Influence of Online Social Networks on our Youth

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Kamil.. said:   5 years ago
Hello Guys.

My Self Kamil.

My Point Of View Of Social Media is Under Below.

The positives of social media:


Teachers are able to easily collaborate and communicate with students and one another.
Students have easy, free access to resources online to help them learn.
Grades improve and absenteeism is reduced.
59% of student users report that they use social networking to discuss educational topics and 50% use the sites to talk about school assignments.


Voter participation is increased. Facebook users said they are more likely to vote if they see that their online friends did. During the elections of 2010, users who visited Facebook more than once a day were 2. 5 times more likely to attend a political rally or meeting and 43% more likely to say they will vote.
Social media facilitates political change: Online networks give social movements a quick, cheap method of disseminating information and mobilizing people.

Awareness/Being Informed:

27. 8% of Americans get their news online. (28. 8% get it from newspapers and 18. 8% from radio).
Information spreads faster online than any other media. More than 50% learn about breaking news on social media.
Social networking provides academic research to everyone with online access, allowing people access to previously unavailable resources.
Social media sites inform and empower individuals to change themselves and their communities.

Social Benefits:

Social media allow people to communicate with friends and this increased online communication strengthens those relationships. 52% of online teens say social media have helped their friendships. 88% say being online helps them stay in touch with friends they don't see regularly.
People make new friends. 57% online teens report making new friends online.

Job Opportunities:

Great for professionals for marketing, connecting, and finding business opportunities.
Employers find employees and unemployed find work. 89% of job recruiters have hired via LinkedIn, 26% via Facebook, and 15% via Twitter.
Social media sites have created thousands of jobs and new avenues of income.

The negatives of social media:

A Detriment to Work and/or School:

Enables cheating on school assignments.

While grades did improve for light users, the grades of students who are heavy users of social media tend to suffer. One study shows that student users have an average GPA of 3. 06 while non-users have an average GPA of 3.82.

For every 93 minutes over the average 106 minutes spent on Facebook daily, college student's grades dropped. 12 points.

Another study showed that students who went online while studying scored 20% lower on tests.

Possible negative effects on college admission: 35% of admissions officers scan prospective students' social media and report discovering information that affects their admissions decision.

Social networking sites harm employees' productivity. 51% of users aged 25-34 checked social media at work.

Using social media can harm employment and prospects. Job recruiters check a prospective employee's social media accounts, and things like profanity, poor spelling or grammar, racism, sexism, poor health, references to alcohol or drugs, and sexual and religious content can all count against you.

Lack of Privacy:

People, especially the young, are often too open and public with personal information when online. Most don't read privacy policies and may be unaware that their information may be used by third parties, like advertisers, insurance companies, and the IRS. 21% of teens believe it is safe and harmless to post personal information, including photos.

Exposure to corporate and governmental intrusions. The US Justice Department intercepts thousands of pieces of information from email and social networking activity per year.
The IRS trains agents to scan social media for information that can help them resolve taxpayer cases.

Insurance companies use information gleaned from social media, as well. If you have "liked" a medical-related page or a post about a health condition, that information is sometimes used by insurance companies to determine eligibility and raise rates.

Online advertising policies are an invasion of privacy. If you "like" a brand, you\'re giving that company access to your personal information.

Users Vulnerable to Crime:

Social networking sites allow hate groups to recruit and distribute propaganda online.
Unauthorized sharing and copyright infringement threatens intellectual property and causes loss of income.

Security attacks such as hacking, identity theft, phishing scams, and viruses are common online. 68% of users share their real birth date, 63% share the name of their high school, 18% share their phone number, 12% share a pet's name: This information might be used in identity theft.

Criminals use social media to commit crimes. Robbers know when you're away from your home on vacation and stalkers get information about your whereabouts via social media.
Sexual predators find, stalk, and assault victims through social media.

Sexting (texting sexual content) can be a big problem. When teens post sexy photos or comments online, it can lead to criminal charges and child pornography. 88% of "private" sexual images posted to social media are stolen and publicly posted on porn sites without the subject's knowledge.

Security attacks such as hacking, identity theft, and viruses and exposure to phishing scams are common via social media.

Social Detriments:.

Cyber-bullying (the use of electronic communication to bully someone, usually by sending intimidating or threatening messages) is commonplace online, causes emotional trauma, and sometimes even leads to suicide. 49. 5% of students reported victimization by bullying online and 33. 7% admitted to online bullying. A 2012 study found that at least 800, 000 minors had been harassed on Facebook. Middle school children who experienced cyberbullying were almost twice as likely to try to kill themselves.

According to one report, 15% of adult users said that something that happened online caused a friendship to end. 12% of adult users said something that happened online caused a face-to-face argument, and for 3% of adults it turned into a physical confrontation.

Extensive online engagement is correlated with personality and brain disorders like poor social skills, ADHD, narcissistic tendencies, a need for instant gratification, and addictive behaviors and other emotional distress like depression, anxiety, and loneliness.

Less time for face-to-face interaction with loved ones. 47% of 18-34-year-old users reported using social media or texting during meals. 10% of people younger than 25 reported checking their phones and social media during sex.

Children at higher risk for depression, low self-esteem, and eating disorders and more prone to feeling isolated and disconnected (especially youth with disabilities).


Enables the spread of false rumors and unreliable information: 49. 1% of users have read false news on social media.

Encourages amateur medical advice and self-diagnosis of health problems, which can be dangerous and life-threatening.


Studies have shown that sites such as Facebook influence you, via advertisements, to spend more money.

Advertisers gain all kinds of personal information about you via your social media, information they use to persuade you to buy their product.

A Waste of Time:

When alerted to a new post or tweet, it takes about 20 to 25 minutes for the average user to return to their original task. 30% of the time it takes two hours for the user to return to their original task.

Avadhesh said:   8 years ago
Favor (Boon)

Social networks are the new way of communication for example Facebook, Myspace, Orkut and much more.

Everyone is sharing pictures, day to day activity, thoughts about issues, personal problems etc. on the social network. As well as people are communicating with each other through social networking sites. Few people are exploiting social networking sites by spying on others life. Few cases have been reported where robbers and thieves were spying on victims through social networking sites. So one should take care of what he/she is sharing on social network. Its own responsibility that to not share anything personal which can create problems.

Public sharing of private lives has not led to a rethinking of anything. It's just reminded people to use extreme caution when publicly sharing their private lives. If you wouldn't do something in front of everyone you know, don't do it on the internet.

The Internet is popular due to freedom of speech. Few groups are asking that social networking sites should be banned. If the government would ban social networking sites then the internet will not be free. People will not share their lives or communicate with others and the internet will loose its charm.

Humans are social animals by nature and social networks are just one other outlet for humans to interact. We should not look at social networks as threats but as opportunities for us to interact with people globally. I myself am an active user of social networks and have made many friends and business contacts online that I would otherwise not have had the same level of opportunity or interaction.
Against (Bane)

Social networking sites are a complete waste of time. Youth is wasting their precious time on these social networking sites so these sites should be banned.
A guy who posted a video on YouTube weightlifting, skiing, and performing karate exhibitions. He was fired from his job for showing too much Bravado.
There was one incident where robbers using user's geolocation on Facebook to find out when the target is at home or not.
Unlike other human social interactions which are transient, e.g. talking to friends over lunch etc, the Internet keeps a permanent record of what we say to each other. If you are having an online conversation with your friend(s) then you should be aware that conversation can be seen by countless others and that a record of that conversation will be kept somewhere on the Internet. Indeed, now with some social networks introducing geo-location services a record of where we go and how long we spend there will also be maintained.
Social-networking sites allow seemingly trivial gossip to be distributed to a worldwide audience, sometimes making people the butt of rumors shared by millions of users across the Internet.
Public sharing of private lives has led to a rethinking of our current conceptions of privacy.
Existing law should be extended to allow some privacy protection for things that people say and do in what would have previously been considered the public domain.
People need to be aware of the environment within which they are communicating to others. If you are discussing things in a public forum then all that information is available to everyone else in that forum. Therefore they should take a common sense approach to what they should and should not discuss. In the real world, we only talk about sensitive issues when we are in private and with people we trust. I think though that when people are online they can fall into a false sense of security because there are physically in a secure place using their computer either in their office or their home which results in them divulging information they should not.

The social network is indeed a boon for the human race as it is bringing people closer and letting them communicate with each other without any fear and barrier. But still, one need to be cautious of what level of personal information they are revealing on social networks.

SUBHASIS said:   9 years ago
Social networking in our lives.

Hi friends.

SNS as the name itself suggests that it is a basic platform for connecting people with different cultures, societies and different types of people living all over the world. In this modern era everybody are preoccupied by their works and it became difficult to meet each other personally, in this type of situation SNS played a vital role in providing virtual platform like Skype, video chatting connecting dear and far relatives and friends. Every idea will have two aspects in the same way SNS have positive and negative impacts.

Positive :

1. We can share the information within seconds.

2. It is very useful for start-up companies to promote their products at low cost.

3. It is useful for a student to share assignments. It helps a lot for education where students can refer data from e-books, articles, presentations etc.

4. For a normal person it will use to acquire the knowledge about current affair. Keep in track with latest technology.

5. It creates a virtual platform to meet with near & dear ones through video conferencing, Skype, video chatting and various other modes.

6. The people who use it badly are faulty. If you are given stones then you can make bridge out of these and you can also make a wall out of these. It entirely depend on individuals how he use it.

7. Social networking sites are used for various purposes like in politics, business, technology etc.

E-commerce (online shopping) is the best example. As we can purchase anything online. Various sites available are flip-kart, snap-deal etc.

8. The first recognizable social networking site is Six-degrees which was launched in 1997.

Till now, there are more than 200 social networking sites are in the internet.

Facebook, launched in 2004, has become the largest social networking site in the world.

9. It is becoming most advance form of job search portals. Job seeker can easily search job from a single platform. Now a days it becomes a part of social campaign for corruption, politic, national movements.

Negative :

1. For teenagers too much addiction to sns leads to decrease in the concentration of his/her studies.

2. If you use more than limits than it is a time killer.

3. Making unnecessary relationships with opposite gender.

4. Students share the subject files during examination which is malpractice.

5. Now days we are seeing some terrorist groups are using these sites to motivate the youth towards the terrorist activities.

6. Now a days so many cyber crimes are through social media.

7. I read one news that Pakistani terrorists are contact the one of their army person through the SNS and made him to help them by providing what he wants.

8. Children at young age should never be allowed to use these sites because at such young age they would be exposed as at their age they are not in a position to decide whether it is right or wrong to be friends with strangers and also exposing them to social networks will erode their innocence. All things should be done at right time and social networking is not a right thing for very young kids.

At-last I would say if a big stone and a hammer is given to you, you can make statue or you can break the stone with hammer, in the same way it depends upon the attitude and character of a user who use it for good or bad.

So my suggestion is to use social networking sites in good manner! every invention is useful to human life until we notice its importance. So make a notice. Use carefully.

Tanvi said:   8 years ago
Hello, folks.

This is Tanvi here.

Like everyone has said about the merits and demerits of use of social networking, I would also like to put some light on these issues.

Excessive use of social sites being like any other addiction is taking our impulse control. It has become a part of our DNA. The most important impact of it which I found nearby is Teenagers are losing their ability to communicate if not through smartphones. Recent research says that we teenagers are unprepared for the world of work where we will have to actually interact with the people outside our peer group and speak face to face with total strangers. This later results in depression, low self-esteem etc.

Another important affect of social media are it creates disturbances in life when priorities get misplaced and this affects relationships. People start comparing their relationships and partner with the social figures which leads to a drop in romance and development of problems in relationships.

Moreover, one gets influenced by the unrealistic life displayed on social media and thus pressurizes the partner to lead the life as displayed. Even social media makes people more agitated and that too after break-ups; one starts repeatedly checking and rechecking smartphone and reassures if their ex-has moved on if they are happy with the new partner if they are feeling lonely and many other reasons.

People find their online friends the real ones to share their matters rather than with their family.

And this is really very common in youth when their parents ask for some time to talk then they show negligence and avoid it citing the lack of time but on the other hand, they are using these sites on a regular basis. Journals says a billion people uses facebook on a daily basis. And one more reason which comes in the limelight these days is wade in these sites for support is also because of increasing depression in people due to one or more reasons but its excessive use might serve to boost their depression. Because one can't find the real happiness on these outlets where everyone presents a false picture of their lives with flattering selfies, images of holidays, parties etc.

One more point which I would like to add is the excessive use of social media leads to stress, low self-esteem because the lack of shares, likes also makes people feel neglected which affects their brain and health as well.

Bottom line- One needs to learn how to control one's self over the use of social media and introspect one's needs and desires. Also, social media be used in regulated time slots and one should spend quality time with family instead of mindlessly browsing or rather log out when one is upset. Use social media but do not let it take over your life.

Naresh kahar said:   6 years ago
Group Discussion on Social Media can be approached from various angles.

Some facts about Social Media:

Currently, there are 600 million Whatsapp users, 639 million Qzone users, 200 million Viber users and 500 million Facebook users.

About 84% of teenagers in America are having Facebook Account.

The closing valuation of Snapchat amounts to $20 billion.

It has been observed from the research that every nine out of ten companies in the United States are implementing marketing practices through social media. Professionals consider LinkedIn more important than any other social media network.

It has been observed by the end of 2015 that Facebook conquered the users, but currently, Instagram is considered more important than Facebook or Twitter amongst the youth.

YouTube is highly preferred amongst the age group of 18-49 as compared to any cable network.

Pros of Social Media:

1. The sense of psychological satisfaction: It is achieved when the information relating to any individual, establishments, or products are shared with others.
2. Effective communication: Promotes interpersonal communication and group dynamics while eliminating the barriers to communication.
3. Facilitates business performance: Bridges the gap between the management of corporates and stakeholders along with promoting e-commerce.
4. Online social networks development: The user's profile gets connected with the profile of other individual or groups.

Cons of Social Media:

1. Security Issue: Information shared over social media may be confidential. It could be misused if gone to the wrong hands. The security systems are inappropriate when it comes to teenagers.
2. Lacking personal touch: Things are done over social media these days. It lacks personal touch due to which people rely less on activities are done through social media.
3. Accidental posts: If any post is made unintentionally or leaked in social media, such activity could probably cause unwanted threats, harassment, or trolling.
4. The tendency to endorse fake news: Sometimes the information or news that is not real is promoted to a great extent that people tend to rely on them.

Social media is the best platform where you can share reliable information with your friends and people at large. If used appropriately, it can help you in boosting your business and personal brand along with the relations with friends. However, we must know where to put the full stop.

We hope that this GD guide on Social Media will help you in understanding the pros and cons of using social media and facing group discussions effectively.

Avinash said:   8 years ago
It's medium of delivering messages and contacts. In old time we used to wait for month to get a letter written by our some relatives. But now time has changed people have become very active and well updated with latest technology. It all can be done in seconds of time.

Social Impact: Now a days if you want to know that what percentage of people of a particular country or state are connected to each other, Social media can help you a lot. It plays an important role to connecting like minded people, increasing social awareness, give you power to express your opinion by sitting at your room and with family. Now People are using it to find his life partner, new friends, old classmates etc. On the basis of latest data Aug 2015 provided by India/we are social, there are 350 million internet users are in India out of which 289 million people belongs to Urban area and 46 Million people are from Rural area which is 27% and 12% of total population of India. Common people usually spend on average 4 hr 43 min on the internet. If we see recent data on users of social media, there are 134 million user active on social media site and 97 million users are active on SM through mobile which is 10% and 8% of total population of India.

Political impact: Due to active involvement of common people our political leader is also using social media to connect them through Social media. Our current Prime Minister Narendra Modi used to it very wisely. He used it to connect himself with all those people. I read one of interesting and funny incidents during the election period Rahul Gandhi was criticizing about Modi and his work in Gujarat. In the next 15 min. Narendra Modi get updated with Rahul's speech and he used it in his favour by using factual data.

Economical Impact: Now a days Social medial playing an important role in development of a country. New initiative of make in India taken by our Indian government. Is going to very much affected by Social media. It was launched by our Honourable PM NM on 25 September. 2014 to encourage multi-nation as well domestic companies to manufacture the product in India itself. Social media campaign for make in India to reach every nook and corner of world. It is named as Social media marketing.

Zain said:   7 years ago
Therefore, Consumer attitude is stated in this theory as the consumers' willingness to act as a purchaser from a specific organisation, wholly built over the internet or any retail business simply during the usage of social media to market and inform purposes which might or might not be executing e-commerce side by side. This point of view inevitably takes into account for consumer's choice and decision process consisting their buying intents in greatest cases and perception forming in others. Hence, this study characterises web based shopping by means of online networking inconsistency with the strict importance of the idea of utilising web-based social networking as a method for procuring items and obtaining over the web by effectively being persuaded by firms moving toward through web-based social networking.

Therefore, this study states that the approachability and responsiveness as a scale of efficiency of an organization in dealing with its customers, coaching the areas of problems, order processing, and availability. The convenience is specifically identified with the intrigue levels of people as well as constrains them to either complete their buy exchange or abandon it mid-route in light of pointless procedural impediments or interface difficulties. This study characterizes convenience as the degree of insignificant effort that buyers need to put in while obtaining by means of online social gatherings, and the level of ease in achieving the last internet shopping outcome. This study characterizes brand trust as the quality of belief buyers have in the web service supplier in protecting their own data and keeping up a solid two route association with the client. This may contain characteristics like conveying what is guaranteed to be offered, being proficient in administration arrangement and guaranteeing risk-free association as an endeavor to improve client confidence in the organization, leading to positive consumer attitude.

To evaluate the effect of the quality of social media on consumer purchase intention and attitude.

To classify components of social media that impact consumer purchase intention and attitude in the environment of Pakistan.

Sambeet said:   7 years ago
Social media has equal number of pros and cons. However I think that the effect of the cons are more dominating the pros. Let me first point out the good effects:

1. It can be used to create and maintain relationships.

2. It reduces distance between the communication.

3. It can be used for advertising products on a commercial level.

4. It can be used to organise events.

5. Finally, It is becoming one of the fastest way to propagate news among youngsters since 70% to 80% of the netizens are youths.

Now, lets take a look at the darker side:

1. Although social media can be used to build up relationships, the internet is an infinite ocean where anyone with good experience can leak out personal and private information. Your security is always at risk.

2. Even though social media was introduced to make communication more convenient, people today have reached a point where they've literally stopped communication the conventional way. Also, there has been tremendous rise in the usage of internet slang and people are slowly losing their knowledge on the English language.

3. We see a lot of products advertised on the internet. However, statistics suggest that for most of these companies that advertise, the income they get through online trajectory is way too less compared to other means. So online advertisements are not much of an effect.

4. The social media has almost replaced TVs as the primary source of entertainment. And major share goes to the memes created and posted in the social media. These memes depict in a way the current scenarios or may be something related to daily happenings and they depict them in a sarcastic way. When such things are conveyed in a sarcastic I tone, it surely affects our level of understanding of the issue.

5. This is the most negative impact of social medias on youth. We all are addicted. And it is increasingly becoming serious. We stay online most of the times literally doing nothing. It greatly affects our productivity.

Prasanna kumar said:   5 years ago
Hello friends, I think the Topic is given to us "Influence of social media on youth''.

Social media is a platform to connect the people all over the Globe or world.

All are having some advantages and disadvantages, just like a knife, it has also both, but depends upon how we use it.

Lets we discuss some advantages first.

1) In olden days communication, b/w people was very difficult, but nowadays it becomes very easy.
2) It is the biggest platform to learn anything.
3) It's very useful for the people who feel very shy to interact or communicate by face to face.
4) In this, we can easily enhance our talent overnight.
5) In this platform, we can promote our business also.
6) After coming social media many People got employment.
7) In any emergency time, we can gain help from others very easy. Ex:-blood, accidents, jobs, etc.
8) we can easily get a relationship from anyone around the globe.

Now we discuss some disadvantages also.

1) Nowadays many people spend their time on social media is increasing day by day.
2) There's no privacy for our information.
3) Cybercrimes have been increasing day by day.
4) Many people don't have any interest to talk with surrounding ones.
5) Many people lose their values using rubbish things. Ex:-Online dating, etc.
6) Many people facing so many problems using social media, Etc.

If you like to give me a big thumbs up Or anything wants to improve in my writing, comment me.


(So please be careful while using social media, Jai hind).

Sandeep Jha said:   6 years ago
As we all know social media is a lifeline of many people in the current era. Social media is a platform which enables us to interact with anyone who is far away from us,

So there are positive and negative impacts of social media.

Positive Impacts of social media.

1) Learning--- Now a day learning platforms are not limited. In early ages, if children start to watching channels he may learn the basics of communication skills.

2) MARKETING---AS on social media all age groups are available so in spite of wasting money on social media or and campaigns they can just advertise their products on social media.

3) Interactions-- The First thing which attracts children to use social networking sites get a chance to interact with anyone either he is nearer or far away from them and to make friends.

Negative Impacts:

1) Cyberbullies--the tremendous effect of SOCIAL MEDIA SITES are cyberbullying and we have seen so many cases of children who committed suicides.

2) Addiction-- people or children gets addicted to it and they do not think that there are only 24 hours in a day. They are wasting their time without thinking about their future.

3) Privacy-- children update their social media sites on every new thing they do it may harm thier personal life so it is also a negative impact.


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