Government should clean its own hands before pointing finger at the private sector for corruption.

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Ponkavin said: (Jul 14, 2016)  
The government should clean its own hands before pointing the finger at the private sector for corruption. Government companies are more corrupted than private companies as we see from the example of 2G scam.

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SACHIN ANS AUGUSTINE said: (Oct 16, 2014)  
In India government sector is more corrupted than private sector. We are Indians so we should not blame our country, instead of blaming we can provide ideas to reduce corruption. 'people should have a fear while doing corruption'.

In my opinion A RULE should be passed that if government employees does corruption he should be banned from doing any kind of job or business inside the country and his passport should also be cancelled, and also he should not get any type of benefits from the government. If this RULE becomes reality it is sure that no one does corruption.

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Ramya said: (Mar 16, 2014)  
In my opinion both public sector and private sector is doing corruption but government is largely engaged in corruption. We all know that each and every party is doing curruption. People is making the corruption. For example for getting admission in colleges we themselves are paying money. So in the present scenario corruption is the price we pay for democracy.

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Rajitha said: (Oct 31, 2013)  
Hi friends,

In my point of view corruption is may not only depends upon the government or private sector but depends upon the persons who are corrupting. In private sector the job is not permanent means not secured so that may people afraid to do corruption. Where as in public sector job is full secured so more chances to get corrupted. By using advanced technology we are advised to detect corruptors remove from their job in public sector.

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Soundarya said: (Sep 22, 2013)  

As all we know, today the corruption place a vital role of decreasing the economic growth of the country. It is because of both the government sector and as well as the private sector, but now-a-days private sector is more clean than the public sector. Govt companies are more corrupted than the private sector as we see from the example of 3G spectrum. So govt sector is tried to clean their hands before pointing of the private sector.

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Hardik Agarwal said: (Aug 27, 2013)  
I don't think that it is really a topic to discuss, I mean definitely government should first check his lap full of black money and then try to monitor others. Government is the source of initiating the practices of bribery and then we, the common people comes into the light. Take any example of spectrum in India and prove that government's hands are clean in the spectrum, you can't. Because all the big happenings in India where minister's interest and powers are involved, the chances of corruption will surely 100%.

I am pointing towards any particular minister, it is all powers and money which makes one selfish with no sense left of taking care of common man.

Lets hope of some honest and determine towards their duty and oath.

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Navin said: (Jul 31, 2013)  
Hello friends. The topic is very interesting. In my opinion private sector can not do the corruption itself if people from the government does not help them to do so. Whatever scam we go through in the past has been carried out with the help of some big minister.

So if government tries to point out the finger on private sector then the government must first correct themselves. Moreover today private sector is contributing a lot in the development of the country. It is creating the job opportunity for the educated which otherwise would not have been possible. So it is reducing the unemployment.

It is bringing new technologies and many more. So I believe private sector is playing a crucial role in the development today. What we need to do today is to help in making a good government so that India may achieve whatever it deserves. Thank You.

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Pralad Dessai said: (Jun 20, 2013)  
If talent and skill is given preference in the govt sector then the corruption can be drastically reduced. People should keep an eye on govt activities and question govt officials on the regular basis. It is the duty of every educated person to know completely about the functioning of the government India is a democratic country. All it needs is few educated and trusted people who can work for the needs of public without involving themselves in any corruption activities. We must ourselves clean the mess.

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Skgantayat said: (Jun 12, 2013)  
I am completely agree with the topic that government posses a vast stain of corruption as compared to private sectors. Now a days we can see the corruption in entertainment field also (cricket-IPL). In government field we see corruption because of political party, Reservation for quota etc. If talent and skill will be given to be the 1st Preference in the government field then I think it will be decreased, which a person generally don't see in Private Sectors.

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B.S.Krishna said: (May 14, 2013)  
Now a days corruption is a very common word which is highlighted by the Media. It had a narrow space in the past but now it entered almost all sectors in India, like government, private, political, businesses based on product or service. It is continuously spreading and developing in all sectors, more over 80% works are going under corruption in India. Ultimately it has been decreasing and op-positing the economic and growth of our nation. Most of the corruption cases are involved by the politicians and encouraged by businessmen for their continent and fast growth in their business. It mainly effecting on our national economic growth and pressure to the people in their daily living aspects.

In our country most of the government personalities and politicians are earning lot of money as corrupting and that effective to the common people like price hikes of general needs.

It is not possible to complete clean on corruption but it is possible to control for a long time. We have to aware on the corruption and also our Law will be take serious action with no wasting of time and punishment be critical.

Our media also participating to control the corruption.

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Debra Joseph said: (Jan 31, 2013)  
Corruption is the root cause for the growth decline in India. Private Sector does have corruption but this is attributed to the government. A company today cannot be started without having to bribe government officials. Everyone knows how much money politicians are taking in form of taxes but none of it ever helps in the development of the country. For progress, the government should first clean up their mess and then point fingers at private organizations that actually help employing people in the country.

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Piyush said: (Jul 22, 2012)  
Its true privatization has less corruption, it because of good management. Owner of company want to lead in whole market in same way if government don't wants to lead in global they give more priority to his party then his country. That's by they come forward to save his leader. Peoples are so busy in his family and they don't have a second for his country and consequent of it corruption.

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Kavinkumar, Gct said: (Jul 21, 2012)  
Corruption one among the crucial problem now the society is facing. Everyone has his own view on corruption. Somebody says its because the people are corrupted. But the thing is corruption starts when peoples are not provided with the rights to overcome it. Consider a democratic country like India. Here we can express our thoughts. We can form a group. But the law is if such groups are found doing mischief things the group has to be banned. Here the politicians are utilising it. They ban such groups by saying they are misbehaving the government law. So they are to be suppersed. A clear example of it is facebook. The are misusing the laws that are provided.

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Varun said: (Jun 30, 2012)  
Definitely, we can not blame government totally for the corruption, private sector is also corrupted but still private sector is more clean than public sector every department of public sector is corrupted. In this way corruption is the biggest problem in the development of India.

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Gurujyoti said: (May 16, 2012)  
From my understanding neither the government Sector nor the private sector are to clean their hands. But we are people play the supporting role in this corruption. So at 1st we are to be awarded our selves. And ourselves to make us free from corruption in the fields from education to socialization. Thanks.

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Rahul said: (May 8, 2012)  
Corruption is loss of resource doesn't matter if it is done by private sector or public sector. So one can't say that government has no right to point out the corruption done by private sector having said that government should start taking some serious measures in order to eradicate corruption from public sector and private sector and gain trust of public which will lead to the betterment of our country.

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MIKE said: (Apr 25, 2012)  
In many reputed organizations in private sector, most of the purchase departments are corrupt. Managements should ensure that their purchase departments have responsible staff who do not encourage corruption. This will be in the interest of their business.

And they managements should ensure that their vendors are not involved in corrupt practices. Normally shady deals take place outside the office. Very big corporate too are facing this problem - It is a difficult task to uproot corruption in private sector- this has to be dealt at the earliest. Vendors and Purchase departments are equally responsible for corruption.

Every organization wants to focus on Products and Sales and they ignore that their own organization is accepting kick-backs at some levels. What I mean to say is at all levels weather in Purchases or in Sales - CORRUPT practices should be avoided.

In Long term, in every ones interest.

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Vishal Singh said: (Apr 20, 2012)  
In India corruption started mainly after 1990. Due to liberalization & globalization employees in private sector start earning more in comparison to their counterparts in public sector in spite of less capable, so what happen that bureaucrat start thinking that person with less in knowledge as well as less in age also becoming richer day by day, they fed up with the government salary and allowances structure so they start taking bribe.

Private sector is main cause of corruption I can prove it with following mentioned argument.

. Commission based recruitment policy in private sector so employee start making fool to general public to earn more specially insurance companies.

. To earn more profit private companies make negotiation with politician and bureaucrat on sharing basis of profit so today's politician with lack of social responsibility and interaction they doesn't find anything wrong in this so they clear unambiguous projects.

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Aparupa Bal said: (Mar 2, 2012)  
Corruption has increased by leaps and bounds in the recent years. The most obvious reason behind this scenario are the lousy government officials who donot have any fear of action against them. The people on whom our country relies are the ones devouring our nation. Government officials are indulging corrupt practices in every sector be it politics, business, education or service.

As compared to public sector, private sector are much more white collared people. With the increasing competition, private sector are gradually changing their formula to exist in the market by giving more importance to customers, therby the corrupt practices are less relevant here.

Therefore in order to put a serious check on corruption and to make India a corruption free country the government has to take the incharge of unveiling the officials engaged in corruption and take corrective measures against them. Only then India can become a developed country.

Thank you.

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Anoop Agrawal said: (Jan 13, 2012)  
I am agree with this point that government and private both the sector are indulge in corruption. Government employee has no fear to loose there job. Thats why they are busy in making their own profit. Every sector of goverment is full with corruption and every employee takes bribe. If someone will not take bribe. Than he can not exist in the system. So the whole system is corrupted. So government should take appropriate action to remove this corruption.

Private sector are profit oriented and they always use bribe as a tool to make their work and profit. They are the source of government employee bribe. If they stop to give bribe. Then government employee will not be able to take bribe.

So both are equally responsible for the corruption.

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Ankita said: (Nov 23, 2011)  
Ankita-Corruption is a big issue for our country .we can not blame only government for that ,both public and private sector involves in it.cwg sam 2g scam, govt health related programmes are currupted.Private sector relates somewhere with these government sector while doing business.There is a chain from upper to lower so the whole system needs a change to stop it

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Rituraj Suman said: (Nov 3, 2011)  
According to me corruption is injected in our blood except some people and it is very essay to blame some one to hide your fault government is doing same thing with the privet sector and also with those people who is raising their hand against the corruption. Although government is the governing body and he has to take care about all these thing but they don't understand these thing before they alleged. So government should change their mind set and clean the corruption and corrupt people from their part.

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Kara Jhansi said: (Oct 16, 2011)  
Government is the governing body. It has to see that everything goes on well as per law. If government is strict and punishes the wrong doers severely, no one dares to be unlawful. Private sectors are profit oriented. They tend to bribe to get their things done. But it is the duty of public servants to implement the rules under all pressures whatsoever it may be. Change should come from gross root level in public sector and government which appears to be a mirage in the near future, in spite of "India against corruption movements".

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Karthic said: (Sep 19, 2011)  
Hi friends,

Now we discussing about the corruption is done by private sector or government. Don't confuse, definitely both are involved in the corruption. The private sector do some activity through giving amount to government officials. Government officials also supporting to those corruption. Like land garbing by real estate business mans. And also lot of colleges get amount from the student for their courses. This type corruption done by private sector even though government not below to private sector. Govt is also involved corruption like 2g scam, cwg scams. So government first avoid this then after give suggestion to others.

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PREETI said: (Aug 18, 2011)  
I do agree with the topic. In my openion government should clean their hands first in order to set good example in front of private companies. The present scenerio of government organisation is that if you donot have any source then you can't get your done whether it is any government office or institute. In some or other way every worker is corrupted.

Same is the case in private organisations. Infact it is worst in schools and institutions where every other college demanding lots of money and is increasing day by day.

I would like urge to government to first check internal system and think of making place as a developed nation of the world.

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Vichoo said: (Aug 15, 2011)  
As far as I am concerned the government should clean themselves before pointing others that they are corrupted. The big scams in the recent years such as 2G scams, CWG and Adharshan have occurred in their own home. The government yet not taken practical solution to end these spate of scams. this is what makes people in India to worry which can ruin their future. the government can even punish the corrupted private sectors after cleaning their own home.

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Varsha said: (Jul 11, 2011)  
Hello friends!

As we all know, today corruption is the root cause of decreasing growth of any sector. It includes growth of only corrupted people. When we talk about corruption, nobody is devoid of it. It may be a government sector or private sector. There is no denying the fact that all government office are corrupt. Everyone wants his/her profit. In government office nobody has to do anything with the profit or loss of the company. They have fixed jobs so they don't have fear of losing job. So here, everyone wanted to make money. Everyone cares of his/her profit.

I m not telling that private companies are pure. They are also corrupt. They have much money but they did not show to get rid of income tax.

So in my view, Government should clean its own hands before pointing finger at the private sector for corruption.

Government companies are more corrupted than private companies as we see from the example of 2G scam and CWG scam.


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Prasant Tiwary said: (Jul 10, 2011)  
If we talk about corruption...Then according to me every individuals form lower level to higher level are responsible for this.we can not blame either government or private sector,both are making almost same participation in development of nation.people are involved from both side.So as a individual....we should understand our responsibility towards country.

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Bala said: (Jul 9, 2011)  
Hi friends. This is money minded world. Your are all should know one thing. The corruption has been initiated by private sector only. The private sectors are giving money to do irregular activities, its gradually increases and all the officers expects something to do their job.

The government should punish those who are misuse their responsible then only the corruption will be demolish and of course to maintains all the public sectors is the big burden of government. So we need private sectors help to accomplish the work within the time. But work on should be more clear, all should obey the rules and regulations.

More important we should also obey the government rules and then only it will be good.

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Supratim Poddar said: (May 7, 2011)  
Hello every1,

Yes I do think that the government should think of cleaning it's own hands first.

There is really no derth of corruption in our so called "democratically elected" government. There is simply no need to be paranoid about the private sector. As the story comes out slowly we see more and more instances where the government is doing fantastically to drain the public money and put the public purse into grave perils. The CWG scam, 2G scams etc are enough to indicate at this. The recent news about the air drop of weapons in the district of purulia in west Bengal to contain the growing communist upsurge in the state and fund terrorist groups like the naxals to organise violence against the state and the hush hush involvement of the UPA led central govt in it is a clear reminder of this.

I think the government has contributed a lot to the corruption and they need not blame the private sector for it. Our ministers must learn the process of "practise what you preach".

Thank you.

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Neha Binzani said: (May 6, 2011)  
Hello everyone. I am completely agree that government should clean its hand before pointing finger at the private sector.

We know that private sectors are providing more job compare to government. Private sector reduced unemployment problem till some extent. Government is doing nothing but increasing food and other price and making people poor day by day and people who are rich getting rich day by day. Government should think about development o.

Are growth of the company rather than pointing others. Government should give punishment to people who are misusing government property.

Thank you.

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Yogesh said: (Apr 30, 2011)  
According to my information Corruption is deep rooted in our country this problem stand in way our economical growth you know that our country well perform various sector including business eduction science but this progress limited to administration building.

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NARENDRA AWASTHI said: (Apr 23, 2011)  
Corruption comes from environment, not related to government or private sector. Actually government and private both are exist into environment, if we control environment then corruption would be controlled. Environment in the sense of improve educational situation, participate individually young growth to "causes child education", improve thinking for particular person.

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Rohan said: (Mar 20, 2011)  
I would simply put my vote in private sector, because government or public sector are main culprits in corruption which ruin the future in darkness.The government had pointed fingers on private for corruption. The private sector are profit oriented with hard work in competition.The progress of private sector had taken away basic aminetes like electricity under there belt.The best example is reliance power which is progressing well in mumbai.In future due to government had to check there own pockets before addressing burglar to others. Thank you.

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Ajit said: (Feb 13, 2011)  
Hello friends,

We all know that when we point a finger to others we point rest fingers to ourselves. The message is very and loud. The government must clean its own system before twisting the arms of private sector. We all know the kind of contribution private sector has made in taking India to the next level with almost nil support from government Our politicians are greedy animals who can see as far as next election. They tend to make policies which can garner them few more votes. They always try to confuse common people by distributing few kg rice and grains. Well I am also of the opinion that govt should appoint sharp regulators for specific sectors who are vigilant enough to stop fraudulent practices in the private sector. But CHARITY SHOULD BEGIN FROM HOME. Thank you.

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Akshay said: (Aug 20, 2010)  
I do agree that government should clean its hands before pointing finger at the private sector.

Although we know that private firms charge high prices as their motive is to earn profit, also we cant blame entirely on the government too.

So both are equally contributing towards the corruption.

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Government should clean its own hands before pointing finger at the private sector for corruption.

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