Impact of Technology on Jobs

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Sowmalya Sengupta said:   6 years ago
Good morning to all.

In my point of view, jobs and technology are related to each other by means of widespread networking. With the growth and development of technology widespread, people can connect with each other and this enlights people to access through the immense variety of jobs provided in the computer online by a series of networking enhancement. Also, the job seekers can prepare and upgrade themselves through the various modes of digital reading, e-books provided with the upliment of technology and technical inventions.

Alankar Tare said:   6 years ago
As we are living in 21th century and new technology is coming day by day but it has there own merits and demerits in getting the job:

1. Reduction in Cost of labour.
2. Time-consuming.
3. Error happening in the industry is less.
4. Economy growth.

1. Due to the increase in automatic machines unemployment is increasing.
2. Dependency on machines are blindly following by organization.
3. Less chances of getting jobs in any era.

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