Government should clean its own hands before pointing finger at the private sector for corruption.

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Debra Joseph said:   1 decade ago
Corruption is the root cause for the growth decline in India. Private Sector does have corruption but this is attributed to the government. A company today cannot be started without having to bribe government officials. Everyone knows how much money politicians are taking in form of taxes but none of it ever helps in the development of the country. For progress, the government should first clean up their mess and then point fingers at private organizations that actually help employing people in the country.

Piyush said:   1 decade ago
Its true privatization has less corruption, it because of good management. Owner of company want to lead in whole market in same way if government don't wants to lead in global they give more priority to his party then his country. That's by they come forward to save his leader. Peoples are so busy in his family and they don't have a second for his country and consequent of it corruption.

Kavinkumar, gct said:   1 decade ago
Corruption one among the crucial problem now the society is facing. Everyone has his own view on corruption. Somebody says its because the people are corrupted. But the thing is corruption starts when peoples are not provided with the rights to overcome it. Consider a democratic country like India. Here we can express our thoughts. We can form a group. But the law is if such groups are found doing mischief things the group has to be banned. Here the politicians are utilising it. They ban such groups by saying they are misbehaving the government law. So they are to be suppersed. A clear example of it is facebook. The are misusing the laws that are provided.

Varun said:   1 decade ago
Definitely, we can not blame government totally for the corruption, private sector is also corrupted but still private sector is more clean than public sector every department of public sector is corrupted. In this way corruption is the biggest problem in the development of India.

Gurujyoti said:   1 decade ago
From my understanding neither the government Sector nor the private sector are to clean their hands. But we are people play the supporting role in this corruption. So at 1st we are to be awarded our selves. And ourselves to make us free from corruption in the fields from education to socialization. Thanks.

Rahul said:   1 decade ago
Corruption is loss of resource doesn't matter if it is done by private sector or public sector. So one can't say that government has no right to point out the corruption done by private sector having said that government should start taking some serious measures in order to eradicate corruption from public sector and private sector and gain trust of public which will lead to the betterment of our country.

MIKE said:   1 decade ago
In many reputed organizations in private sector, most of the purchase departments are corrupt. Managements should ensure that their purchase departments have responsible staff who do not encourage corruption. This will be in the interest of their business.

And they managements should ensure that their vendors are not involved in corrupt practices. Normally shady deals take place outside the office. Very big corporate too are facing this problem - It is a difficult task to uproot corruption in private sector- this has to be dealt at the earliest. Vendors and Purchase departments are equally responsible for corruption.

Every organization wants to focus on Products and Sales and they ignore that their own organization is accepting kick-backs at some levels. What I mean to say is at all levels weather in Purchases or in Sales - CORRUPT practices should be avoided.

In Long term, in every ones interest.

Vishal Singh said:   1 decade ago
In India corruption started mainly after 1990. Due to liberalization & globalization employees in private sector start earning more in comparison to their counterparts in public sector in spite of less capable, so what happen that bureaucrat start thinking that person with less in knowledge as well as less in age also becoming richer day by day, they fed up with the government salary and allowances structure so they start taking bribe.

Private sector is main cause of corruption I can prove it with following mentioned argument.

. Commission based recruitment policy in private sector so employee start making fool to general public to earn more specially insurance companies.

. To earn more profit private companies make negotiation with politician and bureaucrat on sharing basis of profit so today's politician with lack of social responsibility and interaction they doesn't find anything wrong in this so they clear unambiguous projects.

Aparupa bal said:   1 decade ago
Corruption has increased by leaps and bounds in the recent years. The most obvious reason behind this scenario are the lousy government officials who donot have any fear of action against them. The people on whom our country relies are the ones devouring our nation. Government officials are indulging corrupt practices in every sector be it politics, business, education or service.

As compared to public sector, private sector are much more white collared people. With the increasing competition, private sector are gradually changing their formula to exist in the market by giving more importance to customers, therby the corrupt practices are less relevant here.

Therefore in order to put a serious check on corruption and to make India a corruption free country the government has to take the incharge of unveiling the officials engaged in corruption and take corrective measures against them. Only then India can become a developed country.

Thank you.

Anoop agrawal said:   1 decade ago
I am agree with this point that government and private both the sector are indulge in corruption. Government employee has no fear to loose there job. Thats why they are busy in making their own profit. Every sector of goverment is full with corruption and every employee takes bribe. If someone will not take bribe. Than he can not exist in the system. So the whole system is corrupted. So government should take appropriate action to remove this corruption.

Private sector are profit oriented and they always use bribe as a tool to make their work and profit. They are the source of government employee bribe. If they stop to give bribe. Then government employee will not be able to take bribe.

So both are equally responsible for the corruption.

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