Is Leaders Born or are they made in Business Schools?

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Nitin tyagi said:   1 decade ago
I think leadership quality is come from our environment and to some extent it is come from birth. Some people shade themselves according to situation and handle them with ease.... that is leadership quality.

Solotiger said:   1 decade ago
Practising thing can make anything possible in any way. leadership quality need the calmness and to have stuff on that job

Arun Kumar said:   1 decade ago
Leaders born this statement is true. Gandhi was our national leader and their family also. They are running country till now.

Vikash,vizag said:   1 decade ago
From present scenario we can say leaders are made by the situations. It depend upon the place (enviornment) where they born.

In business schools we are getting opputunity to enhance our leadership qualities by creating hypothetical situations.

Sanyog Garg said:   1 decade ago
I feel that in this current scenario, Leader can be developed by allowing him/her to experience and take decisions. Apart from TATA, Birla and Ambani there are lot of companies that are being directed well by leaders. And those leaders are not born. There are thousands of companies that performed very well even in recession.

In my opinion, in current scenario, a leader is a person who give direction to all resources in a company in order to keep that company sustainable and to grow more and more.

So, Chanda kochhar from ICICI, Indira Nooi etc etc all are good professionals and leaders of today's business scenario.

If we talk in context of current global world then Leasers can be created and managers can be guided!!

Sabrz said:   1 decade ago
According to me leaders are not born, the situation, the environment he faced only make him a leader, the schools and education only improve the leadership quality. So only all companies who were recruiting peoples doesn't directly appointing them as a leader, they check whether they are suited for that task whether he can able to manage the situation and so.......

Phasehymn said:   1 decade ago
The way I see it is the leaders are born, its only that his qualities are hidden. Whatever these b schools does are mere refining their qualities. You cannot change a person who has never took an initiative in life. A leader always does that. Talking of b schools they already take the persons who have certain leadership qualities which they find through no. Of test and GDs they conduct. No school or b school can change a person into leader unless the person is born with it.

Anurag said:   1 decade ago
Leadership quality is a born quality, some has it little and some one has more. And that person devlop their quality them self. Other person can motivate other person only. B school just give a direction that people. Leader ship quality devloded by hard working.

Saloni said:   1 decade ago
Leadership quality is not a born quality. It depends on the environment we are living in, how we handle different situations we take it confidently or rather depends on other. It depends on how much we believe in ourselves and how confidently we do our work.

Gaurav said:   1 decade ago
Well, if you people talking about true leadership quality then its can achieve only no one find it as fathers property because there are many more example that they are belonging to small family and became the great leader and lots of example for that one's family had many more leaders but one could not so leader ship quality came after some struggle.

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