Government should clean its own hands before pointing finger at the private sector for corruption.

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Varsha said:   1 decade ago
Hello friends!

As we all know, today corruption is the root cause of decreasing growth of any sector. It includes growth of only corrupted people. When we talk about corruption, nobody is devoid of it. It may be a government sector or private sector. There is no denying the fact that all government office are corrupt. Everyone wants his/her profit. In government office nobody has to do anything with the profit or loss of the company. They have fixed jobs so they don't have fear of losing job. So here, everyone wanted to make money. Everyone cares of his/her profit.

I m not telling that private companies are pure. They are also corrupt. They have much money but they did not show to get rid of income tax.

So in my view, Government should clean its own hands before pointing finger at the private sector for corruption.

Government companies are more corrupted than private companies as we see from the example of 2G scam and CWG scam.


Rajitha said:   1 decade ago
Hi friends,

In my point of view corruption is may not only depends upon the government or private sector but depends upon the persons who are corrupting. In private sector the job is not permanent means not secured so that may people afraid to do corruption. Where as in public sector job is full secured so more chances to get corrupted. By using advanced technology we are advised to detect corruptors remove from their job in public sector.

Ponkavin said:   8 years ago
The government should clean its own hands before pointing the finger at the private sector for corruption. Government companies are more corrupted than private companies as we see from the example of 2G scam.

Aparupa bal said:   1 decade ago
Corruption has increased by leaps and bounds in the recent years. The most obvious reason behind this scenario are the lousy government officials who donot have any fear of action against them. The people on whom our country relies are the ones devouring our nation. Government officials are indulging corrupt practices in every sector be it politics, business, education or service.

As compared to public sector, private sector are much more white collared people. With the increasing competition, private sector are gradually changing their formula to exist in the market by giving more importance to customers, therby the corrupt practices are less relevant here.

Therefore in order to put a serious check on corruption and to make India a corruption free country the government has to take the incharge of unveiling the officials engaged in corruption and take corrective measures against them. Only then India can become a developed country.

Thank you.

SACHIN ANS AUGUSTINE said:   10 years ago
In India government sector is more corrupted than private sector. We are Indians so we should not blame our country, instead of blaming we can provide ideas to reduce corruption. 'people should have a fear while doing corruption'.

In my opinion A RULE should be passed that if government employees does corruption he should be banned from doing any kind of job or business inside the country and his passport should also be cancelled, and also he should not get any type of benefits from the government. If this RULE becomes reality it is sure that no one does corruption.

Ramya said:   1 decade ago
In my opinion both public sector and private sector is doing corruption but government is largely engaged in corruption. We all know that each and every party is doing curruption. People is making the corruption. For example for getting admission in colleges we themselves are paying money. So in the present scenario corruption is the price we pay for democracy.

Neha binzani said:   1 decade ago
Hello everyone. I am completely agree that government should clean its hand before pointing finger at the private sector.

We know that private sectors are providing more job compare to government. Private sector reduced unemployment problem till some extent. Government is doing nothing but increasing food and other price and making people poor day by day and people who are rich getting rich day by day. Government should think about development o.

Are growth of the company rather than pointing others. Government should give punishment to people who are misusing government property.

Thank you.

Anoop agrawal said:   1 decade ago
I am agree with this point that government and private both the sector are indulge in corruption. Government employee has no fear to loose there job. Thats why they are busy in making their own profit. Every sector of goverment is full with corruption and every employee takes bribe. If someone will not take bribe. Than he can not exist in the system. So the whole system is corrupted. So government should take appropriate action to remove this corruption.

Private sector are profit oriented and they always use bribe as a tool to make their work and profit. They are the source of government employee bribe. If they stop to give bribe. Then government employee will not be able to take bribe.

So both are equally responsible for the corruption.

Piyush said:   1 decade ago
Its true privatization has less corruption, it because of good management. Owner of company want to lead in whole market in same way if government don't wants to lead in global they give more priority to his party then his country. That's by they come forward to save his leader. Peoples are so busy in his family and they don't have a second for his country and consequent of it corruption.

Prasant Tiwary said:   1 decade ago
If we talk about corruption...Then according to me every individuals form lower level to higher level are responsible for this.we can not blame either government or private sector,both are making almost same participation in development of nation.people are involved from both side.So as a individual....we should understand our responsibility towards country.

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