Is India ready for Electric Vehicles?

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Kowsalya Nakka said:   3 months ago
Jai Hind everyone.

I'm Kowsalya Nakka.

As My thought, India is not yet ready for E-vehicles.

1. Scarcity of electricity because of highly populated.
2. No manufacturing company in India as per EV.
3. It's better to discuss about EV after this decade. Because India needs development.

Thank you.

Shubh patel said:   3 months ago
Good afternoon everyone,

My name is Shubh. Today's topic related to electric vehicles is really important for the automobile sector.

The electric vehicle is useful for a reduction in pollution in the environment. In winter our capital Delhi is high polluted city in the world. Nearly 22 to 30 per cent of pollution through only transportation. So if India is more use a electric vehicles then pollution is decreases. Many companies like tata, Ola and ather is start manufacturing of electric vehicles and also put a high investment. So I think India is ready for the electric vehicles.

Avantika yadav said:   2 months ago
Hello everyone.

Today's topic is electric vehicles.

Electric vehicles are introduced due to increasing global emissions in the world. Electric vehicles are necessary as it decrease pollution and it is affordable to buy for everyone and due to electric vehicles, petrol prices are also reduced in the country. India is yet not ready to produce electric vehicles because to produce electric vehicles the main component is the battery which is made up of lithium and China is the largest producer of lithium. So, first of all, India depends on China for this and India also needs to make power stations to charge EVs which incurs huge costs.

Harshita Rai said:   2 months ago
Hello everyone.

According to me, India is ready for e-vehicles. Nowadays Indian moto automotive companies are trying different ways of energy to create electricity as there is a scarcity of natural resources which tends to increase prices of petrol and diesel. The scarcity of natural resources is a major reason why India is launching e-vehicles like e-buses, based on green hydrogen or solar power.

Aryan madhur said:   2 months ago
Hi everyone.

Myself aryan Madhur the topic is whether India is ready to adopt EVs or not so in my opinion first understand why this EV topic has been discussed so much among people and is a hot topic of discussion because as the climate is changing, and with an increase in the atmospheric pollution ie air pollution due to the burning of fossil fuels it has become important to reduce our dependability on fossil fuels also it is a limited resource so here ev gives a good alternative to reduce the pollution by transportation and automobiles emissions and dependency on fossil fuels to a greater extent, according to one report in us more than 30% air pollution is due to the automobile emissions. In India, it is an emerging technology and gaining a good appreciation among the people. But it has both pros and cons.

Divya said:   2 months ago
Hai everyone,

Today's topic is a Electric vehicle.

Yes, India is not yet ready to produce Electric vehicle but in future we may use the e -vehicle. Electric vehicle reduces the sound pollution as well as Air pollution. Now people are slightly using E-vehicle and price is also quite good and its weight also very less.

Baidya said:   2 months ago
Good evening everyone.

My name is Baidya,

As the given discussion topic is " Is India ready for E-vehicles or not".

In my point of view, India is not completely ready for E vehicle due to the following reasons-.

1. Lack of charging stations.
2. High cost of the vehicle as compared to per capita income of Indian citizens.
3. Lack of confidence and required skill among drivers.
4. Lack of Garage for repairs.
So, overall I would like to conclude that There is a great infrastructure that needs to be developed to adopt the E vehicle.


Pavan said:   2 months ago
Hi Friend.

Good Morning Today's topic is India ready for EV vehicles.

In my opinion, no India is ready for EV vehicles. Because India is not full of electricity. And EV Vehicle Needs Electricity to charge the battery. Rural Areas of India face a power cut Problem. Friend in my village had a power cut problem that happened. Yes, the government is working on the Electricity issue. And in the past, they made great decisions.

I think India is ready for EV vehicles in the upcoming 4 years.

Thank you.

Sagnik roy said:   2 months ago
Hi, Myself Sagnik Roy, and I am from Kolkata.

For this topic about the electric vehicle I would like to say that yeah it is a good solution against fuel shortage or fuel based vehicles and according to this modern world it will be really helpful for many people who love cars etc but the mileage of that car is not acceptable but is our country ready for this upgradation. I would say yes because in our country there a lot of metropolitan cities where already many electric stations are installed but one thing I think we need to keep in mind that how the electricity comes that matters most because how we are gonna make electricity effects that how much we can afford or produce EV. And one point I would like to add is that still in our country there are lots of areas where the environment is not fully ready for this EV. There we can't get any station for charging which is why I think we need some time to be fully ready for EV.

That's all from my side, Thank you!

Swetha said:   2 months ago

So, Indian roads are currently dominated by petrol and diesel cars and bikes.

And only one percentage of total vehicles sale in India is electric out of which more than 90% of electric vehicles on India roads are slow speed electric scooter.

But the Indian Government and manufacturer or ambises.

Worldest leading car manufacture TESLA is also planning to launch electric cars in India soon.

And they started to develop the infrastructure like charging infrastructure development across cities and highways.

Highlightly and many companies are going to collaborate the investment for expanding charging networks.

And they going to intractive and increase awareness among customers about the benefits of electric vehicle.

One of the main components of EVS lithium which is not easily available in the world.

As per the report, India is depend on the import for EVS from Australia and South America.

But our in February as per the minister of mines more than 5.9 million times of lithium is founded in Jammu and Kashmir.

So, India is ready to showcase there electric vehicle in upcoming years.

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