a challenge. He should talk loudly, innocently about the situation occur at any point of time. The leader has to think in a positive manner. Almost all this type of persons would came from childhood because they don't care any one. Some peoples only came from business schools from childhood they behave like leader at any point of time and they learnt so many things also by absorbing past and present situations in the country.

Sweety said:   1 decade ago
I do accept that leader are born,leader are the one who can win heart of human through doing social services or developing nation with their innovative thought,and their passion to do thing for benefit of all and not as an individual.

Example : Nelson mandela, Dirubhai Ambhani and Ghandhiji..

Business school are meant to gain knowledge,sharpen their skill to execute, youngster who are not exposed to practical scenario.
A person without passion to do is similar to dead body for business school.

Arvind Balodhi said:   1 decade ago
I agree that the leader we had in the past or present are not from any business schools but we must understand that the leadership quality they are having is the result of the situtation or circumstances faced by them. And the same thing is done by the business schools, they are giving the their students virtual situations to act so that the Leadership qulitiy or power a student (or anyone) is already having which is hidden inside can come out.

Everyone can't be a leader because everyone is not facing the same situations. The circumstances of everyone is different. For example carbon is same but from the same carbon we have two allortopes diamond and grahite. As diamond get strong pressure and heat it is diamond and if graphite also suffered that heat and pressure it could also be diamond.

A person come with all the positives and negatives with him, it is the circumstances which make the persons mind to respond. If he responded positively he can be diamond and if negativly a graphite.


There must be followers else who will value leaders.
Leaders are leaders because there are followers, if all will be leaders then we can't get the conclusion.

Shrishti said:   1 decade ago
Leadership quality is not inborn but is adapted by the individual as per the environment. It is due to the fact that which type of surrounding we have and which type of people we are interacting.. Leadership quality is enhanced due to the type of circumstances we have faced and its actually the criteria depends on how much we are able to handle the pressure.

So definitely all this should be learned by the situations in life not before life..

Narsimham said:   1 decade ago
One of the greatest skill that God has given to every individual by Birth, its Leadership quality, it always teaches a great lesson about Human life. Every leader has to deal with problems and lead the people with insignficant potential and empower others to achieve their objectives. One day or other everyone will exhibts their Leadership skill when they face with obstalces.

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