Influence of Online Social Networks on our Youth

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Ajay Sharma said:   1 month ago
Social media is a platform where youth can interact and connect with other people in the society or around the world. I am fully agreeing with Jayasri's point that every topic has two faces similarly social media has both positive and negative impact on the youth.

One of the positive impact can be youth are interacting with the people around the world which will improve their communication skill, social media like education platforms will help youth to gain knowledge, to solve the many problems and social media also help youth to gain knowledge about what's going on in the world.

On social media one can put their views on serval topic which allow them to openly talk about any topic.

On the other hand, social media may lead youth into many troubles like they can be trapped by the criminals who are using fake profile.

Since now a days social media is on trends so youth starts avoiding physical meeting with the friends since they can talk with them on the social media.

Youth is spending huge amount of time on social media which is not good for their mental health.

Jayasri said:   2 years ago
Hi friends, my name is Jayasri.

Today we have got the topic impact of social media on the life of youth.

Like a coin has two faces, every topic has pros and cons. Social media helps us to know what is happening around world. Youth can use online platforms like Byjus, udemy to enhance their skills instead of browsing on Facebook or any online platforms and wasting their time.

Nithya said:   2 years ago
In my point of view, Social media network is very good. It gives a lot of knowledge about the world happens. Adults points of view it is good but when coming to the children they know about lots of unwanted things. So it's the effect the education and future. Maybe in the future parents are control of not allowing children to use social media the avoid misuse of things. They know about serious of social media.

Pragya malviya said:   3 years ago
Hi guys,

This is Pragya,

The impact of media: social networks on youth is one of the most important topics because in the event of an epidemic, many people spend time in media and it is very negative for our health, but on the other hand it is also positive.

So let us discuss their pros and cons.

First, we discuss the pros -.

1. It helps a lot to know the state of the world.
2. It helps us to be a more creative and knowledgeable people.
3. We can learn and study more things from this media and social networking platform.

Another aspect is opposition. So let's discuss that point -.

1. In our daily life, we are all addicted to this social media and networks.

2. It affects our health like our eyesight is not good, our mental state is not good like most of the youth are depressed.

3. And the last is the most important, it takes a lot of time.

Aman Kumar Jha said:   3 years ago
Hi guys, I am Aman.

Our topic is the influence of online social networks on our youth. I am going to put on my views, In this pandemic, we completely depend on this because we had no other options. What's going on our surroundings we easily know through it but everything has two aspects so it is also. I think so this realies on us that how do we use it.

Manish Kumar said:   3 years ago
Hello, guys, this is Manish Kumar,

Today's topic is the impact and necessity of social media.

My point of view on this is;

Why we need a social media platform, while the reality is the more we pretend to be social on the virtual world the more unsocial in our real life. Unnecessary interfering in everybody life. And wasting our time.

Ajay yadav said:   4 years ago
Hello everyone, This is Ajay Kumar.

Today my topic is the influence of online social networks on our youth.

In my point of view in recent days, social media affects a lot in youth. Like a coin has two faces it also has two aspects that is pros and cons. First I want to talk about pros:-.

By using social media we get to know about information across the world.

It also helps to connect to the people across the world.

It also helps to increase the speed rate of business trade.

By this we also able to study online at home.


Nowadays cyber crimes increasing day by day.

By using social media it distracts the path of youth in many ways.

It is also a time-consuming thing that many peoples stuck in social media throughout the day.

So, at last, I want to say that it totally depends on us how we use it. So, be alert while using social media.

Thank you.

Poovizhi V said:   4 years ago
Social media connect the people whenever our people, country, world getting struggle in any problem. The great example is the lockdown period of COVID-19, natural disasters, protests, etc. Through social media we can connect any people for getting more knowledge and make contact with them. It helps us with the growth of our carrier. But if we see social media in our personal life, it changes the people physically and mentally. As per sir, Abdul kalam said, the growth of our country is in youngsters' hands, so we have to take responsibility and stand together for it. So, finally, what I'm trying to say is everything is only in our hands.

Nikita said:   4 years ago
Online social networks have a negative impact on today's youth. Now, they are good at chatting on WhatsApp, but they are not good at the person sitting next to him/her.

Youth wastes a lot of time there just to peep in whats going on in others life, due to which they skip their daily meals which leads to deterioration in their health & also increases the chances anxiety, depression in them.

S.dg said:   5 years ago
In my point of view, online social networking site has a great impact on our youth. Most of the young people like to spend their time on social media rather than doing actual work. It also affects our physical health. But everything has a good side. Due to this social media, we can communicate with family, friends living far away, also information can be shared among the people. In short, whether social network has a positive or negative effect on youth depends on its usage by the youth.

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