Government should clean its own hands before pointing finger at the private sector for corruption.

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Ponkavin said:   8 years ago
The government should clean its own hands before pointing the finger at the private sector for corruption. Government companies are more corrupted than private companies as we see from the example of 2G scam.

SACHIN ANS AUGUSTINE said:   9 years ago
In India government sector is more corrupted than private sector. We are Indians so we should not blame our country, instead of blaming we can provide ideas to reduce corruption. 'people should have a fear while doing corruption'.

In my opinion A RULE should be passed that if government employees does corruption he should be banned from doing any kind of job or business inside the country and his passport should also be cancelled, and also he should not get any type of benefits from the government. If this RULE becomes reality it is sure that no one does corruption.

Ramya said:   1 decade ago
In my opinion both public sector and private sector is doing corruption but government is largely engaged in corruption. We all know that each and every party is doing curruption. People is making the corruption. For example for getting admission in colleges we themselves are paying money. So in the present scenario corruption is the price we pay for democracy.

Rajitha said:   1 decade ago
Hi friends,

In my point of view corruption is may not only depends upon the government or private sector but depends upon the persons who are corrupting. In private sector the job is not permanent means not secured so that may people afraid to do corruption. Where as in public sector job is full secured so more chances to get corrupted. By using advanced technology we are advised to detect corruptors remove from their job in public sector.

Soundarya said:   1 decade ago

As all we know, today the corruption place a vital role of decreasing the economic growth of the country. It is because of both the government sector and as well as the private sector, but now-a-days private sector is more clean than the public sector. Govt companies are more corrupted than the private sector as we see from the example of 3G spectrum. So govt sector is tried to clean their hands before pointing of the private sector.

Hardik agarwal said:   1 decade ago
I don't think that it is really a topic to discuss, I mean definitely government should first check his lap full of black money and then try to monitor others. Government is the source of initiating the practices of bribery and then we, the common people comes into the light. Take any example of spectrum in India and prove that government's hands are clean in the spectrum, you can't. Because all the big happenings in India where minister's interest and powers are involved, the chances of corruption will surely 100%.

I am pointing towards any particular minister, it is all powers and money which makes one selfish with no sense left of taking care of common man.

Lets hope of some honest and determine towards their duty and oath.

Navin said:   1 decade ago
Hello friends. The topic is very interesting. In my opinion private sector can not do the corruption itself if people from the government does not help them to do so. Whatever scam we go through in the past has been carried out with the help of some big minister.

So if government tries to point out the finger on private sector then the government must first correct themselves. Moreover today private sector is contributing a lot in the development of the country. It is creating the job opportunity for the educated which otherwise would not have been possible. So it is reducing the unemployment.

It is bringing new technologies and many more. So I believe private sector is playing a crucial role in the development today. What we need to do today is to help in making a good government so that India may achieve whatever it deserves. Thank You.

Pralad dessai said:   1 decade ago
If talent and skill is given preference in the govt sector then the corruption can be drastically reduced. People should keep an eye on govt activities and question govt officials on the regular basis. It is the duty of every educated person to know completely about the functioning of the government India is a democratic country. All it needs is few educated and trusted people who can work for the needs of public without involving themselves in any corruption activities. We must ourselves clean the mess.

Skgantayat said:   1 decade ago
I am completely agree with the topic that government posses a vast stain of corruption as compared to private sectors. Now a days we can see the corruption in entertainment field also (cricket-IPL). In government field we see corruption because of political party, Reservation for quota etc. If talent and skill will be given to be the 1st Preference in the government field then I think it will be decreased, which a person generally don't see in Private Sectors.

B.S.Krishna said:   1 decade ago
Now a days corruption is a very common word which is highlighted by the Media. It had a narrow space in the past but now it entered almost all sectors in India, like government, private, political, businesses based on product or service. It is continuously spreading and developing in all sectors, more over 80% works are going under corruption in India. Ultimately it has been decreasing and op-positing the economic and growth of our nation. Most of the corruption cases are involved by the politicians and encouraged by businessmen for their continent and fast growth in their business. It mainly effecting on our national economic growth and pressure to the people in their daily living aspects.

In our country most of the government personalities and politicians are earning lot of money as corrupting and that effective to the common people like price hikes of general needs.

It is not possible to complete clean on corruption but it is possible to control for a long time. We have to aware on the corruption and also our Law will be take serious action with no wasting of time and punishment be critical.

Our media also participating to control the corruption.

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