Is Leaders Born or are they made in Business Schools?

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Vaishali said:   6 years ago
Hi, everyone, I am vaishali.

In my opinion, leaders are not born they made in business schools. The thinking that makes anyone leader is not inherited from your mother or father that is developed in the person by giving that mentality of thinking. The main qualities of leaders are who can support their employees, not getting annoyed easily, listen everyone's thinking, motivate their employees to do more better. All this quality is developed in the person by changing their thinking and made them think like that and high level of study made anyone a good leaders. So business schools provide that environment to the students to develop this type of quality in this way leaders are made.

Thank you all.

Shreya said:   6 years ago
None of us are born with any skills or talents. We come in this world with no previous knowledge about life or wisdom about circumstances. Skills could be dancing, singing, painting are honed as we grow up. It depends on one's interests, surroundings, and resources that one is exposed to. Leadership is a skill which is developed over years of observation, experiences and learning. Believe me or not, there is a leader in each one of us. A business school doesn't teach us how to be a leader, it tells us how to find and expose the hidden leader in us.

Leadership is not something anybody is born with, it is just an amalgamation of the lessons learnt in life, taking the shape of a skill.

Akshaykumar.L.U said:   9 years ago
In my opinion I would like to say that, Leadership quality cannot be decided at the time of birth but the work he does, how he utilizes the opportunity and works for the benefit for the others. Leader is not the one who gives the command or order but he takes everyone opinion and decides which is best.

Some will say that leaders are born but they don't know that their work and achievements are seen only when the time goes on. Each an every person are the leaders of their own life. Leaders must have the quality of communication skills, and others like mental ability and physical ability and education, straight forwardness etc.

Thank you.

Suraj said:   7 years ago
I think that leadership qualities come from the actions that a person take depending upon different situations faced. Everybody has leadership quality, but it depends upon the person how he/she uses it in daily life.

For example there is always a friend who decides where to go for the trip or responsible for booking the cab at lowest price. Whenever a project is given a college, there is always a person who takes the responsibility of dividing the work.

So all these situations show that leadership quality cannot be developed by studying about it, but it is ongoing process and it can be developed by taking the responsibility.

Avinash said:   9 years ago
Human being is the one of the greatest creation of GOD. A child born with qualities or a child born without qualities can not be identified by looking his face. That is all how he bringing up in family. The way of doing work, the opportunity to take self decision. The initiative taken by individual. The foresight view of things. These all qualities comes up when society and surrounding occurs situation before an individual. An example of diamond given by my friend is best suits on this. Because primarily a diamond is also a carbon but it is polished under process and become the diamond.

Mahendra Choudhary said:   9 years ago
Hello everyone. My view over the this topic is leaders are both born and are created. I would like to give you an example of born leader, Dhirubhai Ambani. He was not a B school graduate but still he was a successful leader.

Leaders are created by society and the success and failures in one's life make him think differently which helps him to shape his leadership skills making him successful. Example to this is Warren Buffett.

I would to conclude by saying that, if you want to walk fast you walk alone but, if you want to walk far you walk in a team. This defines leadership.

Mohammed Alshehari said:   7 years ago

I think leaders are not born! leaders made, each one of us has an essential leadership, but that essential leadership features might be affected through our career. We may learn some leadership lessons which might face, teach and happened with any one of us. After such life lessons, the desire of anyone play the choice through the human mind and decide its way. Either the one like to be a leader and continue the way with a mental and physical facilities and get more about leadership through leadership studies. Or to live with another way of life.

M. A.

Sweta said:   9 years ago
I think no person is born with any inborn qualities like leadership. Rather they earn such qualities during their course of life. They learn leadership qualities from their families, their school etc. For e.g If a person is given right to take small decisions as a child itself, then he'll gain self confidence which is very important for leadership. In the school as well, if a child is a class monitor, then he starts acting like a leader. Actually, business schools can never make the leaders because a person's qualities are actually decided in his childhood itself.

Nagaraju said:   1 decade ago
In my point of view leader is nothing but he has to manage all those things what ever he want do that should be taken by him a challenge. He should talk loudly, innocently about the situation occur at any point of time. The leader has to think in a positive manner. Almost all this type of persons would came from childhood because they don't care any one. Some peoples only came from business schools from childhood they behave like leader at any point of time and they learnt so many things also by absorbing past and present situations in the country.

Yoga said:   9 years ago
Leaders are born in my view. If you see the children playing there will be only one child take initiative and leader of that gang. From that it is clearly visible the person have leadership quality inborn. In our country most of the political leaders are good example for this. They people not even completed their schooling and college but they are very good in their field and lead the people. Most of this quality got by experience. Through B-school they people get training but it will never match with the real experiences.

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