Influence of Online Social Networks on our Youth

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Shekhar kumar thakur said:   9 years ago
Social networking is a medium with which we can interact with our friend, relative. There are many social networking site available today's like face-book, Whatsaap, twitter.

Roaming romeo said:   9 years ago
I think that the social media websites are going from the usage for which they have been created. We are wasting a lot of our precious time. Mainly, youth we don't where the youth of our century is going we are driven. By this social media we don't have any idea about what we are finally going to get from this depression is the main thing that is undertaking the power of youth. It is mainly taking lives of our youth in the form of suicides. I think everyone should just think once about it. I can't write much in here, and this is what I feel.

Arun said:   9 years ago
In my opinion, SNS doing bad impact on youth. Being connected with our buddies or family is good but young people using social networking apps every time even while exam times, it's like addiction to them, they can't live away from them. Therewith many people fooling others by making fake accounts of individuals and many times girls get trap in such harmful conspiracies. Many religious groups try to provoke them to fight with each other through these sites.

Reshma said:   9 years ago
Social networking affects our life in a very positive way, it provides a medium to exchange our views, information. We can interact with our old friends, but various problem associate with it, wastage of precious time, leak privacy of other person.

SUBHASIS said:   9 years ago
Social networking in our lives.

Hi friends.

SNS as the name itself suggests that it is a basic platform for connecting people with different cultures, societies and different types of people living all over the world. In this modern era everybody are preoccupied by their works and it became difficult to meet each other personally, in this type of situation SNS played a vital role in providing virtual platform like Skype, video chatting connecting dear and far relatives and friends. Every idea will have two aspects in the same way SNS have positive and negative impacts.

Positive :

1. We can share the information within seconds.

2. It is very useful for start-up companies to promote their products at low cost.

3. It is useful for a student to share assignments. It helps a lot for education where students can refer data from e-books, articles, presentations etc.

4. For a normal person it will use to acquire the knowledge about current affair. Keep in track with latest technology.

5. It creates a virtual platform to meet with near & dear ones through video conferencing, Skype, video chatting and various other modes.

6. The people who use it badly are faulty. If you are given stones then you can make bridge out of these and you can also make a wall out of these. It entirely depend on individuals how he use it.

7. Social networking sites are used for various purposes like in politics, business, technology etc.

E-commerce (online shopping) is the best example. As we can purchase anything online. Various sites available are flip-kart, snap-deal etc.

8. The first recognizable social networking site is Six-degrees which was launched in 1997.

Till now, there are more than 200 social networking sites are in the internet.

Facebook, launched in 2004, has become the largest social networking site in the world.

9. It is becoming most advance form of job search portals. Job seeker can easily search job from a single platform. Now a days it becomes a part of social campaign for corruption, politic, national movements.

Negative :

1. For teenagers too much addiction to sns leads to decrease in the concentration of his/her studies.

2. If you use more than limits than it is a time killer.

3. Making unnecessary relationships with opposite gender.

4. Students share the subject files during examination which is malpractice.

5. Now days we are seeing some terrorist groups are using these sites to motivate the youth towards the terrorist activities.

6. Now a days so many cyber crimes are through social media.

7. I read one news that Pakistani terrorists are contact the one of their army person through the SNS and made him to help them by providing what he wants.

8. Children at young age should never be allowed to use these sites because at such young age they would be exposed as at their age they are not in a position to decide whether it is right or wrong to be friends with strangers and also exposing them to social networks will erode their innocence. All things should be done at right time and social networking is not a right thing for very young kids.

At-last I would say if a big stone and a hammer is given to you, you can make statue or you can break the stone with hammer, in the same way it depends upon the attitude and character of a user who use it for good or bad.

So my suggestion is to use social networking sites in good manner! every invention is useful to human life until we notice its importance. So make a notice. Use carefully.

Shinde kiran said:   9 years ago
Hi, I am Kiran.

I would like to take the neutral position in this discussion because the social networking has both positive & negative effects on our life. Looking at the positive site it is the tool if used to its maximum potential can connect us with the world. We can share our thoughts, feelings etc, on social network sites such as Facebook, WhatsApp, twitter etc, we can get the news from all sectors like economy, politics, banking, society, national, international.

We can get connected with our old friends, make new friends, increase our contacts. The message can be sent within few seconds to friends & others. We come to know what is happening around the world on these social net working sites. Apart from these positive effects there are many negative impacts of social networking. The youth today is wasting alot of its precious time on social networking sites. Even if the social network is expanded community life is coming to an end.

It is like addiction to many of users & they can't live away from it either. The fake accounts is also a problem in which the girls are get trapped easily & the consequences are very dangerous. Today the terror outfits are also using the social networking sites to trap & pull the youth towards terror activities.

Nandu Patil said:   9 years ago
Hi friends,

According to me every things has its advantages and disadvantages. Like social networking sites plays very important role in our lives, that is we are using it to communicate with our friends, relatives etc, and we are getting regular updates that actually what is happening from all the corner of the world.

But today we people make social networking sites as our basic living things like our food, water, etc and we get addicted due to this. In this way, we are just wasting our valuable time on that social networking sites. And disadvantages are like that bad peoples are using it to spread unwanted messages into the people to hurt the socialism.

Otherwise social networking sites keep the world's people connecting with each other. According to me this is the actual globalization.

Devi said:   9 years ago
In our busy life social networking sites is one of our common way to communicate with our family and friends. It gives us a platform to share our photos, videos and information to all at one time.

Some sites provide virtual platform not only to meet dear ones, but also interviews and business meeting are conducting through videoconferencing. Also a platform for marketing like new companies can promote their product, new writers promote their books.

We can get updates every second what is happening around the world. If any natural disaster take place at afar of our place then through these sites we can help them by donating money and providing clothes, food, medicine.

Youth lose their valuable time by addicting to this, fake accounts increases the cyber crimes, some terrorist groups motivate the youth towards them and also traps the officers gets imp information.

So there are some positive and negatives in this but one should note that lack of ignorance's only makes them a victim and depends on thee user attitude and character.

Sunny said:   9 years ago
Good afternoon,

As I think social networking is just a tool which depends on how we people use it. If we use it in limited and effective way then it is simply the best gift we get in this modern era. It's advantage are unlimited we can get in touch with friend, family and even the unknown one for completely free. Sharing picture and feeling to many people in just a single click, it is also time effective as one can simply post the message on his/her wall and it spread to every one.

However some people also use it spread irrelevant thing on the social networking site which are unsocial and hurting other religion or cast. Evil are also spread through SNS.

Thank You.

Nivetha Karthikeyan said:   9 years ago
I think social network is the great boon of us. This media easily connect people with others. We shows our ideas or thoughts in front of the world. We gain many knowledge and up-to-date information about anything that we like. This media helps us to spend joys and sorrows of our life for Eg: If we are either happy or sad, we upload a photo or status something.

Many people share sorrows and joys of using this method. This is the main credits of media. Now a days many people spend lots of time in social media. People have a limit to use social media. Social media may lead to good and bad aspect. We have use that in proper way. Its all in our hand.

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