Is India ready for Electric Vehicles?

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Shubam Gupta said:   5 years ago
Hellow friends, I'm Shubam.

In my opinion, it is right to say that still, India is not ready for accepting EV. As we know all vehicles like needs fuel anyhow after a certain required time. With fuel vehicles are nothing. In case of gasoline vehicles or gas vehicles, there are petrol pumps or Gas pumps (usually LPG) Is available within Kilometers. But for electric vehicles here is nothing not at all. No charging points are available to expect at our homes. If in case we maintain this, then definitely we say that India is ready for Electric vehicles Otherwise it is like as "SHIP WITHOUT RUDDER".

Anomi said:   5 years ago
Ofcourse, India is ready for electrical vehicles. They may be costly but the main advantage is that there will be no pollution as compared to vehicles that runs on fuel. Due to pollution we have health problems, climate change problems etc. Most important thing is to save this earth from this dangerous effect of pollution, for that we need to introduce electrical vehicles.

Payal said:   5 years ago
India is preparing for electric vehicles. It has been said that by 2030, 30% of the vehicles running on the road will be electric vehicles. Electric vehicles will help in reducing pollution, oil bill that the country has and generating employment. Though the infrastructure required for these vehicles is still being made like charging stations. Since, this is a new project so the cost is very high. Government has launched a scheme called FAME to allow subsidy on various things required for EVs. So, the country not yet ready but is preparing for EVs.

Ravi Ranjan Kumar said:   5 years ago
Yes, it's right time for India to develop EV as we all know Price of petrol and diesel is increasing day by day and we have no control on it so why to depend on other countries, Develop EV station to charge it and India is surplus in electricity and solar energy. It will make us get rid of pollution, noise and global warming etc.

Diksha said:   5 years ago
Hi friends,

I am Diksha.

EV in India is not a good idea because these cover the minimum distance and charging 5to6 hour. Waste the lighting Bill and not satisfied.

I know patrol rate day by day increase but if we are going anywhere and the battery discharge, so we can't do anything but patrol, finished I can fill the tank any petrol pump.

Hanuman singh said:   5 years ago
According to me, India is not ready for EV because they think that it is a game and use it in a bad way. They drive fast, waste petrol and diesel, create pollution, create an accident, doing traffic jam, and waste people's time who are going to job. So people are not ready for it.

If it is used in the right way, then it will be helpful.

Swapnil Survase said:   5 years ago
According to my opinion, India is Ready for EV. Because it is a right time because day by day price of petrol and diesel increases and it is not good for the environment due to an increase in pollution. But the second side is that we have to increase charging station like and use more available solar energy. And everyone has supported him. It will some time but at one day will proud on it. Thank you.

Chaitanya Narkhede said:   5 years ago
Many reasons have been stated before this post, but I disagree with some of them as I don't think that India is ready for electric vehicles. Some of my friends have stated that because of the population we should move to EVs, but there are many other constraints too that matter a lot like do we have the proper infrastructure like charging points for these vehicles. If it will be planned that the charging stations will be made, then do we have that much area because there are many people in India who still don't have a place to live, the shelter for them. First-of-all, the Indian govt should facilitate them, and then think of EVs until then we can rely on CNGs which is a good option as per the present scenario and also we have CNG filling stations which ready to use.

Another reason why we should not go for EVs is that India is a developing country, so its citizens need speed which these EVs are not able to fulfil. They (public transport EVs) run max at the speed of 45kmph which is not enough. These vehicles need proper maintenance whereas nowadays, various brands are launching vehicles that need minimum maintenance. Also, EVs need minimum 3-4 hrs to charge and also they get discharged after every 200 km. So it's not a deal of profit or any kind of benefit.

So, from my point of view, India is not ready for EVs.


Akansha said:   5 years ago
No, it's not.

Although electric vehicles are 100 percent eco friendly. They do not emit any harmful gas and is good for environment. It reduces pollution. It is a good idea to introduce electric vehicles in India but India is not ready for this major change and there are many reasons regarding this.

First of all, electric vehicles need large charging stations which is difficult to build at every place of the country. Building charging stations need a lot of space, in India, even now many people don't have a safe place to live so our government should for this cause first. Second reason is that for every 200 km electric vehicles require 5 to 6 hours of charging. So for traveling long distances electric vehicles are not preferred. Even it's speed is also not so high. And if someone is getting late than they will surely not prefer this. Even many areas of our country are still not so developed. They do not have proper electricity supply, in that case charging of vehicle will be a major issue.

So, before installing electric vehicles there is a lot to be done. Only then we can say that India is fully ready for electric vehicles.

Thank you.

Ankit said:   5 years ago
According to me, there is a lot of hope. Reasons are as follows.

1. I see a lot of tuk-tuk three wheelers electric rikshaw out in the city. These vehicles are profitable to run as passanger vehicle.

2. We have a lot of electric vehicle charging stations. And the slow charging issue is being resolved by fast charging technologies.

3. We belong to such a country that never stops before any sudden change. We are habituated to accept changes in every field. Then I must say, that other issues will also be resolved if electrical vehicles are promoted.

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