Government should clean its own hands before pointing finger at the private sector for corruption.

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Neha binzani said:   1 decade ago
Hello everyone. I am completely agree that government should clean its hand before pointing finger at the private sector.

We know that private sectors are providing more job compare to government. Private sector reduced unemployment problem till some extent. Government is doing nothing but increasing food and other price and making people poor day by day and people who are rich getting rich day by day. Government should think about development o.

Are growth of the company rather than pointing others. Government should give punishment to people who are misusing government property.

Thank you.

Yogesh said:   1 decade ago
According to my information Corruption is deep rooted in our country this problem stand in way our economical growth you know that our country well perform various sector including business eduction science but this progress limited to administration building.

NARENDRA AWASTHI said:   1 decade ago
Corruption comes from environment, not related to government or private sector. Actually government and private both are exist into environment, if we control environment then corruption would be controlled. Environment in the sense of improve educational situation, participate individually young growth to "causes child education", improve thinking for particular person.

Rohan said:   1 decade ago
I would simply put my vote in private sector, because government or public sector are main culprits in corruption which ruin the future in darkness.The government had pointed fingers on private for corruption. The private sector are profit oriented with hard work in competition.The progress of private sector had taken away basic aminetes like electricity under there belt.The best example is reliance power which is progressing well in mumbai.In future due to government had to check there own pockets before addressing burglar to others. Thank you.

Ajit said:   1 decade ago
Hello friends,

We all know that when we point a finger to others we point rest fingers to ourselves. The message is very and loud. The government must clean its own system before twisting the arms of private sector. We all know the kind of contribution private sector has made in taking India to the next level with almost nil support from government Our politicians are greedy animals who can see as far as next election. They tend to make policies which can garner them few more votes. They always try to confuse common people by distributing few kg rice and grains. Well I am also of the opinion that govt should appoint sharp regulators for specific sectors who are vigilant enough to stop fraudulent practices in the private sector. But CHARITY SHOULD BEGIN FROM HOME. Thank you.

Akshay said:   1 decade ago
I do agree that government should clean its hands before pointing finger at the private sector.

Although we know that private firms charge high prices as their motive is to earn profit, also we cant blame entirely on the government too.

So both are equally contributing towards the corruption.

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