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Manish said:   4 years ago
Hello everyone.

As we all know that everything has it's good and evil side. So does social networking sites too.

It totally depends on the way we want to use these sites as they were basically created to connect people. Using these platforms people can raise their voice against a lot of things. As we all know the #metoo campaign was also started at these sites only which was a great step towards women empowerment where the women can freely speak about the harassment they have been gone through.

And these sites can be used to share some important information related to jobs, current affairs.

But nowadays the use of these sites has increased in spreading hatred towards any religion, community. Fake news created over these platforms is being used to demonise people reputation.

Puran chettri said:   4 years ago
Good Morning Everyone.

My name is Puran Chettri & I'm glad to start a discussion on a topic ' Impact of social networking sites' in our lives. A social network is one if the powerful media through which information can be shared and obtained at any time. Social media is one of the fastest and convenient ways of communication but it has both good and bad impact in our lives. It has many advantages like we used to get news about what is happening around the world. We often do not get a chance to meet friends, the family who are staying far or abroad but we can stay connected with them through social sites like Facebook or Instagram. Our Government is planning to make digital India but I believed without social networking it will not be possible to make digital India or cashless economy.

Rujuta said:   4 years ago
Good Evening people!

I feel everything can affect us only as much as we let it!

Anything in excess is bad. Our generation somewhere fails to understand that Social Networking Sites are just a mere part of our life and not something that we should be building a life around! It's for a time out of stress and to keep in touch with the world. And not for constantly updating everything on it!

Marshall sakthi said:   4 years ago
Hai guys!

I think that the impact of social networks has both good and evil things. The way of handling it is the most important thing here. The main thing is it can make our world within our hand. We can know everything from the place where we are. It makes the efficiency of communication much better, nowadays in education google classrooms make the student know more than what a teacher teaches. They are a lot more learning apps, job sites, matrimonial sites, online banking, net marketing, online shopping and more what we want. The peoples all the needs are fullfilled by networking sites. I do not wish to mention the evils of the social network. Because I think that don't think of bad things. Thanks, guys.

Rohit said:   4 years ago
Social media impact on human being, whether it can relevant or irrelevant to us. Even though it is accessible to connect each other. Live chat. Watching every thing. As far as the using of social media, it depend on our thought and how to drive it. Nowadays, it is being a salient part of human, that's why we can't imagine life without it.

Preethi said:   4 years ago
Hi, friends, social networking sites give much knowledge to all, everything has good and bad sides, in the same way, it creates fake things also.

Chetan Patil said:   4 years ago
Hello Everyone.

I Think the impact of social networking sites depends on the usages of social network. If your using it properly, sharing good news then it will not harm the society but if your using it to pass fake news or for sending any religious msg that will harm the society and give rise to any kind of disruption in between two community then social media is very harmful. Social Media is for connecting people and not destroying them or harming any human life.

N.SHIVA KRANTHI said:   4 years ago
Hello Everyone,

Thank you for giving this opportunity to discusses social networking sites.

My opinion on social sites is very useful nowadays because many people are knowing what happens in the country and there are posting in social sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and WhatsApp.

But some people are addicted to social sites, by posting their photos and unlikely stuff, people should also think about their families who are so far by communication and there are forgetting their families by busy in social sites. Social sites are useful in sometimes but not useful in every time. Some people use social sites for their career and for job purpose and for popular by taking some videos and posting on sites.

Naveena D said:   4 years ago
Good Evening Friends,

Social networking is very important also this is bad one. Because technology is improved day by day. So peoples are communicate with each other by the social networking sites. Social networking is also provide good communication with friends and anybody.

It also make health problems using mobile phones for long time. Sometimes social networking is not good for our health. As well as technology developments are updated in our hand using the social networking sites. So this is good one as well as bad one.

As much as you use it is as bad. So use for your need.

Thank You.

Amit said:   4 years ago
Social networking sites have emerged as the most powerful networking medium among people these days. Nowadays people rely more on facebook, whatsapp, instagram more than face to face contact and interaction. But certainly there are some benefits which one can draw from these. It depends on how one uses these different apps. Some people use them for chatting, some use them for work purposes, some use them for posting photos and status updates and try to make themselves popular (fake popularity). But if seen from the other angle, it can be of immense help if we use it properly. Such as we can share some important documents, photos, keep contact through video calls when far away from family members. But the problem is that the young generation is getting trapped by these sites and are getting addicted. They are keeping on posting their photos all day long which are of no value. Instead if they use it for enhancing knowledge and educational purposes, then it will be of great help for them, for anyone. It is not about getting 1000 likes, it is about doing something which will add value to your life.

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