Foreign aid is a dangerous drug that can stimulate in small doses but become fatally addictive in larger doses.

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Nitish said:   4 years ago
In my opinion, foreign aid is more dangerous than its short-term benefit. A foreign aid is usually provided to countries which currently are facing a crisis. In order to overcome the crisis the aid can be helpful if the termss negotiated are fair. If the terms at the outset are risky then the aid can prove to be more dangerous than the crisis.

Riya said:   8 years ago
I agree with my friends that foreign aid is harmful. A small help from other country is necessary for the development so that there is sharing of technology and improvement in our technology and economy. But relying on foreign aid is dangerous. Because it can make us dependent on other country and the country will become weak.

Pardeep said:   10 years ago
Foreign aid is a necessity for developing countries because these country have not enough sources to built infrastructure or to cope with disaster. Specially for India foreign aid is necessary but excess of it is always harmful as we seen in case of 123 pect. With USA. In excess aid we are not remain in a situation to oppose foreign country decision otherwise they draw their money and our economy or system collapse.

Be_dip said:   1 decade ago
It is not like that foreign aids are exactly brought form foreign. Think then how the price of medicines will increase because of Taxes. Exactly what is happening is that the chemical formulas are adopted from foreign companies but these all are made in India. What we need to do is that choose the right alternatives if we do not feel comfortable with the medicines. As these allopathic aids never reduce their compositions because of high effectivity.

Narayan choudhary said:   1 decade ago
Foreign aid is a dangerous drug because India has a much sufficient fund to helps for poor people but corruption is a main problem. Every one wants to earn money nobody thinks about over country. First we have to utilize our resources in right manner than our country does not need foreign aid.

Naresh said:   1 decade ago
Foreign aid is dangerous drug. We can have many examples like at first we used to use neem sticks etc for brushing our teeth slowly they introduced teeth powder it got huge response later on they introduced tooth pastes.

Now its feels awkward that no where people are using neem sticks even in villages. We can see many many variations in one brand.

Satyam said:   1 decade ago
Yes I agree with the point. Although foreign aid is a big help when a country is in need but any country should not be dependent on the aid only rather they should try to face the situation and seek for a good solution.

If I talk about a recent disaster which was happened in kedarnath few months back, the government received huge amount from donations as well as foreign aids. Now what? did we try to sort out the real problem and find any solution for handling this kinda situation in future? I we were self dependent, advanced and prepared we wouldn't have needed any aid.

Aid is temporary and doesn't give any solution.

Pralad dessai said:   1 decade ago
The poor nations usually receive aid from foreign countries in the form of donations. These aid is given to the poor nations who are incapable of raising enough funds for their people. But in my opinion, poor nations should not completely depend on such aids and they should make the effort to develop the nation on their own. In doing so, they will raise a huge capital for their people and will not have to depend on aids from foreign countries.

Rev. Canon Nkambo Mugerwa Eriab said:   1 decade ago
I think Foreign aid would help developing countries to reach another step on the development ladder. The only outstanding problem is corruption which is killing the spirit of donations and loans. The government officials who receive these funds just use them for their own benefit. The poor people on the ground do not receive the intended services. This renders foreign aid useless. But, if used for the very purpose of receipt, Foreign Aid is necessary and can help developing countries grow from strength to strength.

Abdul Qadir said:   1 decade ago
It is said, if you want to be successful, do not compromise the circumstances but face the dark days until you get rid of it. There fore it is right to get aid from developed countries when developing countries are facing economical, social, political, educational problems etc. It should also be noted, the amount must be utilized at right place and time, otherwise the problems would be, bit by bit, increased instead of decreasing. And never forget, the obtained assistance would be returned so keep every aspect in mind while using resources and do not allow others to interfere.

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